Rainbow (Netherlands)

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The Rainbow (Dutch: Regenboog) was an alliance of Dutch political parties, which included: the Political Party of Radicals, the Pacifist Socialist Party, the Evangelical People's Party and the Communist Party.[1]

The parties entered in the 1989 European Parliament elections with a common list. The alliance won 7% of the vote, which gave it two seats in the European Parliament, one was taken by Nel van Dijk (CPN) and another by Herman Verbeek (PPR).[2] In the 1984 European Parliament elections the parties, together with the Green Party of the Netherlands had also formed a common list called Green Progressive Accord. The alliance was renamed on instigation of the PSP, which disliked the term "green". [3] The alliance executive was chaired by Wim de Boer.[4]

In the 1989 parliamentary election the three parties together formed a common list called GreenLeft. In 1990 the parties dissolved and GreenLeft was formed as a political party.

See List of GreenLeft Members of the European Parliament for a list of the MEPs of this alliance.

Founded 1989
Dissolved 1989
Merged into Groen Links
European affiliation EGC
European Parliament group RBW


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