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Last updated on 11 August 2017

Orange Is the New Black is an American comedy-drama series created by Jenji Kohan, which premiered on July 11, 2013, on Netflix. The series, based on Piper Kerman's memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison (2010), follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a happily engaged New Yorker who is sent to a women's federal prison for transporting a suitcase full of drug money across international borders, 10 years prior, for her girlfriend at the time, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon).[1]

As of June 9, 2017, 65 episodes of Orange Is the New Black have been released, concluding the fifth season.[2] On February 5, 2016, the series was renewed for a fifth, sixth and seventh season.[3] The fifth season was released on June 9, 2017;[4] towards the end of April, ten of the thirteen episodes of the season were leaked online by hackers.[5][6]

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally released
1 13 July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)
2 13 June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)
3 13 June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)
4 13 June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)
5 13 June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)


Season 1 (2013)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Featured character(s) Original release date
1 1 "I Wasn't Ready" Michael Trim Liz Friedman & Jenji Kohan Piper July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Sentenced to 15 months for a crime committed 10 years earlier, Piper Chapman leaves her supportive fiancé Larry for her new home: a women's prison. Her counselor, Sam Healy, empathizes with her and tries to gently give her tips to survive. She grapples with the racial dynamics of prison life and learns some of the rules. Unfortunately, she offends Red, the powerful matriarch of the prison kitchen, who responds by serving Piper a bloody tampon and subsequently starving her. Piper is then shocked to discover that Alex Vause, her former lover (who recruited her into carrying drug money) is in the same prison. Daya Diaz, another inmate, is greeted by her mother, who is also incarcerated, with a slap to the face.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict the particulars of Piper's crime, Piper telling her family about her crime, and Larry's marriage proposal.
2 2 "Tit Punch" Uta Briesewitz Marco Ramirez Red & Piper July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

After insulting Red's food, Piper is starved out by the kitchen staff. She struggles to offer up an acceptable apology. With help from Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, she manages to prepare a medicated lotion for Red's back. Alex gives Piper a piece of cornbread but Piper rejects it. The kitchen freezer is irreparably damaged. Red manipulates Healy into buying a new one. "Crazy Eyes" makes a romantic move on Piper. Bennett and Daya check each other out.

Flashback: Red attempts to befriend the wives of well-connected Russian businessmen in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, she tells an insulting joke that alienates them. During a confrontation, Red punctures one of the wives' breast implants. As compensation, Red's husband agrees to hold secret packages for the businessmen.
3 3 "Lesbian Request Denied" Jodie Foster Sian Heder Sophia & Piper July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Piper's best friend Polly takes more authority over their soap-making business. Piper deals with romantic advances from Suzanne (Crazy Eyes). After Crazy Eyes submits a request to bunk with Piper, Piper firmly rejects her advances. After Piper moves into Miss Claudette's cube, Crazy Eyes urinates on the floor of their space. Piper's relationship with Alex is very hostile. The prison reduces Sophia's dose of exogenous estrogen in response to budget cuts. She asks her wife to smuggle pills into the prison; her wife flatly refuses, asking her "How fucking selfish can you be?"

Flashback: Sophia, her wife, and her child struggle to adjust to Sophia's gender transition. Sophia commits credit card fraud to finance her gender reassignment surgery.
4 4 "Imaginary Enemies" Michael Trim Gary Lennon Miss Claudette July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Piper adjusts to living with Claudette and working in the electrical shop. She starts to make friends with Nicky. After Piper loses a screwdriver, the prison staff searches high and low to find it before it is used as a weapon. Mendez molests Piper during the search. When Piper returns to her cube with the screwdriver, it places more strain on her relationship with Claudette. After the search ends, Piper and Claudette make peace. Piper agrees to review appeal letters from different inmates. Tricia Miller schemes to prevent her girlfriend Mercy Valduto's release, but Claudette convinces her not to ruin Mercy's chance for freedom. After Claudette receives a letter from her friend Baptiste, she agrees to have her case reopened.

Flashback: Miss Claudette ran a housekeeping company until she murdered a man who sexually assaulted one of her employees.
5 5 "The Chickening" Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones Aleida & Daya July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

While relaxing in the exercise yard, Piper sees a chicken. When she mentions it in passing, Red recounts her dream of cooking a proper chicken and offers a gift to the person who catches the chicken. Larry discovers that Alex gave Piper's name to the Feds. To keep Piper focused on life beyond prison, Larry lies to her. Polly arranges for Piper to take a business call, but Piper skips it to chase the chicken. Morello ends her relationship with Nicky. Sophia asks Sister Ingalls for estrogen pills, but she refuses. The overloaded chapel ceiling collapses from a heavy cross Pennsatucky tries to hang. The prisoners work to clean up and repair the damage. Miss Claudette starts researching her legal appeal. Bennett and Daya pass notes to each other. Aleida advises her daughter to date another guard who can do her favors.

Flashback: Aleida runs a drug ring with her boyfriend, César, while the family struggles financially. After Aleida goes to prison, Daya starts dating César and running the drug ring until she is also sent to prison.
6 6 "WAC Pack" Michael Trim Lauren Morelli Nicky & Piper July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Piper confronts her mother. Polly takes full control of the soap business. Now believing that Alex didn't name her, Piper starts to view her fondly. Larry agrees to write an article about his fiancée's term in prison. Healy announces elections for the women's advisory council, and encourages Piper to run for WAC. When she refuses, Healy places her on the council anyway. The guards start searching for a missing mobile phone; Piper finds it hidden in the wall of the bathroom. Daya attacks her mother Aleida, for trying to have sex with Bennett. After saying he turned Aleida down, Daya performs oral sex on him, during which she discovers that he has a prosthetic leg.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict the friction between Nicky and her biological mother, and how Red helped Nicky deal with her drug problem.
7 7 "Blood Donut" Matthew Penn Sara Hess Watson July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Watson is released from SHU (Security Housing Unit/Solitary), and concludes that it was Piper who misplaced the screwdriver. Piper confesses but points out that Watson was initially sent to SHU for arguing with the guards. Piper, frustrated with WAC, states "this whole WAC thing is basically bullshit." Piper tries to make nice with Alex. With Fischer's help, Piper gets the running track reopened, which pleases Watson. Piper's appointment to WAC infuriates Pennsatucky, who was hoping to use her election to obtain false teeth. Alex tires of Pennsatucky's complaining and threatens to rape her if she doesn't keep quiet. Mendez tries to pressure Red into smuggling drugs into the prison, but Red refuses.

Flashback: Watson was a gifted track star with a college scholarship. Growing up in a strict Muslim household, she was not allowed to see boys. She begins seeing a sketchy man, Donte. She helps him rob a convenience store, and they are separated as they escape. She is caught by police but he is not, and she takes the rap for him.
8 8 "Moscow Mule" Phil Abraham Marco Ramirez Red July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

The flu bug circulates through the prison. Larry's article is printed. While Piper is happy that it was published, she is upset that most of the information is inaccurate. Healy reads the article and begins acting coldly towards Piper upon realizing her history with other girls. Piper and Alex flirt and reminisce while they try to fix a dryer. Pennsatucky locks Alex into the dryer. Polly gives birth. Daya is pregnant. Taystee is granted parole. Tricia goes into drug withdrawal. Over Nicky's objection, Red cuts off Tricia and allows her to go into SHU. Caputo orders Mendez to investigate how the drugs entered the prison. Mendez performs a very intimidating interview of Morello. To retaliate against Red, Nicky tells Mendez that Red uses Neptune's Produce, a vendor affiliated with the Russian bosses from Red's background, to smuggle contraband into the prison.

