Near Eastern Archaeology (magazine)

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Near Eastern Archaeology is an American magazine covering art, archaeology, history, anthropology, literature, philology, and epigraphy of the Near Eastern and Mediterranean worlds from the Palaeolithic through Ottoman periods. The magazine is written for a general audience and is published quarterly by the American Schools of Oriental Research. The current editor is Thomas Schneider. Almost all articles undergo peer review prior to publication. The magazine is electronically archived by JSTOR with a three-year moving wall.

The Biblical Archaeologist (1938-1997)

Near Eastern Archaeology was formerly known as The Biblical Archaeologist. The magazine's first editor was G. Ernest Wright, who established the publication in 1938 out of "the need for a readable, non-technical, yet thoroughly reliable account of archaeological discoveries as they are related to the Bible..."[1] The first sixty volumes were published under the title of The Biblical Archaeologist until 1998, when the title was changed to reflect the publication's broader geographic, chronological, and intellectual scope.

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