List of administrative divisions of Beijing

Last updated on 18 August 2017

Beijing is one of the four direct-controlled municipalities of People's Republic of China, and is divided into 16 districts.

Administrative divisions

All of these administrative divisions are explained in greater detail at Administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China. This chart lists only county-level divisions of Beijing.

County Level
Name Chinese Hanyu Pinyin Division code[1] Area (km²) Population (2010 census)[2] Density (/km²)
   Dongcheng District
(City seat)
东城区 Dōngchéng Qū 110101 40.6 919,000 22,635
Xicheng District 西城区 Xīchéng Qū 110102 46.5 1,243,000 26,731
Chaoyang District 朝阳区 Cháoyáng Qū 110105 470.8 3,545,000 7,530
Fengtai District 丰台区 Fēngtái Qū 110106 304.2 2,112,000 6,943
Shijingshan District 石景山区 Shíjǐngshān Qū 110107 89.8 616,000 6,860
Haidian District 海淀区 Hǎidiàn Qū 110108 426.0 3,281,000 7,702
Mentougou District 门头沟区 Méntóugōu Qū 110109 1,331.3 290,000 218
Fangshan District 房山区 Fángshān Qū 110111 1,866.7 945,000 506
Tongzhou District
(City seat)
通州区 Tōngzhōu Qū 110112 870.0 1,184,000 1,361
Shunyi District 顺义区 Shùnyì Qū 110113 980.0 877,000 895
Changping District 昌平区 Chāngpíng Qū 110114 1,430.0 1,661,000 1,162
Daxing District 大兴区 Dàxīng Qū 110115 1,012.0 1,365,000 1,349
Huairou District 怀柔区 Huáiróu Qū 110116 2,557.3 373,000 146
Pinggu District 平谷区 Pínggǔ Qū 110117 1,075.0 416,000 387
Miyun District 密云区 Mìyún Qū 110118 2,335.6 468,000 200
Yanqing District 延庆区 Yánqìng Qū 110119 1,980.0 317,000 160

Recent changes in administrative divisions

Date Before After Note Reference[3][4]
1974-08-01 parts of Fangshan County Petrochemical District Office established
1980-10-20 parts of Fangshan County Yanshan District established
parts of Petrochemical District Office merged into
1986-11-11 Fangshan County Fangshan District upgraded
Yanshan District merged into
1997-04-29 Tong County Tongzhou District upgraded Guohan[1997]30
1998-03-03 Shunyi County Shunyi District upgraded Guohan[1998]17
1999-09-16 Changping County Changping District upgraded Guohan[1999]112
2001-01-09 Daxing County Daxing District upgraded Guohan[2001]4
2001-12-30 Huairou County Huairou District upgraded Guohan[2001]175
Pinggu County Pinggu District upgraded Guohan[2001]176
2010-06-28 Xuanwu District Xicheng District merged into Guohan[2010]55
Chongwen District Dongcheng District merged into
2015-10-13 Miyun County Miyun District upgraded Guohan[2015]182
Yanqing County Yanqing District upgraded

Historical divisions

ROC (1911-1949)

County / City Present division
Beiping City
Dongcheng, Xicheng,
Chaoyang, Haidian
Tong County, Hebei
Daxing County, Hebei
Wanping County, Hebei
Mentougou, Fengtai, Shijingshan
Liangxiang County, Hebei
Huairou County, Hebei
Shunyi County, Hebei
Changping County, Hebei
Pinggu County, Hebei
Miyun County, Hebei
Yanqing County, Qahar


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