Flashback: Red gives the Russian bosses a good business idea, which begins her climb up the organized crime ladder.
9 9 "Fucksgiving" Michael Trim Sian Heder Alex July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Mendez uses Red's smuggling connections to move drugs into the prison. Red flushes them down the toilet. Mendez issues Red a death threat and urinates into the Thanksgiving gravy. Pennsatucky and Alex clash over their views on homosexuality and religion. Nicky and Alex flirt. Sophia's wife becomes romantically interested in her pastor. With Sister Ingalls's encouragement, Sophia gives her wife her blessing. Sophia's full dose of estrogen is restored. Daya attempts an abortion using Mendoza's herbal teas, but Aleida colludes with Mendoza to keep the fetus alive. Later, Daya agrees to keep the baby. Taystee is released but finds that her support network is missing. Piper and Alex share a sexually charged dance. Pennsatucky snitches on them for "lesbianing together," after which Healy sends Chapman to SHU. When Healy visits SHU, Chapman rages against him for punishing her for being a lesbian. After suffering in SHU, she resolves to obey Healy and avoid Alex. Caputo orders Healy to release Chapman from SHU when it becomes clear that her transfer is unjustified. Healy calls Larry, to tell him about Piper and Alex's sexual relationship. Upon returning to camp, she has sex with Alex.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict Alex being bullied for her low socioeconomic standing, her relationship with her mother, and her first contact with her washed-up rock star father. The flashbacks also show her beginning with the drug cartel.
10 10 "Bora Bora Bora" Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones Piper & Tricia July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

When Cesar goes by Bennett's apartment and asks how and where the baby will live, Bennett learns that Daya is pregnant. He is concerned that the system will discover he had sex with Daya, which could result in disciplinary action for both. He explains that his prosthetic left leg, originally thought to be from his tour in Afghanistan, is really from an infection when he had a cut and stepped into a dirty hot tub in Florida. Baptiste visits Miss Claudette. Tricked by Watson and egged on by others, Pennsatucky starts a faith healing crusade. Scared straight arrives at the prison, and the inmates attempt to intimidate the visiting juvenile delinquents. However, they have difficulty intimidating Dina, who robbed a liquor store from her wheelchair. Piper succeeds by telling Dina the scariest part of prison is not other people but coming face to face with "who you really are." Pennsatucky's faith healing crusade ends after she attempts to heal Dina by forcefully removing her from the wheelchair, after which Pennsatucky is confined to the psychiatric ward. Tricia struggles to "make things square with Red." Mendez manipulates Tricia into selling illegal drugs. When the tour with juvenile delinquents begins, Mendez notices the state she is in, and locks Tricia in a closet to prevent her from revealing she is holding the drugs. When he returns to release her, he finds that she has taken the drugs, overdosed and died. Fearing he will be found out, Mendez manipulates the scene to make it look like a suicide hanging. Nicky and Red blame themselves for Tricia's death, and both resolve to bring Mendez down.

Flashback: Flashbacks reveal what Piper and Polly are looking for in a spouse, and depict Piper meeting Larry. Tricia survives life on the streets of New York City shoplifting; she keeps a list of what she steals so she can pay everyone back.
11 11 "Tall Men with Feelings" Constantine Makris Lauren Morelli Piper & Alex July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Prison officials cover up Tricia's death to avoid an investigation. The inmates believe Tricia killed herself and organize an informal memorial for her. Tricia's death affects Mendez, and he vents over drinks with Bennett. Aleida, Daya, and Red scheme to cover up Daya's pregnancy. Daya will have sex with Mendez, which will then deflect suspicions once her pregnancy becomes apparent. During their encounter, Mendez uses a condom, so there's no evidence to use against him. Pennsatucky is held in the psych unit. After Piper learns that psych is worse than SHU, she successfully petitions Caputo to have Pennsatucky returned to the general population over Alex's objections. However, Piper's bravery brings Alex closer to her. Larry is interviewed on NPR, and his comments are particularly hurtful toward Suzanne and Miss Claudette, though he is kinder to other inmates, including Red and Watson. Larry's comments regarding fidelity convince Piper that he knows about her relationship with Alex. Piper calls Larry and confesses her infidelity. Larry reveals that during Thanksgiving, Healy told him that she was put in SHU for "lesbian activity." Piper admits to Larry that she loves Alex, which Larry sees as a deep betrayal. Larry then tells Piper that Alex did name her, thereby admitting that he lied earlier. He asks Piper, "How does it feel to be in love with the woman who ruined our lives?", and says that he needs time away from Piper.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict the fight and breakup between Piper and Alex following the death of Alex's mother.
12 12 "Fool Me Once" Andrew McCarthy Sara Hess Pennsatucky July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)

Caputo catches Mendez having sex with Daya. To avoid a rape investigation, Mendez is put on unpaid leave. Daya tells Bennett about her plot, but Bennett is displeased that she framed Mendez. Mendez believes that Daya loves him, and he tells Bennett about Red's smuggling operation, after which Bennett informs Caputo. Claudette's appeal is denied, and she attacks Fischer, resulting in her being sent to maximum security. Unable to adjust to life outside, Taystee commits a crime and returns to prison. Cal gets engaged via text message. Red mediates between Healy and his mail-order bride. Yoga Jones tells Watson how she accidentally killed an eight-year-old child. A journalist following up on Larry's interview asks the deputy warden about spending cuts at Litchfield, despite an increase in the prison's funding. Piper and Alex argue, and Piper admits, "I am an emotionally manipulative narcissist who bailed on you when your mother died." Alex admits she ratted on Piper for dumping her, and lied to Piper because she wanted her to like her. Alex gives Piper a choice: nest with Larry or travel with her and be prepared for anything. Larry asks Piper to marry him immediately. Pennsatucky broods after being "beaten" by Piper, but her lawyer encourages Pennsatucky to witness to Piper. Piper "prays to Mr. Christ" for forgiveness, but she flatly refuses to be baptized. Pennsatucky sees this refusal as another instance of being "disrespected" and announces her plans to murder Piper.

Flashback: Pennsatucky shoots and kills an abortion provider who "disrespected" her with a snide remark after her fifth abortion. A Christian anti-abortion group, mistakenly believing her act was to stop abortions, declare her a hero for their movement and provide her with pro bono legal help. The flashbacks also imply that Pennsatucky was not particularly religious until that experience.
13 13 "Can't Fix Crazy" Michael Trim Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan none July 11, 2013 (2013-07-11)
Caputo chooses Mendoza to replace Red as head cook. To reclaim her position, Red sabotages the kitchen. The resulting grease fire injures Murphy and prompts Norma to end her friendship with Red. Mendoza starts starving Red. Figueroa leans on Bennett to squash the investigation into Neptune's Produce, but Caputo fights to keep it on track. Bennett and Daya reach a low point in their relationship. Sophia receives a card from her son. Piper tells Alex that she is choosing Larry, and Alex cuts Piper out of her life. Larry visits Alex in prison and warns her to stay away from Piper, but Alex tells him that it was Piper who rekindled their sexual relationship. She asserts Larry's insecurity stems from Piper's weaknesses and not her machinations, telling him "I'm not your problem." After reflecting, Larry breaks up with Piper. Piper returns to Alex, but Alex pushes Piper away. Nicky seduces Alex. Piper is terrified after Pennsatucky demonstrates on herself how she could harm Piper in the shower with a razor blade. Taystee and her friends encourage Piper to strike back, and Big Boo gives Piper the screwdriver that was never returned to the electrical shop. Following the success of the Nativity Play at the Prison Christmas Pageant, Piper breaks into tears and leaves during the final song. Pennsatucky sneaks off the stage in her angel costume to follow Piper. Piper and Pennsatucky have a final confrontation. At the fight's start, Piper appeals to Healy for help, but he walks off and abandons her. When Pennsatucky charges at Piper with a shiv fashioned from a wooden Christian cross, Piper doubles her over with a kick to the groin, then drops her to the ground with an elbow to the head. The episode ends with an enraged Piper on top of Pennsatucky, relentlessly punching her.

Season 2 (2014)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Featured character(s) Original release date
14 1 "Thirsty Bird" Jodie Foster Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan Piper June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper is awakened in solitary and, without being given any information, forced to board a bus and a plane to whereabouts unknown. After she lands, finally realizing she is in Chicago, Piper assumes she has been transferred for killing Pennsatucky and attempts to adjust to her new surroundings. After speaking with Alex, Piper discovers she is in Chicago to testify in the trial of Alex's drug boss, Kubra Balik, and that the stay is temporary. Alex suggests to Piper they lie in court about knowing Kubra, fearing he will exact revenge if they tell the truth. However, Piper wishes to tell the truth. Piper meets with her lawyer, Larry's father Howard Bloom, who strongly advises her to tell the truth. In the van on the way to the trial, Alex pushes one last time for Piper to lie about knowing Kubra, saying she (Alex) will be screwed over if they do not tell the same story. Piper gives in and perjures herself at the trial. Afterwards, Howard washes his hands off her. Alex then informs Piper that although she planned to lie, she told the truth, which complicates matters for Piper, who now faces perjury charges and additional time. Piper shouts angrily at Alex, who is being led out of prison to be released.

Flashback: Several flashbacks from Piper's childhood reveal her complicated past.
15 2 "Looks Blue, Tastes Red" Michael Trim Jenji Kohan Taystee June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Pennsatucky is released from solitary after her fight with Piper. She makes a deal with Healy about what she will say about the fight, and in exchange she gets her teeth fixed. Daya has been constipated for the past five days, and her mother and Mendoza compete to solve the problem. Red's commissary funds run short because she no longer controls the kitchen and cannot aid her outside criminal associates. During a visit from her son, it is revealed that she has a grandchild. Red is taken in by the older inmates. A mock job fair gives Taystee a chance to show off her business smarts with a Philip Morris representative in a mock interview. She gets the mock job after she impresses the rep with her research on the company. At the end of the episode, Taystee's mother figure, Vee, shows up as a new inmate.

