National Congress of Italian Canadians

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The National Congress of Italian Canadians is an umbrella organization that represents Italian Canadian organizations in Canada.[1] It was founded in 1974 as a successor to the Federation of Italian Canadian Associations. The congress has a federated structure with seven district organizations.[2]


Redress for internees

Since 1990, the congress has sought compensation for Italian Canadians who were interned and arrested by the Canadian government during World War II.[3] At one stage in the mid-1990s, the congress voted to drop its request for compensation and focus on clearing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police records of surviving internees; in later years, however, it resumed its efforts for compensation.[4]

Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney apologized for the internment policy in November 1990 but did not provide financial compensation.[5] In November 2005, the government of Paul Martin reached an agreement in principle with Italian community organizations, including the congress, to devote $25 million to public education and commemoration efforts.[6] Four years later, the congress accused federal citizenship and immigration minister Jason Kenney of using "divide and conquer" tactics within the Italian community in overseeing these revenues.[7]

Political activism

The congress has traditionally supported Canadian federalism. In November 1996, it joined with the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Hellenic Canadian Congress in issuing a pamphlet calling for renewed Canadian unity.[8] It has also promoted the right of Italian citizens living in Canada to participate in Italian elections.[9]

Several congress members have been active in Canadian political life, including Laureano Leone, Rosario Marchese, and Annamarie Castrilli.[10]

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