Line S1 (Nanjing Metro)

Line S1 of the Nanjing Metro, is a suburban metro rail line serving the southern suburbs of Nanjing. It connects Nanjing South railway station with Nanjing Lukou International Airport. It is 34.9 km long has 8 stations.[2] The line started construction on December 27, 2011,[3][4] and was opened on July 1, 2014. In September 2011 a contract for 15 6 car Type B metro trains was given to CSR Corporation Limited, with the first train arriving in August 2013.[5]

Line S1 also serves as the first stage of the Nanjing–Gaochun intercity railway, with Line S9 serving as the second stage.

HHU-Fochengxilu Station
A view of HHU-Fochengxilu station

Line S1
Nanjing Metro Line S1 Train
A line S1 train is leaving Zhengfangzhonglu station
Other name(s) Airport line (机场线)
Nanjing–Gaochun intercity railway Phase 1
Ninggao intercity railway Phase 1
Type Rapid transit
Status In operation
Termini Nanjing South Railway Station
Lukou International Airport
Stations 8
Daily ridership 53,000 (2014 Avg.)
94,000 (2014 Peak)[1]
Opened July 1, 2014
Owner China Railways Airport Construction Group
Operator(s) Nanjing Metro
Character Underground and elevated
Line length 35.8 km (22.2 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Opening timeline

Segment Commencement Length Station(s) Name
Nanjing South — Nanjing Lukou International Airport 1 July 2014 35.8 km (22.25 mi) 8 Ninggao ICR Phase 1 & Ningli ICR Phase 1
Nanjing Lukou International Airport — Konggangxinchengjiangning May 2018 35.8 km (22.25 mi) 1 Ningli ICR Phase 2

Station list

Station name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Nanjing South Railway Station 南京南站  1   3   S3  Nanjing South railway station NKH 0.000 0.000 Yuhuatai
Cuipingshan 翠屏山 4.077 4.077 Jiangning
Hohai University / Fochengxilu 河海大学·佛城西路 3.252 7.329
Jiyindadao 吉印大道 3.242 10.571
Zhengfang­zhonglu 正方中路 4.723 15.294
Xiangyulubei 翔宇路北 7.283 22.577
Xiangyulunan 翔宇路南  S9  4.234 26.811
Lukou International Airport 禄口机场 Nanjing Lukou International Airport NKG 7.926 34.734
Konggangxinchengjiangning 空港新城江宁  S7  1.583 36.317


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