Flashback: Young Taystee — then referred to as Tasha — goes to a Black Adoption Festival, trying to find a permanent home. She later meets a drug dealer, Vee, who becomes a mother figure to her. Eventually, Taystee starts working for her in the drug trade.
16 3 "Hugs Can Be Deceiving" Michael Trim Lauren Morelli Suzanne June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper returns to Litchfield along with a Japanese-American inmate named Brook Soso, whom Piper comforts until she becomes too annoying. Taystee's mother figure Vee returns, to disapproval from Taystee. It is revealed that Vee and Red know each other from Vee's previous incarceration. Larry meets with a journalist who wants to use Piper as a source for a story about fraud and embezzling by the administration at Litchfield. Lorna is devastated upon finding out that Christopher is marrying another woman. Daya becomes frustrated with Bennett when he doesn't know how to smuggle in prenatal vitamins. He later realizes that his prosthetic leg will work well. It is discovered that Suzanne became distraught after the pageant and punched Piper into the snow. This makes the fight between Piper and Pennsatucky look like they were equally responsible. Vee uses Suzanne's outcast desperation to manipulate her, and begins her bid to take back power in the prison.

Flashback: It is shown that Suzanne was always marked as different, and was pushed by her adoptive mother to show that she is just as worthy and talented as others. At her high-school graduation, she is urged to sing during the ceremony, but stage fright leads to an embarrassing outburst, similar to her non-performance at the Christmas pageant.
17 4 "A Whole Other Hole" Phil Abraham Sian Heder Lorna June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Nicky and Big Boo engage in a contest to see who can sleep with the most women in jail. Vee offers to help Poussey sell her hooch to other inmates but Poussey declines. Red starts to grow plants in an old greenhouse as a cover to move contraband into the prison. Larry and Polly begin to bond more as Polly's husband is away. Lorna discovers that her love, Christopher, is marrying another woman. While driving Rosa to cancer treatments, Lorna takes the van, breaks into Christopher's home, dons a wedding veil found there, and takes a relaxing bath, nearly getting caught when he comes home.

Flashback: Lorna made money as a scam artist. Christopher was never her fiancé, but a man she stalked after a single date, leaving threatening messages and trying to put a bomb in the car of his actual girlfriend.
18 5 "Low Self Esteem City" Andrew McCarthy Nick Jones Gloria June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

The bathroom that Gloria Mendoza and her girls use has plumbing problems and feces coming out of the shower drains. Vee is appointed head of the African American posse, and goes head to head against Gloria's Latinas when they infiltrate the Ghetto bathroom. Fig, the assistant warden, refuses to fix the Latina showers due to budget problems, and limits shower times to 30 seconds as a solution. As tensions rise between the blacks and the Latinas, Vee and Mendoza make a deal in order to calm things down. Meanwhile, Cal and Piper's mom visit Piper and inform her that her father doesn't want to see her "like that" (in prison). During the visit, Cal reveals that her grandmother is dying. Piper is devastated, and asks Healy for furlough. Boo and Nicky continue their contest over who can score the most points with their sexual conquests. While Boo goes after the "small pointers", Nicky spends her time trying to bed Fischer, one of the prison guards, to no avail.

Flashback: Gloria was a victim of domestic violence until she was arrested for committing fraud with food stamps traded at the store she ran.
19 6 "You Also Have a Pizza" Allison Anders Stephen Falk Poussey June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

The inmates prepare for a Valentine's Day party. Red begins importing items through the sewer drain in the greenhouse with the help of her son, Vasily. Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole so that he can write articles about the prison's finances. Piper begins questioning prisoners and guards to find out where the prison's budget money is really going. At the Valentine's Party at Litchfield, Pennsatucky is outlawed from her former group of friends by Leanne. Poussey and Taystee argue. Flaca and Maritza share an intimate moment in the kitchen. Pennsatucky and Healy also share a moment outside the prison. Larry goes over to Polly's with all of Piper's things. He and Polly share a kiss, right before Pete returns home from his trip. Caputo invites Fischer to come see his band perform in a local bar, however she invites Luschek, Bell and O'Neill to come, too. Later, as Caputo performs with the band, he notices that Jimmy, an elderly inmate suffering from dementia, has escaped from the prison and is sitting in the bar listening to the music.

Flashback: Poussey has a relationship with a German girl (played by Nina Rausch) while living on an army base in Germany. The girl's father discovers the two making love, and uses his power to send Poussey's family back to the United States. When confronting her girlfriend's father, Poussey is ready to pull out a gun and attack him, but her own father intervenes before the gun is revealed.
20 7 "Comic Sans" Andrew McCarthy Sara Hess Black Cindy June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Due to Jimmy's escape, Caputo demands that the correctional officers and guards start monitoring the inmates more closely, and imposes a minimum quota for shots written. Taystee gives Nicky a cigarette in exchange for postage stamps for Vee. Red smuggles in styling products and other items for Sophia in exchange for maintaining her hair color. The Spanish girls continue to request contraband from Bennett. Sick of being taken advantage of, he threatens them with shots, much to Daya's dismay. Vee's girls continue to exchange cigarettes for contraband and favors from other inmates. Daya, Flaca, and Morello all ask Piper if they can help with the newsletter she has started. Poussey refuses to involve herself in Vee's business, but Nicky encourages her to get on Vee's good side. Polly comes over to Larry's house in an emotional outrage, and the two have sex. Jimmy is given Compassionate Release from prison. It is revealed that she was taken to the bus station and left there.

Flashback: Black Cindy works as an airport security guard. She is shown searching through people's bags, and steals an iPad for her sister's birthday (later revealed to be her biological daughter).
21 8 "Appropriately Sized Pots" Daisy von Scherler Mayer Alex Regnery & Hartley Voss Rosa June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper faces a new backlash over special privileges. Caputo feels pressure to toughen up, which results in Fischer's termination. Also, Caputo starts to distrust Red's greenhouse but fortunately for her, Gloria moves her contraband before Caputo finds it. Piper asks Healy to revoke her furlough because the other inmates are treating her badly because of it. Piper calls her mom to tell her she was granted furlough, only to find out her grandmother died a day before. Rosa meets a young boy in chemo who she later learns is in remission.

Flashback: In the 1970s, Rosa drove the getaway car for multiple bank robberies perpetrated by her boyfriend and his friends.
22 9 "40 Oz. of Furlough" S. J. Clarkson Lauren Morelli Red June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper's relationship with Larry faces a real-world test when Piper returns home on furlough. Larry admits to Piper that he slept with someone else. Piper attends her grandmother's funeral, which turns into her brother's wedding. Upon Red's request, Piper visits Red's former deli, only to find it permanently closed. Red's efforts to redeem herself in the eyes of her former posse are finally rewarded. She intends to usurp Red's kitchen smuggling enterprise through her newly founded gardening club. Mendez returns to Litchfield. Bennett finds a cigarette and tears apart the black ghetto until Mendez stops him. Bennett is put on suspension and later reveals to Caputo that Daya is pregnant, and suggests that Mendez must be the father.

Flashback: The history of Red and Vee's relationship at Litchfield is explored through a series of flashbacks. The last flashback reveals that Vee had taken control of the black inmates and Red's kitchen, ending with Vee's posse brutally beating Red.
23 10 "Little Mustachioed Shit" Jennifer Getzinger Sian Heder Piper & Alex June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper returns to prison after Furlough, while Bennett returns after suspension. She lies to Red about the condition of Red's Queens deli. The guards get tougher in a bid to turn up prison contraband. Daya's pregnancy is revealed. Mendez is fired and arrested because he is believed to be the father. Piper figures out that Larry and Polly slept together. Vee attempts to join Red's business in the garden. Poussey gets drunk and insults Vee, so Suzanne beats her up in a fit of rage. Nicky decides to bring to Red the heroin Taystee gave her. Healy starts a therapy group, Safe Place.

Flashback: More history of Alex and Piper's relationship is explored.
24 11 "Take a Break from Your Values" Constantine Makris Nick Jones Sister Ingalls June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Piper finally reaches out to Alex and learns that Kubra wasn't convicted. Piper is told she is being transferred to Virginia. Soso's hunger strike attracts new support that takes on a religious fervor. Polly leaves Pete for Larry. The prison newspaper is shut down. Sister Ingalls joins the hunger strike. The elders form a plan to kill Vee but Red doesn't know about it. The plan backfires when they stab the wrong inmate.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict Sister Ingalls joining her first rally and continuing in social activism, until she is her excommunicated by the church.
25 12 "It Was the Change" Phil Abraham Sara Hess Vee June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)

Vee and Red's rivalry continues with several confrontations regarding their competing business ventures inside the jail. The inmates are forced to leave their bunks and sleep in the mess hall as a storm floods the plumbing system. Red and her gang are concerned about being attacked during the night. On the other side of the hall Vee also warns her posse about Red. As the night continues, Lorna shares an intimate moment with a dying Rosa. Pennsatucky becomes close to Big Boo in an attempt to uncover details about their 'gay agenda'. Figueroa receives multiple angry calls from Caputo and discovers an uncomfortable truth about her husband. Red attacks Vee while they are alone outside, attempting to strangle her with a piece of plastic wrap, but fails. The two agree that Litchfield has changed them and they shake hands on a truce. At the end of the night, Piper escapes the mess hall to find evidence of Figueroa's fraud in her office but is caught by Caputo when the power comes back on. The next morning, while Red is cleaning up the mess made by the storm, she is slocked from behind by Vee and severely injured.

