Texas gubernatorial election, 1994

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The 1994 Texas gubernatorial election was held on November 8, 1994 to elect the Governor of Texas. Incumbent Democratic Governor Ann Richards was defeated in her bid for re-election by Republican nominee George W. Bush, the son of former President George H. W. Bush.

Although prior to the election year, Governor Ann Richards held a large approval rating as the state economy was strong into the mid-term election. George Bush's campaigning on cultural and religious issues resonated with many Texan voters and Governor Richard's lead over Bush significantly narrowed up to election day into a tossup.

On election day, Bush carried 188 of the state's 254 counties, while Richards carried 66. Exit polls revealed that Bush won overwhelmingly among white voters (69% to 31%) while Richards performed well among African Americans (83% to 15%) and Latinos (75% to 25%). The 1994 election marked the last time that a Democrat won more than 45% of the vote in a gubernatorial election and was the last election in which the Democrats won any statewide offices.

Texas gubernatorial election, 1994
November 8, 1994
  George W. Bush, in 108th Congressional Pictorial Directory.jpg Ann Richards, Governor of Texas.jpg
Nominee George W. Bush Ann Richards
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 2,350,994 2,016,928
Percentage 53.5% 45.9%

Texas Governor Election Results by County, 1994
County Results

Governor before election

Ann Richards

Elected Governor

George W. Bush



Republican Primary Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican George W. Bush 520,130 93.32%
Republican Ray Hollis 37,210 6.68%
Total votes 557,340 100.00%


Democratic Primary Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Ann Richards (Inc.) 806,607 77.79%
Democratic Gary Espinosa 230,337 22.21%
Total votes 1,036,944 100.00%


Source Date Bush (R) Richards (D)
KPRC-TV Nov. 4, 1994 48% 44%
Dallas Morning News/Houston Chronicle Oct. 30-Nov. 3 1994 47% 44%
Houston Post/KHOU-TV Nov. 2, 1994 44% 47%
KPRC-TV Oct. 23, 1994 47% 44%
Houston Post/KHOU-TV Oct. 7, 1994 43% 41%


General Election Results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican George W. Bush 2,350,994 53.48%
Democratic Ann Richards (Inc.) 2,016,928 45.88%
Libertarian Keary Ehlers 28,320 0.64%
Total votes 4,396,242 100.00%
Republican gain from Democratic

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