The Nona Tapes

Last updated on 16 July 2017

The Nona Tapes is a 1995 mockumentary by the American rock band Alice in Chains. Because it is no longer for sale, original copies are considered a rarity. However, in 2006, Best Buy offered a DVD version for free for a limited time with purchases of The Essential Alice in Chains. On June 19, 2017, Alice in Chains' official Vevo channel uploaded the video on YouTube.[1]

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The Nona Tapes follows aspiring journalist Nona Weisbaum (played by guitarist Jerry Cantrell) on her quest to "find some Seattle rock stars" for a breakthrough story. Throughout the video, Weisbaum scours the streets of Seattle and eventually finds and interviews all members of Alice in Chains (besides Cantrell). Entwined between Nona's segments are interviews revealing the lives of the band members, and interview footage regarding the self-titled album. It also includes the video clip for "Grind", and outtake footage overdubbed with "Heaven Beside You".[2][3][4][5]

Music listing

  1. "Brush Away" Excerpt 1
  2. "Brush Away" Excerpt 2
  3. "Over Now" Excerpt 1
  4. "Over Now" Excerpt 2
  5. "Grind" Excerpt
  6. "Over Now" Excerpt 3
  7. "Head Creeps" Excerpt
  8. "Heaven Beside You" Excerpt
  9. "Grind" (Music Video)
  10. "Heaven Beside You" (Outtake footage)

Chart positions

Chart (1995) Peak
US Top Music Videos[6] 32


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