26 13 "We Have Manners. We're Polite." Constantine Makris Jenji Kohan none June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)
Vee's family breaks apart and turns on her. After Nicky's theft of her stash of heroin Vee had become paranoid and tried to get Suzanne to take the fall for Vee's assault on Red. Piper reveals Figueroa's embezzlement to Caputo, who reports it to the warden and confronts Figueroa. Figueroa's attempt to buy Caputo's silence by performing oral sex on him is to no avail and she resigns. Caputo's new role as interim deputy warden gets off to a shaky start when Bennett confesses to him that he impregnated Daya. Caputo suppresses the confession in order to avoid a scandal for the new administration. Sister Ingalls ends her hunger strike after Red talks to Healy. Healy gets Luschek to sign a fake work order to exonerate Suzanne and turn the focus of the investigation back on Vee. Vee, alone and friendless, escapes from prison via Red's greenhouse storm drain pipe. Rosa is told by her doctor that her chemo is not working and she has only three-six weeks left to live. Morello leaves the keys in the van with Rosa, who takes the vehicle and flees the prison in order to taste freedom in the last few days of her life. She spies Vee by the side of the road and intentionally runs her down with the van.

Season 3 (2015)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Featured character(s) Original release date
27 1 "Mother's Day" Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan various June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

The prison hosts a special visit to celebrate Mother's Day, as part of Caputo's attempt to "soften" his regime in light of recent controversies. Piper finds out that Alex has returned to Litchfield and the two reconcile. Poussey misses her mother. Bennett struggles to deal with Daya's family while keeping under wraps that he is the father of her child. Daya and Aleida clash on motherhood. Pennsatucky holds a memorial for the abortions she has had. Healy feels threatened by Caputo's recent staff change decision. Red fills the hole in the greenhouse with cement, and is later visited by her family, from whom she finds out Piper lied regarding the store's success.

Flashback: Flashbacks reveal several inmates' past Mother's Day experiences.
28 2 "Bed Bugs and Beyond" Constantine Makris Jim Danger Gray Bennett June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Litchfield prison combats a bed bug infestation. This forces the prisoners to wear underwear or disposable paper suits and causing some of them to become paranoid about the cause of the bugs. Red confronts Piper about the lies she told regarding Red's family's store, causing Red to cut off both Piper and her husband for dishonesty before Healy gives her a dressing down. Mendez's mother visits the prison and offers to adopt Daya's baby, causing tension among Bennett, Daya and Aleida. Alex struggles to deal with being back in prison. Piper reveals she ratted Alex out to her parole officer, causing the two to square off. Bennett proposes to Daya but has qualms about her extended family, especially the angry Cesar. Nicky and Big Boo find that they have been robbed of the heroin they were hiding. Caputo learns that the prison is to close due to budget constraints. Piper and Alex's feud comes to a head in the closed library, where they hook up. Bennett gets a crib from Cesar, but also witnesses Cesar pointing a gun at one of his children. He abandons the crib on the side of the road and drives away.

Flashback: Bennett was a U.S. Army soldier deployed to Afghanistan, where his unit comes under an insider attack by Afghan forces, and an Afghan soldier he has befriended is mistakenly killed.
29 3 "Empathy Is a Boner Killer" Michael Trim Nick Jones Nicky June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Luschek finds a buyer for Nicky's heroin, but is furious when Nicky says it has been stolen. Alex and Piper continue to have a contentious relationship. Caputo denies rumors from the staff that the prison is shutting down, but the staff is suspicious. Bennett disappears, worrying Daya. New staff member Rogers starts a theater class, where Alex and Piper reconcile during a performance. It is revealed Nicky was keeping the heroin for herself, but it was discovered by the meth heads. Luschek takes the heroin from them, but it is found by Caputo, causing Luschek to rat out Nicky. Healy recruits Red to help him talk to his wife. Caputo blackmails Figueroa into helping him keep the prison open, and she points him to a private company that was interested in acquiring it in the past. Nicky says goodbye as she is sent to maximum security prison. She laments that even after kicking her drug addiction, she may never lose her self-destructive tendencies.

Flashback: Nicky's longtime struggle with her drug habit leads to self-destruction, including stealing a taxi and ruining her relationship with her mother.
30 4 "Finger in the Dyke" Constantine Makris Lauren Morelli Big Boo June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

The inmates deal with the loss of Nicky. Caputo takes the private company, MCC, on a tour of the prison. Crazy Eyes continues to deal with the death of Vee. Daya worries that Bennett has run off on her. It is Piper's birthday and she has a tense visit with her family. She and Alex begin to grow close again. Pennsatucky reveals she is still getting money from the anti-abortion group that considers her a martyr. Big Boo gets a makeover hoping to convince the religious group to give her funding, but she flies into a rage at the man instead. Red and Healy develop a friendship with romantic undertones. MCC agrees to take over operations of the prison, saving it from closure.

Flashback: Big Boo has a tense relationship with her uptight parents, especially her mother, who does not approve of her being a lesbian. Her mother later dies of an illness, estranged from her.
31 5 "Fake It Till You Fake It Some More" Nicole Holofcener Tara Herrmann Flaca June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

MCC invests in new mattresses and improvements in the prison, but cuts the guards' hours to part time. A new work detail that pays ten times the wage of other prison jobs is introduced, prompting the inmates to jockey for the new positions. They take a test and several, including Piper and Flaca, are selected. It is revealed they will be working in a shop making women's underwear. Daya tries to figure out her next steps without Bennett. Alex is paranoid that her former boss is trying to kill her. Poussey tries to stop animals from stealing her fermented alcohol.

Flashback: In high school, Marisol uses psychology to trick students into believing she is selling them LSD, until a classmate who believes he is high jumps from the building and she is arrested for fraud.
32 6 "Ching Chong Chang" Anthony Hemingway Sara Hess Chang June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Caputo interviews more part-time applicants, to the consternation of the other COs. A new prisoner reveals that a more appetizing kosher meal may be requested from the kitchen. Celebrity chef Judy King (Blair Brown) is arraigned on tax-evasion charges. As the prisoners begin making Whispers underwear, Piper flirts with a new prisoner, Stella Carlin. Lorna is visited by a series of civilian pen pals looking for romance, and takes a shine to a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast. Healy cons Caputo into getting Red back into the kitchen. Dreaming of love, a lonely Poussey makes and drinks hooch. Chang secretly prepares specialty foods for herself and watches Chinese movies on a cell phone stashed in a garden shack.

Flashback: Chang is savagely rejected by a wealthy Chinese businessman, who had met her for an arranged marriage, but insisted he could never marry such an ugly girl. She later rises and thrives in an underworld Asian crime ring, and exacts violent revenge on the man who rejected her.
33 7 "Tongue-Tied" Julie Anne Robinson Sian Heder Norma June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Suzanne displays a talent for writing bizarre, erotically charged fantasy stories. Stella agrees to contribute soiled Whispers underwear for Piper's planned dirty-panties business. Piper recruits Cal to assist in the operation. Daya wrestles with who should raise her baby. Commuting to the prison together, Mendoza's son teaches Sophia's son rude behavior, causing the two mothers to clash. The controversy, paired with Ramos nearly slicing her finger off, leads to Red running the kitchen again — just as the new regime introduces "boil in the bag" meals. MCC's failure to properly train the COs leads to a botched pepper-spraying incident. Norma's reputation as a miracle-performing mystic grows.

Flashback: Norma became one of many wives of a Svengali-like prophet in her younger years, only to murder him later.
34 8 "Fear, and Other Smells" Mark A. Burley Nick Jones Alex June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Suzanne's sci-fi story gains a cult following in the prison, but its latest chapter aggravates Poussey's alcoholic depression. The prisoners despise the new cafeteria food, and are angry at the rising prices of commissary items. Piper conscripts her fellow prisoners to wear panties stolen from the factory, and sells them online for a profit. Counselor Rogers objects when Healy prescribes antidepressants to Soso, causing him to angrily pass Soso's case on to her. Pennsatucky bonds with Coates, a new CO and part-time doughnut-store employee. At a meeting in Utica, executives at MCC are shown to be totally devoid of compassion and solely concerned with cost-cutting and profits. Caputo grows to despise Pearson, who proves unsuccessful in pushing through his suggestions about upgrades. Sophia and Mendoza commiserate about not being around to raise their respective sons. When Daya learns from Mendez's mother that Aleida arranged a financial deal to raise the baby, Daya confesses to her that Mendez is not the child's father. Alex suspects that a new prisoner, Lolly, may have been sent by Kubra to kill her. Lolly is later seen keeping detailed notebook records of Alex's every move.

