The Last Temptation (Alice Cooper album)

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The Last Temptation is the 20th studio album by rock singer, Alice Cooper, released in July 1994 via Epic Records. It centers on a boy named Steven (also the name of the protagonist in Cooper's earlier work, Welcome to My Nightmare), and a mysterious showman. The showman, with apparent supernatural abilities, attempted with the use of twisted versions of morality plays to persuade Steven to join his traveling show, "The Theater of the Real - The Grand-est Guignol!", where he would "never grow up".

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The full story was given in a 3-part comic book written by Neil Gaiman,[5][6] the first part of which accompanied the recording. In the comic, the showman (referred to only ever as such) was depicted as Cooper himself. Pages from the comic are seen in the Lost in America music video, while it is being read by Steven.

It was originally published by Marvel Comics and later reprinted by Dark Horse Comics, collected as trade paperback[7]


Music videos were made for "Lost in America" and "It's Me". Both music videos are available for download from Sony/BMG.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Sideshow" Alice Cooper, Brian Smith, Michael Brooks, Jon Norwood, Dan Wexler, Bud Saylor 6:39
2. "Nothing's Free" Cooper, Wexler, Saylor, Bob Pfeifer 5:01
3. "Lost in America" Cooper, Wexler, Pfeifer 3:54
4. "Bad Place Alone" Cooper, Wexler, Pfeifer 5:04
5. "You're My Temptation" Cooper, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw 5:09
6. "Stolen Prayer" Chris Cornell, Cooper 5:37
7. "Unholy War" Cornell 4:10
8. "Lullaby" Cooper, Jim Vallance 4:28
9. "It's Me" Cooper, Blades, Shaw 4:39
10. "Cleansed by Fire" Cooper, Mark Hudson, Steve Dudas, Pfeifer 6:12


Additional personnel
  • Chris Cornell – vocals on "Stolen Prayer" and "Unholy War"
  • Dan Wexler – guitar on "Lost In America"
  • John Purdell – keyboards on "You're My Temptation", "Lullaby" and "It's Me"
  • Lou Merlino – background vocals
  • Mark Hudson – background vocals
  • Craig Copeland – background vocals
  • Brett Hudson – background vocals


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