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The Courier & Advertiser, more commonly known as simply The Courier, is a newspaper published by D. C. Thomson & Co. in Dundee, Scotland.[2] As of 2013, it is printed in six regional editions: Dundee, Angus & The Mearns, Fife, West Fife, Perthshire, and Stirlingshire.[3]

Established in 1801[2] as the Dundee Courier & Argus, the entire front page of The Courier used to contain classified advertisements – a traditional newspaper format for many years. In 1926, during the General Strike The Courier was merged with The Advertiser. From the 10th of May[4] to the 28th of May 1926, the paper adopted the headline-news format of The Advertiser, before reverting to its previous format which it maintained until 1992.[3] The next major change to the newspaper came on 21 January 2012, when it changed to a compact format, having previously existed as a broadsheet. Editor Richard Neville said the move represented the "dawn of a new era" and that the company was "investing in new sections, increasing content across the title and investing significantly in resources".[5] Just over a year later, a digital version of the newspaper was launched.

Historical copies of the Dundee Courier, dating back to 1844, are available to search and view in digitised form at The British Newspaper Archive.[6]


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