Flashback: Kubra targets Fahri following Piper's arrest.
35 9 "Where My Dreidel At" Andrew McCarthy Jordan Harrison Leanne June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

With the help of Cal and CO Bayley, Piper's used-panties business is a rousing success. Prisoners continue to obsess over Suzanne's comically pornographic serial novel. Red is humiliated having to serve slop from a bag instead of real food. A rabbi quizzes prisoners about their alleged devotion to committed Jewish beliefs, resulting in a short list of approved kosher meals. A nude Stella chats with a visibly impressed Piper in the bathroom; they later share a kiss. Mendoza and Sophia clash again when Sophia's son is arrested on battery charges. Sophia learns that Mendoza's son fled the scene. Celebrity chef Judy King once again appears on the TV news. Outside of the prison, CO Coates kisses Pennsatucky. After Lolly breaks a window in a shed, Alex notices that a large shard of glass has vanished from the debris. Leanne bullies Soso and acts as self-appointed vocal leader of Norma's spiritual group. Unsuccessfully, Norma tries to teach kindness and tolerance to Leanne. To her horror, Alex discovers that Lolly has been secretly monitoring her moves.

Flashback: Leanne breaks free from her Amish roots only to be arrested for possession of meth while attempting to return to her family.
36 10 "A Tittin' and a Hairin'" Jesse Peretz Lauren Morelli Pennsatucky June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

A young inmate begins pursuing Suzanne romantically. Suzanne tells Morello that in spite of her erotically charged novels, she is still a virgin and confused about sex. Judy King is found guilty, but it seems that her ultimate destination will not be Litchfield. After observing Stella making moves on Piper, Alex confronts the pair in Piper's bunk. Visited in jail by his mother, a shaken and traumatized Mendez is told that he is not the father of Daya's child, which he refuses to believe. Mendez's mother informs Daya she still wishes to raise the baby, and after painful deliberation, Daya agrees. Morello uses Vince, her pen pal, to exact revenge on Christopher. Leanne and Soso continue to antagonize each other, with uncertain Norma caught in the middle. Using veggies grown in the garden, Red prepares a small pan of ratatouille for her kitchen staffers. Enraged that Sophia has cut off her son's ride to the prison, Mendoza picks a fight with her in the bathroom. Alex attacks Lolly, but comes to realize that she is just highly paranoid and delusional, not an assassin. CO Coates is reprimanded for being late after spending time with Pennsatucky. In a rage, he rapes her in the prison van.

Flashback: A teenaged Pennsatucky swaps unpleasant casual sex for drinks. She meets and falls in love with a new boyfriend who teaches her to enjoy sex. But when he moves away, she is raped by a former "customer."
37 11 "We Can Be Heroes" Phil Abraham Sian Heder Caputo June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Caputo agrees to help the guards unite against their heartless corporate overlords, while he sleeps with Figueroa. Due to a computer error, Leanne's sidekick Angie is mistakenly released. Caputo later recaptures her at the bus station. Big Boo learns of Coates' abuse of Pennsatucky and vows to help her get revenge. After injuring Mendoza, Sophia becomes a pariah and her salon empties. Suzanne's manuscript lands on the staff's radar, leading to its confiscation, and counselor Berdie is unfairly put on leave over the scandal. Suzanne appears relieved to be done with the project and apologizes to Poussey for attacking her under Vee's tenure. After Soso confronts Norma for letting her group bully her, Leanne cuts off Soso's hair while she sleeps. Flaca encourages Piper's girls to stop wearing the panties until they get paid real money. Piper agrees to set up a payment plan using cash cards, but then fires Flaca for instigating the uprising. Repulsed by seeing this side of Piper, Alex quits both the business and their relationship.

Flashback: Caputo sacrifices a career as a musician and takes a job as a guard at Litchfield in order to support his girlfriend, who is pregnant with Caputo's former bandmate's child. Later, she leaves Caputo when her child's biological father becomes a successful musician.
38 12 "Don't Make Me Come Back There" Uta Briesewitz Sara Hess Aleida & Daya June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Daya goes into labor, and will not let her mother Aleida help as Aleida was trying to solicit money from Mendez's mother. Red runs an open lottery to determine who will attend her fancy dinner party. Following Berdie's suspension, Brook returns to Healy for counseling. He continues to recommend medication. Boo cajoles Pennsatucky into exacting revenge on Coates, but they back out before doing so. Sophia gets attacked, and beaten by two other inmates. Gerber refuses to carry the panties out of the prison, so Piper comes close to following through on her promise of sexual favors, but Stella intervenes and convinces Gerber to continue. Daya's labor does not go according to plan. An encounter with Frieda causes Taystee to realize that she is the new "mother" in the group. Poussey finds Brook unconscious in the library from overdosing on pills that she stole from the Doctor's office after being given a prescription from Healy. Piper reaches out to take Stella's hand while they watch a movie, but Stella reveals she is getting out soon.

Flashback: Aleida drops a young Daya off at camp to get rid of her for a few weeks. Daya initially protests and cries, but when Aleida comes to pick her up, Daya has made new friends and adjusted to her surroundings.
39 13 "Trust No Bitch" Phil Abraham Jim Danger Gray & Jenji Kohan various June 11, 2015 (2015-06-11)

Poussey, Taystee and Suzanne save Brook from her overdose. Piper confronts Flaca about stealing the proceeds from her panty business, but soon comes to realize that Stella is the culprit, as she will have no money to live on when she gets released. Piper exacts revenge by framing Stella for possession of dangerous contraband, resulting in Stella being dragged off to maximum security prison. Healy investigates the possibility of a romantic life with Red, but Red quashes the opportunity. Morello marries Vince, while Black Cindy shows a newfound sincerity in her attempts to become Jewish. She is however frustrated because converting fully requires a Jewish baptism (called a tevilah), which in turn requires a natural body of water that she does not have access to inside a prison. Complications arise concerning Daya's baby after Cesar is arrested. For the first time Norma faces losing her followers after Poussey angrily confronts her for her role in Brook's attempted suicide. Tensions between Flaca and Gloria come to a head, as do those between Leanne and Norma. Caputo, after promising to head up the staff union, accepts a promotion from MCC, causing the staff to walk out. A construction mishap allows all the prisoners to escape to a nearby beach and play in the lake, Brook is taken in by the African-American group, while Suzanne bonds with Maureen. Black Cindy, with unexpected access to the required natural body of water, performs her ritual immersion and officially becomes Jewish. Alex is cornered in the greenhouse by a new guard sent by Kubra, and her fate is left uncertain. As the prisoners frolic in the lake, construction crews convert the prison's beds into two-tiered bunkbeds, doubling the prison's capacity, and several busloads of new prisoners arrive at Litchfield.


Season 4 (2016)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Featured character(s) Original release date
40 1 "Work That Body for Me" Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan none June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)
Caputo is promoted to Director of Human Activity. He gets new CO's to round up the prisoners who are at the lake. Piscatella, one of the new CO's, is strict on security and obedience, and is feared by both guards and inmates. He is made captain of the guards. Maureen wants to escape the prison with Suzanne, but Suzanne doesn’t want to run away and goes back to the prison. Maureen is eventually captured by Caputo. The new inmates are integrated with the old inmates. Everyone gets a bunkmate. Red's bunkmate snores to her annoyance. Judy King becomes a prisoner at Litchfield and forms a bond with Luschek. She is given special treatment as she gets her own private room. Alex is saved from Aydin Bayat, Kubra's enforcer, by Lolly who kicks him repeatedly until he is unconscious. They both presume he is dead. Alex sneaks into the greenhouse to attempt to bury Aydin and realizes he is still breathing which causes her to smother him. In the morning as they enter the greenhouse, they see that Frieda has discovered Aydin’s body. With Frieda’s help, they cut the body into smaller parts and bury it under plants in the garden.
41 2 "Power Suit" Constantine Makris Sara Hess Maria June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

The inmates struggle with the overcrowding of the prison. Healy gets Judy King a new roommate, Yoga Jones. Black Cindy battles with her new roommate, Alison Abdullah over shared space. Red attempts to stop her bunkmate's snoring but to no avail. Piper befriends her bunkmate and she becomes her bodyguard. Doggett is worried that Maritza is being raped by Officer Coates, although he is shown to only have feelings for Doggett. Sophia's wife tries to talk to Caputo about letting Sophia out of SHU but he does not listen. Caputo meets with MCC and they decide to hire veterans as CO's who will be housed at cabins on campus in order to qualify for government cutbacks. Caputo befriends Linda at the meeting. Daya is worried about her baby being placed in foster care since Cesar is going to jail for a long time for conspiracy to commit murder and assaulting a police officer. Racial tension arises as the Dominicans realize that they are the majority. Maria tries to stop it, but ends up leading an attack on a white inmate in defense of Blanca.

