Maria Desylla-Kapodistria

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Maria Desylla-Kapodistria (Greek: Μαρία Δεσύλλα Καποδίστρια, 1898–1980) was the mayor of Corfu from 1956 until 1959. Her election to mayor on April 18, 1956, made her the first woman elected mayor of a city in the history of modern Greece.[1] She donated the land on which the Kapodistrias Museum, established in 1981 in memory of her ancestor Ioannis Kapodistrias, considered the founder of the modern Greek state, lies today.

Maria Desylla-Kapodistria
Maria Desylla-Kapodistria.jpg
Maria Desylla-Kapodistria
Born 1898 (1898)
Died 1980 (1981) (aged 82)
Occupation Greek politician


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