Schaller Electronic GmbH

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Schaller Electronic GmbH, generally known as Schaller, is a German manufacturer of components for musical instruments, known for fully enclosed machine heads, which are common on high-end guitars and an extra-cost option on others.

Helmut Schaller founded the company as a radio repair shop in 1945. Later they began to provide hardware for musicians, including Les Paul, who Schaller met. They manufacture only in Germany, in Postbauer-Heng (Bavaria). They employ about 120 people (2006).[1]

Schaller also manufactures machine heads for many other instruments, and components and accessories that include mutes, bows, pickups, tailpieces, bridges and tremolo arms—including Original Floyd Rose designs. They make Security Lock brand strap locks that prevent a guitar from falling off its strap.

In the past Schaller was also a guitar amplifier manufacturer.

Schaller machine heads on Maton.jpg
Aftermarket Schaller machine heads fitted to a 12 string guitar.

Schaller Products

Schaller guitar pickup, around 1970

Schaller Machine Heads

  • M6
  • M6 Mini
  • ST6

Schaller Pickups

  • Golden 50
  • 2in1
  • Hot Stuff
  • S6
  • T6

Schaller Bridges

  • 455
  • 456
  • GTM
  • Hannes
  • 3D6

Schaller Tremolos

  • System One (For Fender Japan Fujigen Gakki)
  • Floyd Rose
  • Vintage


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