Flashback: Maria's father was head of a drug ring. He was also very big on Dominican pride and raised Maria to be proud of her heritage. When she was still in school, she and her friend saw Yadriel running from the police outside her house. Her friend described Yadriel as "that Mexican papi chulo that hangs next to school". She went outside and found the drugs he threw in the brushes and threw them into her window to save him.
42 3 "(Don't) Say Anything" Andrew McCarthy Jim Danger Gray Brook June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Taystee gets switched from janitorial duties to being Caputo's assistant. Red is both angry and jealous that Judy gets special treatment and that she is always in her garden. Piper loses employees in her illegal panty business as they think that it is becoming too dangerous. Maria tries to help her fellow Dominicans by asking Piper if they could join her business but Piper declines, stating that she doesn't want thugs. So instead, the Dominicans decide to start their own panty business. Caputo goes on a date with Linda and in the restaurant he sees one of the CO's that walked out working as a busboy. Brook and Poussey grow closer together. Poussey is a big fan of Judy but gets nervous every time she sees Judy and is unable to speak to her. Brook tries to talk to Judy and explain why Poussey acts weird in front of her but lies about Poussey's past in order to get Judy’s acceptance. She falsely claims that Poussey is poor and her mother is a crack addict and acts strange because Judy is rich and white. Judy invites Poussey to have lunch with her, but when Poussey hears Brook lied to Judy, she abruptly leaves lunch, insulted that Brook knows nothing about her. Brook apologizes to Poussey and promises to make an effort to know her. Lolly begins to crack and attempts to dig up Aydin's body in the garden but Alex stops her. Frieda sees Lolly’s instability and states that they are going to have to kill Lolly.

Flashback: It is shown that in Brook's past, she exaggerated the truth to be accepted.
43 4 "Doctor Psycho" Erin Feeley Carly Mensch Healy June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Sophia gets Caputo's attention by flooding her cell but he refuses to help her. Healy forces Judy to lead a cooking class. It is a hit, but Judy asks Caputo to change Healy as her counselor, stating that he has power issues. Alex confides Frieda's plan to kill Lolly to Red. Red tries to mediate the situation but realizes that they have to kill Lolly. Lolly behaves erratically and Healy counsels her, convincing her that she imagined the killing.

Flashback: Healy's mother suffered from mental illness and is seen being discharged from a hospital. She wanted to stop her treatment because it makes her forget. Healy doesn't want her to stop and upon hearing this, she runs away. After some years, Healy sees a homeless lady resembling his mother. He invites her for coffee and apologizes for not being there when she tried to reach out to him. He soon realizes that she isn't his mother.
44 5 "We'll Always Have Baltimore" Tricia Brock Jordan Harrison Maritza June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Due to the recent economies, the prison starts to run thin on supplies including tampons, causing a black market to form around the prison. The guards meanwhile start targeting the ethnic prisoners and subjecting them to random searches. While Caputo attends a convention for prison employees with Linda, Taystee manages to guess the password to the computer in his office and gets access to the internet. At the convention, Caputo gets into an altercation with Danny Pearson, who attempts to use the event to speak out against the system, and is arrested. However, Linda finds this hot, and the two have sex in a closet. In an effort to stop Maria from cutting into her panty business, Piper requests and is given permission by Piscatella to form a security group. However, during their first meeting, the volunteers (all white) begin to openly voice racist sentiments. Piper is horrified to realize she has accidentally created a white power group.

Flashback: Maritza's life of crime expands from defrauding customers as a cocktail waitress to grand theft auto.
45 6 "Piece of Shit" Uta Briesewitz Lauren Morelli none June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)
During her janitorial stint in maximum security, Nicky encounters Sophia in isolation and later gives her a magazine to read. Later she is asked to clean a cell, which is Sophia's; she finds it covered in blood. Luschek feels guilty about his role in landing Nicky in maximum security, and Judy decides to have her powerful lawyers arrange to have Nicky sent back to Litchfield. However Nicky's anger has caused her to relapse into her heroin addiction. Taystee decides to try to get a picture of Judy to sell to a magazine (using the internet connection in Caputo's office) while Black Cindy and Allison bond over their disdain of Scientology. Poussey and Soso declare their love for each other. Piper plants a set of panties in Maria's bunk and arranges for them to be discovered, which results in Maria getting three to five years added to her sentence.
46 7 "It Sounded Nicer in My Head" Mark A. Burley Nick Jones Lolly June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Piper starts to realize her power has corrupted her, and though she takes steps to make amends, a plan of revenge is already in motion. Her new 'bodyguard' turns against her, handing her to Maria and her gang, who brand the Nazi swastika into her arm. Lolly finds a friend in a kindly Healy. Nicky continues on her self-destructive drug binge. Caputo submits a plan to offer educational courses to the inmates in order to give them something useful to do during their incarceration.

Flashback: Lolly works as a journalist until mental illness takes over, leaving her homeless.
47 8 "Friends in Low Places" Phil Abraham Alex Regnery & Hartley Voss none June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)
Piper has hit rock bottom after being attacked by Maria and her crew. When she finds Alex and Nicky in the garden, she gets high with them, and reveals her scar to them. Alex also confesses her murderous secret. Their 'family' reunites as Red further brands Piper's swastika to alter it into a window. Maria is selling drugs out of Aleida's salon, worrying Aleida as her release date approaches. Charlie makes a heartfelt apology to Pennsatucky, who appears moved. Caputo and Linda continue their relationship, though he is disappointed that his education program had all of its humanities courses replaced with more cost-effective vocational training. Crystal shows up at Caputo's house in the search for answers about Sophia, but Linda turns a gun on her to get her off the property. Judy kisses Cindy in an attempt to prove to the world she's not racist, while Allison takes a picture with her cell phone.
48 9 "Turn Table Turn" Constantine Makris Sara Hess Blanca June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

The CO's power trip gets worse than ever when one guard forces Maritza to eat a baby mouse. Meanwhile, Blanca rebels against them by applying foul-smelling substances in order to stop them from frisking her. Boo turns her back on Pennsatucky when she decides to forgive Charlie for raping her. Morello becomes paranoid her sister is having an affair with her husband. Red breaks down, forcing Nicky to decide to get clean again. News of Judy and Cindy's fake relationship spreads after Luschek sells the picture to the tabloids. Piscatella orders Luschek and the other guards to search the prison and although they find a box full of contraband phones, Luschek is able to keep secret the one used for Judy.

Flashback: Blanca works as a housekeeper and nurse for a demanding elderly woman. When Blanca is seen flirting with the gardener, the old woman has him fired. Blanca gets her revenge by having sex with him in the old woman's bedroom while she is there.
49 10 "Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull" Phil Abraham Carly Mensch none June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)
Blanca continues to take her stand, quite literally, in the cafeteria, and Piper is forced to join her when she tries to help her by smuggling her food. Sister Ingalls manages to sneak a message to Sophia in Max, but her plan to expose Sophia's treatment backfires when Caputo finds her secret phone. However, Caputo sends the picture to the press himself, rebelling against MCC. Aleida leaves the prison, and has to adapt to the outside world, her only friend is the woman Cesar was dating before he was arrested and who gave birth to his baby. Later, the ground's men discover Aydin's body in the garden.
50 11 "People Persons" Lev L. Spiro Nick Jones Suzanne June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Following the discovery of the body in the garden, the prison goes into lockdown. While Caputo tries to get past the red tape at MCC, Piscatella defies orders to begin interrogating inmates, starting with Red. Suzanne faces the wrath of Maureen while holed up the guards. Humphrey takes enjoyment in their clash and forces Suzanne to fight her, causing her to explode and nearly beat Maureen to death. The COs are spiraling out of control. Judy, Yoga Jones, and Luschek have a drug fueled threesome. Healy wrestles with the idea of handing Lolly in, and nearly commits suicide, before deciding to face his problems. He hands Lolly in to Piscatella, and she is sent to Psych A.

Flashback: Suzanne's mental illness leads to the tragic accidental death of a young boy, after she brings him home to her apartment and he falls out the window.
51 12 "The Animals" Matthew Weiner Lauren Morelli Bayley June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Caputo attempts to suspend Humphrey for his part in what happened to Suzanne. However Piscatella threatens to have all the COs walk out if he does so and informs Caputo he no longer has any real authority. The different prison families come together to discuss a plan to force Piscatella out and restore order to the prison. Though they initially fail to come to an agreement, Piscatella's unfair treatment of Red unites the inmates. They stand on the tables in a peaceful protest, refusing to move until Piscatella resigns. However, he orders his men to remove them by force. Meanwhile, Suzanne breaks down over her fight with Maureen and Poussey rushes to her aid, but the young CO Bayley quickly reacts and improperly restrains her. While everyone's attention is on calming Suzanne down, no one notices that Poussey is unable to breathe, and she eventually dies. Healy wrestles with his decision to send Lolly to Psych A, and decides to return to a mental health facility himself. News of Piper and Alex's reunion spreads around the prison. Pennsatucky unites with Boo. Sophia returns to the prison.

