The Legend of Jesse James

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The Legend of Jesse James is a 1980 country music concept album by various artists singing songs by English songwriter Paul Kennerley, based on the story of American Old West outlaw Jesse James.

The album features Levon Helm singing the role of Jesse James, Johnny Cash as Frank James, Charlie Daniels as Cole Younger and Emmylou Harris as Jesse James' wife, Zerelda James. Other artists included Rosanne Cash, Rodney Crowell and Albert Lee.

The album was re-released in 1999 in a two-for-one package with Kennerley's 1978 concept album, White Mansions, about the Confederate States of America.

The album art was painted by noted comic book artist Howard Chaykin.[2]

Jesse James album cover.jpg
Jesse James album cover.jpg
Jesse James CD cover.jpg
The original CD cover.

Track listing

All tracks written by Paul Kennerley.

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Ride of the Redlegs" Rodney Crowell, Jody Payne, Levon Helm and Rosanne Cash 3:30
2. "Quantrill's Guerillas" Levon Helm 0:56
3. "Six Gun Shooting" Johnny Cash 3:46
4. "Have You Heard the News?" Albert Lee 1:42
5. "Heaven Ain't Ready for You Yet" Emmylou Harris 3:58
6. "Help Him, Jesus" Johnny Cash 3:39
7. "The Old Clay County" Charlie Daniels and Levon Helm 3:35
8. "Riding with Jesse James" Charlie Daniels 3:02
9. "Hunt Them Down" Albert Lee 3:33
10. "Wish We Were back in Missouri" Emmylou Harris 4:06
11. "Northfield: The Plan" Levon Helm 4:04
12. "Northfield: The Disaster" Charlie Daniels 3:04
13. "High Walls" Levon Helm 3:16
14. "The Death of Me" Johnny Cash and Levon Helm 3:07
15. "The Plot" Paul Kennerley 0:53
16. "One More Shot" Levon Helm and Emmylou Harris 5:11
17. "The Train Robbery" (extra track in 1999 CD re-issue) Paul Kennerley 4:10



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