Sarah Lennox, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox

Sarah Lennox (18 September 1705 – 25 August 1751), was born Sarah Cadogan, the eldest daughter of William Cadogan (from 1716 1st Baron Cadogan of Reading and from 1722 1st Earl Cadogan) and his wife Margaret Cecilia Munter. On 4 December 1719, she married Charles Lennox, Earl of March, at The Hague, and in 1723, Charles succeeded to his father's title of Duke of Richmond, whereupon Sarah became Duchess of Richmond. Sarah was Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Caroline from 1724 to 1737.

Sarah Cadogan
The Duke and the Duchess of Richmond, by Jonathan Richardson. This portrait was made at the request of the Duke's grandmother Louise de Kérouaille, who wanted a portrait of her grandson and his wife.


She and her husband had twelve children:

Popular culture

In 1999, a six-part BBC miniseries based on the lives of her daughters aired in the U.K. It was called Aristocrats and the Duchess was played by Diane Fletcher.


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