Flashback: In the past, Bayley's decision to become a prison guard is explored.
52 13 "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again" Adam Bernstein Tara Herrmann & Jenji Kohan Poussey June 17, 2016 (2016-06-17)

Following Poussey's death, MCC tells Caputo to hold off on calling the police until they can develop an angle, while Taystee urges Caputo to at least call Poussey's dad, and break the news to him. Soso wanders into the library to find Suzanne trapped under a fallen shelf. She rescues Suzanne, but in medical, Suzanne gets put next to Maureen who is still recovering from the beating Suzanne gave her. Piper finds out that Alex has been leaving notes around the prison, revealing Aydin's real name, and then the two of them track down the notes, and prepare to burn them. MCC grants release to Judy King wanting to get her away from the crisis. Caputo ignores the MCC prep, and on camera refuses to fire Bayley. Taystee overhears, and snaps — she incites the other inmates, who all march through the hallways of the prison, and eventually converge on where Judy King is being escorted out of prison. Humphrey instinctively goes for the gun in his sock, but Maritza pushes him over, and it slides across to the Hispanics, and Daya picks it up. She initially takes aim at the white supremacists, but instead takes Humphrey and Artesian McCullough hostage, cocks the gun and takes aim at Humphrey's head, while all the inmates present collectively urge her to pull the trigger.

Flashback: Poussey has a fun night with strangers she meets in New York City that ends in her arrest for drug possession and trespassing.

Season 5 (2017)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Featured character(s) Original release date [a]
53 1 "Riot FOMO" Andrew McCarthy Jenji Kohan none June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Litchfield Prison erupts into a riot when the inmates are not satisfied with Caputo's handling of Poussey's death. Daya shoots CO Thomas Humphrey in the thigh after he begins begging for his life in Spanish — a language she does not speak. His life is eventually saved by Sophia, who has paramedic training from her days as a firefighter. Piper and Alex try to take Linda hostage, but then feel bad for her and help her disguise herself as an inmate. Taystee, Black Cindy, Janae and Alison force Caputo to read a statement about Poussey's death, which Taystee records on an iPad. Josh, a PR representative from MCC who was visiting Caputo, helps her upload it to Twitter, since he thinks the story of a renegade CO reflects better on the company than out-of-control inmates.
54 2 "Fuck, Marry, Frieda" Constantine Makris Jordan Harrison Frieda June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The prison stays under control of the inmates, who are holding several corrections officers hostage. The Hispanics force the COs to strip down to their underwear in front of a packed chapel. The video of Caputo, meant to spark outrage, instead gets mocked with memes featuring the hashtag #BlackLattesMatter because Cindy is shown drinking a latte. Humphrey, who suffered major blood loss, has a stroke in the prison infirmary, which is staffed by only a nurse. Daya, nearing an emotional breakdown worrying over her future, claims she lost the gun; while CO Artesian McCullough suspects the gun is gone. Taystee uploads a photo of all the COs, plus Caputo, in their underwear. It is revealed that Frieda has a secret "bunker" built out of an unused pool that was never filled in, also stocked with food she has hoarded.

Flashback: Frieda's life as a child during the Cuban Missile Crisis reveals her father was paranoid about the Soviet Union and a nuclear war, and had an underground bunker in the woods, also stocked with food and weapons.
55 3 "Pissters!" Phil Abraham Rebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker Blum Linda June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Worried over the public backlash — and celebrity chef Judy King —, MCC decides to give in to the inmates and meet their demands. Linda tries to fit in with the inmates, but is shocked at the substandard conditions of the prison. Piper and Alex, looking at Linda's phone, are shocked to find photos of her kissing Caputo. The inmates work together to compile a list of demands, which includes reinstating the GED program, better healthcare, amnesty for the inmates involved in the riot, the arrest of CO Bayley for Poussey's death, and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Bayley, meanwhile, goes to the police station and tries to confess murder, but the police dismiss him as a drunk veteran back from the Iraq War with PTSD and put him in the drunk tank. A frightened Judy King, a victim of a random pantsing by meth heads Angie and Leanne, attempts to escape but is attacked by the white supremacists. The COs, locked in a room, plot to regain control of the prison after Artesian's tip that the inmates do not have the gun anymore. As they prepare to attack the inmates, Caputo sees Linda among them.

Flashback: Linda's college days in a sorority in the 1990s show that while at a party, she left her drunk friend outside in the snow and she ended up freezing to death.
56 4 "Litchfield's Got Talent" Nick Sandow Josh Koenigsberg, Jenji Kohan & Tara Herrmann Alison June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The COs, who are preparing to attack once they are brought food, abort the mission on Caputo's command. Meth heads Angie and Leanne try to pants Gloria, and the gun falls to the crowd, which they recover. High, they want the COs to perform a talent show for their enjoyment. The "talents" include singing from CO Dixon; a Mormon-themed magic show from CO Blake; an Italian monologue from Josh; and a strip show from CO Stratman. Leanne declares Josh the winner merely because he is the prettiest. Suzanne, who believes Poussey's spirit is still where she died, sets up a shrine on the spot of her death and organizes a séance. Blanca and Red, high on amphetamines that Blanca claimed were vitamins, raid the administrative files looking for dirt on the COs. They discover that Piscatella was transferred to Litchfield from a male prison after the death of an inmate, who was discovered in the shower with burns on 80% of his body. Judy King is tied to a board, crucifixion-style, by the white supremacists, who think she has a stash of food. She lies to them and says she is expecting a drop of supplies on the roof of the prison from a helicopter. They go up to the roof and realizing she lied, they try to throw her off, and she faints. Then, a helicopter arrives, but it is a news helicopter carrying cameramen, who take photos and record Judy tied up and unconscious.

Flashback: Alison persuades her husband to accept a polygamous lifestyle because she feels overwhelmed by the time constraints of the housework and raising their daughter, Farah. Then, another woman, Sahar, moves in, but Alison gets jealous.
57 5 "Sing It, White Effie" Phil Abraham Molly Smith Metzler Watson June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Video of Judy King is widely misreported as a terrorist attack against Christians, as the white supremacists had their heads covered and are mistaken for Muslims. The governor is livid about MCC's passive stance and sends his own team to Litchfield. On the outside, Aleida struggles to find employment. Gloria calls her but is unable to tell her about Daya. Janae, Alison, Black Cindy and Taystee free Judy in order to stop the disinformation about the situation. They clean her up and have Josh give her talking points, before all four go outside to face the press. Judy begins to give her statement but Taystee interrupts her with an emotional speech about how Judy was kept separately from them because of her wealth and status. She says their fight is not with Judy but with the system that punishes poor and black people. Meanwhile, Angie and Leanne find Charlie Coates in the laundry room after he had been with Pennsatucky. They plan to take him hostage but Pennsatucky grabs the gun from Angie's waistband. She throws the gun to Charlie and it accidentally fires, shooting Leanne in the finger. Charlie uses the weapon to escape the prison and goes outside, where the CERT greets him with guns drawn; then, he faints.

Flashback: A teenaged Watson tours an elite prep school and is mesmerized by the wealth and depth of education. She witnesses a rehearsal for the school's (all-white) production of Dreamgirls and is shocked by a white girl in an Afro wig performing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Returning to her school, she is discouraged by her poor conditions and develops a negative attitude.
58 6 "Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally" Andrew McCarthy Lauren Morelli Taystee June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The inmates organize a mock trial for Pennsatucky, with Big Boo acting as her representative. Using Saved by the Bell episodes, Big Boo casts doubt on Angie's credibility, and Pennsatucky is given community service as a sentence. Aleida appears on the local news to talk about Litchfield, but it is a disaster. Lorna has sex with Nicky and realizes she is pregnant. The inmates receive boxes of Flaming Hot Cheetos and tampons from the governor, who wants them to release the hostages. They refuse to do so until the rest of their demands are met. Then, they have a bonfire of Cheetos in front of the press.

Flashback: Taystee celebrates her 18th birthday in a group home. She meets her birth mother, who was 15 when she first got pregnant. Her mother now has a husband and a young daughter and does not want to tell them about Taystee. Then, Taystee, who mistakenly believed she was going to go live with her mother, runs away from the group home.
59 7 "Full Bush, Half Snickers" Uta Briesewitz Anthony Natoli none June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Lorna's husband leaves her after she announces her pregnancy. The imprisoned guards are forced to clean bunks. Poussey's friends try to think of the best way to honor her memory; Brook wants it to be something Poussey herself would have wanted, and they reinvigorate the library by putting books all over the prison. Red, with help from Blanca, tries to entice Piscatella into the prison. Linda has sex with Big Boo. Red tries to guess Humphrey's smartphone password, and cuts off his fingertip to access it using his thumbprint. Another riot breaks out, but this time it is because the inmates are out of coffee.
60 8 "Tied to the Tracks" Michael Trim Carolina Paiz Daya June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Red and Blanca send text messages from Humphrey' phone to Piscatella claiming the inmates are not armed anymore and encouraging him to break into the prison via a window at night. He takes the information to the CERT, who blow him off. Aleida does a live TV interview with Meredith Vieira and Judy King, who breaks the news about Humphrey being shot. She does not remember the shooter's name but describes Daya, leaving Aleida in shock. The news reaches Piscatella, who is mocked by the CERT members. Figueroa returns to the prison, this time as a negotiator for MCC. She claims they cannot afford to meet the inmates' demands, but Taystee — who has done her research via the Internet and Caputo's files — shuts her down. However, once Figueroa receives a phone call about Humphrey, she says amnesty for all the inmates is off the table. After a discussion with Piper and others, Taystee agrees to hand over Daya, who first calls Mendez's mother to ask her to adopt her daughter out of foster care and asks her to give the child some space due to Aleida's control she received when she was younger. Gloria learns that her son is in the ICU after being severely beaten. Piscatella, after texting "Humphrey" that he was going to stand down, enters the prison after dark instead.

