United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

The U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is the institution within the federal government responsible for enforcing federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, and national origin. The Division was established on December 9, 1957, by order of Attorney General William P. Rogers, after the Civil Rights Act of 1957 created the office of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, who has since then headed the division. The head of the Civil Rights Division is an Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights (AAG-CR) appointed by the President of the United States. The current Acting AAG-CR is John M. Gore.

United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division
Agency overview
Formed December 9, 1957
Jurisdiction United States government agency
Headquarters 950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C.
Annual budget $162 million USD (2015)[1]
Agency executive
Parent department U.S. Department of Justice
Website usdoj.gov/crt

Assistant Attorneys General

Drew S. Days, III
Drew S. Days, III was the first African-American Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.
     denotes head that served as acting Assistant Attorney General
# Head Took office Left office Party Administration Ref.
1 White, W. WilsonW. Wilson White 1957 1960 Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower [2]
2 Tyler, Harold R.Harold R. Tyler 1960 1961 Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower [3]
3 Marshall, BurkeBurke Marshall 1961 1965 Democratic John F. Kennedy [3]
4 Doar, JohnJohn Doar 1965 1967 Democratic Lyndon B. Johnson [3]
5 Pollak, Stephen J.Stephen J. Pollak 1968 1969 Democratic Lyndon B. Johnson [3]
6 Leonard, JerrisJerris Leonard 1969 1971 Republican Richard Nixon [3]
7 Norman, David LukeDavid Luke Norman 1971 1973 Republican Richard Nixon [3]
8 Pottinger, J. StanleyJ. Stanley Pottinger 1973 1977 Republican Richard Nixon [3]
9 Days, Drew S.Drew S. Days 1977 1980 Democratic Jimmy Carter [3]
10 Reynolds, William BradfordWilliam Bradford Reynolds 1981 1988 Republican Ronald Reagan [3][4]
Lucas, William C.William C. Lucas (acting) 1988 1989 Republican Ronald Reagan
Turner, James P.James P. Turner (acting) 1989 1990 Republican Ronald Reagan
11 Dunne, John R.John R. Dunne 1990 1993 Republican George H. W. Bush [3]
Turner, James P.James P. Turner (acting) 1993 1994 Democratic Bill Clinton
12 Patrick, DevalDeval Patrick 1994 1997 Democratic Bill Clinton [3]
13 Lee, Bill LannBill Lann Lee 1997 2001 Democratic Bill Clinton [5]
14 Boyd, Ralph F.Ralph F. Boyd 2001 2003 Republican George W. Bush
Schlozman, BradleyBradley Schlozman (acting) 2003 2003 Republican George W. Bush
15 Acosta, R. AlexanderR. Alexander Acosta 2003 2005 Republican George W. Bush
16 Kim, Wan J.Wan J. Kim 2005 2007 Republican George W. Bush
Becker, Grace ChungGrace Chung Becker (acting) 2008 2008 Republican George W. Bush
17 Perez, ThomasThomas Perez 2009 2013 Democratic Barack Obama [6]
Samuels, JocelynJocelyn Samuels (acting) 2013 2014 Democratic Barack Obama
Moran, Molly J.Molly J. Moran (acting) 2014 2014 Democratic Barack Obama
Gupta, VanitaVanita Gupta (acting) 2014 2017 Democratic Barack Obama [7]
Wheeler II, Thomas E.Thomas E. Wheeler II (acting) 2017 2017 Republican Donald Trump [8]
Gore, John M.John M. Gore (acting) 2017 Present Republican Donald Trump [9]


  • Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights
    • Appellate Section
    • Coordination and Review Section
    • Criminal Section
    • Disability Rights Section
    • Educational Opportunities Section
    • Employment Litigation Section
    • Housing and Civil Enforcement Section
    • Immigrant and Employee Rights Section[10]
    • Policy & Strategy Section
    • Special Litigation Section
    • Voting Section


The Division enforces

In addition, the Division prosecutes actions under several criminal civil rights statutes which were designed to preserve personal liberties and safety.


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