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Rockville is a joint Washington Metro, MARC, and Amtrak train station in Rockville, Maryland, United States. The station was opened on December 15, 1984, and is operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The station is serviced by the Red Line, and is located in downtown Rockville at Hungerford Drive (MD 355) near Park Avenue. The government buildings for Rockville and Montgomery County are located about two blocks away, as are those of several large companies. MARC's Brunswick Line commuter trains and Amtrak's daily Capitol Limited share the station building with Metro. The Metro portion of the station has an island platform with tracks on either side, while MARC and Amtrak use the two tracks adjacent to two side platforms on the east side of the station.

An old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad station was moved to make way for the Metro. The station opened on December 15, 1984.[3] Its opening coincided with the completion of 7 miles (11 km)[4] of rail northwest of the then named Grosvenor station and the opening of the Shady Grove, Twinbrook, and White Flint stations.[3]

Capitol Limited
toward Chicago
Brunswick Line
toward Glenmont
Red Line
Washington Metro Rockville Red Line (Washington Metro)
Location 251 Hungerford Drive (Metro & Amtrak)
307 South Stonestreet Avenue (MARC)
Rockville, MD 20850
Coordinates 39°05′03″N 77°08′46″W / 39.084238°N 77.146125°W / 39.084238; -77.146125Coordinates: 39°05′03″N 77°08′46″W / 39.084238°N 77.146125°W / 39.084238; -77.146125
Owned by WMATA
Platforms 1 island platform (Red Line)
2 side platforms (MARC & Amtrak)
Tracks 4 (2 for each service)
Connections Bus transport Ride On: 44, 45, 46, 47, 52, 55, 56, 59, 63, 81, 101
Bus transport Metrobus: Q1, Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6, T2
Structure type at-grade
Parking 524 spaces
Bicycle facilities 69 racks, 40 lockers
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code Amtrak code: RKV
Metro: A14
Opened July 25, 1984 (July 25, 1984)
Passengers (2013) 585 daily (MARC)
Passengers (2016) 4,087 daily [1]Decrease 7.62% (Metro)
Passengers (2016) 5,561 annually[2]Increase 13.9% (Amtrak)

Station layout

Rockville Station.jpg
The Amtrak/MARC side of the station as seen from the Washington D.C.-bound platform
Red Line platforms
Westbound Red Line (Washington Metro) Red Line toward Shady Grove (Terminus)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Eastbound Red Line (Washington Metro) Red Line toward Glenmont (Twinbrook)
1F Mezzanine One-way faregates, ticket machines, station agent
MARC/Amtrak platforms
Street Level Exit/Entrance
Side platform
Inbound Brunswick Line toward Martinsburg or Frederick (Washington Grove)
Capitol Limited toward Chicago (Harpers Ferry)
Outbound Brunswick Line toward Washington Union Station (Garrett Park)
Capitol Limited toward Washington Union Station (Terminus)
Side platform

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