My Ride's Here

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My Ride's Here is the eleventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Warren Zevon. The album was released on May 7, 2002, by Artemis Records. Zevon described it as "a meditation on death"; it was released several months before Zevon was diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma.

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Mark Deming of AllMusic rated My Ride's Here two out of five stars. He stated that "the jokes tend to be a bit obvious", and that "the more introspective moments don't connect the way one might hope". However, he said that some of the tracks "are strong enough to remind listeners of just how talented Zevon still is". He concluded by saying that the album "is a misfire from an artist capable of much better work."[1] Robert Christgau rated the album an A-, stating that Zevon was "at his best in the fictional-mythic mode that prevails". However, he said that he was "not above touring acoustic to shore up his collateral".[2]

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Sacrificial Lambs" Larry Klein, Warren Zevon 3:55
2. "Basket Case" Carl Hiaasen, Zevon 3:37
3. "Lord Byron's Luggage" Zevon 4:35
4. "Macgillycuddy's Reeks" Paul Muldoon, Zevon 3:04
5. "You're a Whole Different Person When You're Scared" Hunter S. Thompson, Zevon 5:14
6. "Hit Somebody! (The Hockey Song)" Mitch Albom, Zevon 5:26
7. "Genius" Larry Klein, Zevon 5:01
8. "Laissez-Moi Tranquille" Serge Gainsbourg 3:32
9. "I Have to Leave" Dan McFarland 3:05
10. "My Ride's Here" Paul Muldoon, Zevon 3:41



  • Warren Zevon – producer, mixing, arranger
  • Engineers: Michael Delugg – engineer
  • Harvey Goldberg – engineer
  • Klint Macro – engineer
  • Will Schillinger – engineer
  • Noah Scot Snyder – engineer, mixing
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Michael Krumper – A&R
  • Henry Diltz – photography



Year Chart Position
2002 Top Independent Albums 22


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