Flashback: A 14-year-old Daya pursues a boy based on her mother's insistence, despite her best friend's feelings for him. Daya ends up rejected by the boy and dumped by her friend.
61 9 "The Tightening" Erin Feeley Jordan Harrison Red June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Red, coming down from her drug high, is nursed by Nicky, who thinks her warnings about Piscatella being in the prison are hallucinations. Piscatella, in full riot gear, attacks Blanca in a utility room, where she had gone to set a boobytrap in case he showed up anyway. Inmates begin disappearing one by one, including Nicky and Boo, but nobody believes Red. Gloria begs Caputo — locked in a Porta-Potty — to let her out on furlough to see her son, but Caputo says he cannot help her until she lets the hostages go. After Boo disappears, Linda desperately seeks out Caputo, who was let out to back up the inmates' claim of slave labor to Figueroa. Zirconia, who had turned Linda's high heels into shivs after Piper and Alex first found her, recognizes her as a hostage, but Linda runs away with one of the shoe shivs. Lorna, hurt by Nicky's comments that her pregnancy is all in her head, convinces Suzanne to stop taking her psych medicine. Red finds Frieda's map to the "bunker" in her cooking book and discovers Piscatella prisoners on her way there by accident. However, while trying to free them, Piscatella arrives.

Flashback: In the late 1970s, Red is a young woman in the Soviet Union working a menial factory job. Her rebellious friend Nadezhda introduces her to the world of underground discos and black-market Levi's jeans, but Nadezhda soon vanishes. Red's ex-boyfriend, Dmitri — whom she had dumped for being too dull —, proposes they lie about being Jewish in order to escape to the United States, as Jews were being allowed to immigrate to countries other than Israel.
62 10 "The Reverse Midas Touch" Laura Prepon Rebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker Blum Piscatella June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Piscatella has Red, Piper, Alex and other inmates tied up in a room, where he uses a knife to cut off Red's hair. Piper gets the duct tape off her mouth and yells for help, which is heard by Gina, who is holed up playing cards in Frieda's basement "bunker" with Yoga Jones, Anita and other inmates. The entrance to the room they are in leads to where Piscatella is. Gloria tries to free the prison guards but is interrupted. Maureen, who has still not recovered from the beating, is found delirious in the bathroom by Suzanne, who takes her to the infirmary. Suzanne, by now in a psychotic state, finds Humphrey dead. Gina lures Piscatella into the basement, where Frieda knocks him out with a homemade poison dart.

Flashback: At his earlier job as CO in a male prison, Piscatella, then soft at heart, and inmate Driscoll are having an affair. Driscoll is supportive and loving of Piscatella, whose mother had hoped to "fix" him. Another inmate, Resado, spies on them together in the kitchen, and later, he and other inmates beat and rape Driscoll in a bathroom. Piscatella handcuffs Resado to the shower and leaves him under scalding hot water to die.
63 11 "Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling" Wendey Stanzler Lauren Morelli none June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
The inmates drags the unconscious Piscatella into Frieda's "bunker", where they argue about what should be done. Once Red says she wants revenge, they end up tying her up too, which makes her despair that Piscatella will never see justice. Gina reveals she recorded a video of Piscatella brutally breaking Alex's arm, and they post it on the Internet. Gloria, desperate to see her son in the hospital, tries sneaking each of the hostage guards outside one at a time while the other inmates, including Ouija, get high on drugs. Claiming she is going to teach them a lesson, she drags them out and locks them in the Porta-Pottys. Taystee, after 12 hours of trying to get Figueroa to see the benefits of improving prison conditions, discovers she truly has a knack for advocacy. Boo continues her romance with Linda, but is crushed when she sees a photo of her with Caputo on her phone and discovers her whole story is a lie. Suzanne goes into a psychotic break, but Lorna, in the dispensary, refuses to say what medicine Suzanne takes; she is overpowered by Cindy, who takes a bottle of lithium that she believes to help calm people down. Lorna finds a pregnancy test and takes it, confirming her suspicion that she is pregnant. As her unconscious son is taken to have a brain surgery, Gloria confesses her plan to Maria, who gives her full support; Maria says she always think of her little girl and understands that parents would do anything for their children. Gloria sneaks Luschek, the final guard, outside, but discovers that her plan of delivering the guards to Caputo has been dashed when she sees that there is a hole in the fence and the guards have escaped. Gloria breaks down and tries to escape through the hole, crying about her son, which makes the other inmates realize what she had been planning.
64 12 "Tattoo You" Mark A. Burley Tara Herrmann & Carolina Paiz Piper & Alex June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The guards — except Luschek — are led to the MCC management, but are led by Maria, who wants to get out to see her little girl. Maria explains the "deal" to shorten her sentence if she lets the guards go, but is told by a state employee that that is not possible. The MCC learns that it was not Taystee who sent out the guards as part of an acceptance of the negotiation, and decide to send the CERT in to end the riot. Lorna shows half a dozen positive pregnancy tests to a stunned Nicky, who calls her husband and convinces him to take responsibility. Linda makes excuses to Big Boo, telling her that she now understands the inmates are not living in a decent environment, but Big Boo is unmoved and demands Linda send her US$5,000 via PayPal to keep the secret of her affair with Caputo. A distraught Bayley travels by bus to meet Poussey's father and confess that her death was his fault. Her father angrily tells him that he is not going to give Bayley the peace he seeks by forgiving him, nor punish him by beating him, and that his punishment will be having to live the rest of his life with what he has done — which is a better fate, he says, than the fate Poussey got. Pennsatucky escapes from the prison via the hole in the fence and breaks into Charlie's cabin. In Frieda's "bunker", Piper proposes to Alex, who says yes. Taystee discovers the guards escaped and tries to go to the prison doors to talk to the CERT officers, but it is too late as they immediately swarm Litchfield.

Flashback: Piper and her then-boyfriend, Larry Bloom, get tattoos. She later drunk dials Alex, saying that she is still on her mind and misses her.
65 13 "Storm-y Weather" Jesse Peretz Lauren Morelli none June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Dozens of CERT members in riot gear break down the prison doors, with smoke bombs, stun guns and batons in hand, causing pandemonium as they handcuff all the inmates. The CERT members discover the dead Humphrey, and escalate their tactics to "by any means necessary." Black Cindy and Taystee panic as Suzanne is unconscious from the lithium. They eventually get help from Nicky, who takes them down to Frieda's hiding place, where they inject her with the only thing they can find, an epi-pen, which finally revives Suzanne. Angie and Leanne burn all the prison records to erase their history of infractions. Deciding not to go down without a fight, Ouija, Pidge and the white supremacists barricade themselves inside a dorm and manage to injure some of the CERT members with booby traps before being restrained. The inmates are led outside in handcuffs in front of a crowd of families and the press. Maritza and Flaca are thrilled to see rabid fans of their beauty tutorials on the Internet cheering for them. Linda tries to tell an officer she is from MCC, but she is ignored after Big Boo and other inmates mock her by also claiming the same thing. The count of the inmates leaves them 10 short, and Caputo tells them about the old pool that Figueroa never got filled. The CERT chief assumes the fact that the remaining inmates are hiding "strategically" means they are planning an offensive against the officers, and says that the governor has already approved any casualties necessary. Pennsatucky and Charlie watch TV together inside his cabin. Nicky brings Taystee, Black Cindy and Suzanne to Frieda's "bunker", where Taystee is shocked to see Piscatella tied up. She takes Frieda's gun and points it at him, telling him he is to blame for Poussey's death. Instead of killing him, she breaks down crying. Red, surprisingly, releases Piscatella and tells him to leave without touching anyone. Piscatella slowly walks out into one of the prison halls, only to be shot and killed by an inexperienced CERT officer, who did not recognize him through the smokebombs. As night falls, the inmates outside are loaded onto buses and told they are headed to new prisons; Flaca and Maritza are separated. In the "bunker", the remaining inmates — Alex, Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Red, Black Cindy, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca, and Gloria — link arms as the CERT blows the doors off.
  1. ^ Towards the end of April, 10 of the 13 episodes of the season were leaked online by hackers.[5][6]

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