United States Senate election in Arizona, 1998

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The 1998 United States Senate election in Arizona was held November 3, 1998. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator John McCain won re-election to a third term.

United States Senate election in Arizona, 1998
November 3, 1998
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Nominee John McCain Ed Ranger
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 696,577 275,224
Percentage 68.7% 27.2%

1998 Arizona
U.S. Senate election results map.
Red denotes counties won by McCain.

U.S. Senator before election

John McCain

Elected U.S. Senator

John McCain

Major candidates


  • Ed Ranger, attorney[1]



General election result[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican John McCain (Incumbent) 696,577 68.74% +12.93%
Democratic Ed Ranger 275,224 27.16% -4.41%
Libertarian John C. Zajac 23,004 2.27% +0.63%
Reform Bob Park 18,288 1.80%
Write-ins 187 0.02%
Majority 421,353 41.58% +17.34%
Turnout 1,013,280
Republican hold Swing

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