Understanding Trump

Understanding Trump is a 2017 book about Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, by Newt Gingrich.

Understanding Trump
Understanding Trump
Author Newt Gingrich
Country United States
Language English
Subject Donald Trump
Publisher Center Street
Publication date
June 13, 2017
Media type Print
Pages 368
ISBN 978-1-4789-2308-4
Preceded by A Nation Like No Other (2011)


Newt Gingrich describes his time being with Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign.[1] The book also contains a foreword written by Trump's son, Eric Trump.[2]


Speechwriters Joe DeSantis and Louie Brogdon developed the first draft for Understanding Trump.[3]


In the first week of its release, Understanding Trump sold over 37,000 copies.[4] The book eventually topped The New York Times' Hardcover Non-Fiction Best Sellers list on July 2.[5]

Jake Nevins of The Guardian wrote that the book is "filled with Gingrichian platitudes of this sort. They don't exactly help us "understand Trump," though they do offer a look into the rhetorical acrobatics one might employ to defend the indefensible."[6] Meanwhile, Alexander Nazaryan of Newsweek noted that Gingrich used the word "elites" about 50 times, but does not explain the meaning of the word. Nazaryan also noted that Gingrich included conservatives such as George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush as part of the "elite left".[3]


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