Phil Towle

Last updated on 25 May 2017

Phil Towle is a self-titled "Performance Enhancement Coach" most notable for his work with the heavy metal band Metallica, lead singer/guitarist James Hetfield, as shown in the documentary Some Kind of Monster.[1] In it, he is shown working with the band through the process of the loss of longtime bassist Jason Newsted making their eighth studio album St. Anger. Towle has contracted with music labels, baseball teams and other organizations when their high-profile "talent" needs help. Since 1997, his clients have included Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello, Stone Temple Pilots, Tennessee Titans defensive lineman Kevin Carter, NFL coach Dick Vermeil and others.

He was in partnership with Zane Ashton (a.k.a. Bill Aken) in the early 1960s. Their record label 'Lan-Cet Records,' although small, released records like 'Tomorrow' by Gary Usher, and other records now considered to be milestones in the history of rock and roll. (Including an unusual one by the former governor of California Goodwin J. Knight) "He Was A Mean Dragon" is still being marketed by Ace Records in England and on iTunes and may very well become the longest selling novelty record in rock and roll.



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