Parviz Poorhosseini

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Parviz Poorhosseini (Persian: پرویز پورحسینی, alternative transliterations include Pervez Pourhosseini, Pour-Hosseini), b. 11 September 1941 in Tehran, Iran, is an Iranian film, theater and television actor. He is best known (outside of Iran) for his roles in Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989), The Fifth Season (1997) and Saint Mary (1997). Other well-known films he has performed in include The Man Who Became a Mouse (1985), The Night it Happened (1988), Angel Day (1993), and Leila's Sleep (2007). He graduated with a bachelor's degree in performance arts from Tehran University's Faculty of Fine arts. In 1961, with director Hamid Samandarian, he and other artists formed an acting troupe named Pasargad.[1][2][3][4][5] Since then, Poorhosseini has appeared in more than 35 movies, over 70 TV shows and 60 theater performances.[6]


Year Title Notes
2017 Ghatel-e ahli
2016 alijenab (TV series)
2014 Hussein, Who Said No (as Parviz Poor Hoseini)
2014 Dorane Asheghi (as Parviz Poor Hoseini)
2010 Leila's Dream (as Parviz Poor Hoseini)
2008 Disconnection (Short)
2007 Yek mosht par oghab (TV series)
2006 avalin shab aramesh (TV series)
2004 Nazr (TV movie)
1999 Once Upon a Time in Tehran
1998 Dialogue with the wind (Short)
1997 Komiteh mojazat
1997 The Fifth Season
1997 Saint Mary (TV movie)
1993 Bolandiha-ye sefr
1993 Rooz-e fereshte
1991 Avinar
1991 Rah o birah
1991 Valley of the Butterflies
1990 Renault Tehran 29
1990 The Herald
1989 Kashtee-ye Angelica
1989 Shab-e hadese
1989 Bashu, the Little Stranger
1988 Bahar dar payeez
1988 Telesm
1988 Hezardastan (TV mini-series)
1987 The Station
1987 Treasure
1986 Mehmani-e khosoosi
1986 Mute Contact
1986 The Finish Line
1986 Sarab
1985 Mardi ke moosh shod
1984 Kamalolmolk
1980 Salandar (Short)
1972 The Spring (TV movie)


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