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John Parish (born 11 April 1959) is an English musician, songwriter, composer and record producer.

Parish is best known for his work with singer-songwriter PJ Harvey.[1] He has also worked with many other bands including Eels, Tracy Chapman, Giant Sand, and Sparklehorse. His sister is the actress Sarah Parish.[2] Parish was born in Yeovil, Somerset and lives in Bristol.

John Parish
John Parish
Parish performing live in July 2011.
Background information
Born 11 April 1959 (age 58)
Yeovil, England
Origin Bristol, England
Genres Alternative rock, experimental rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, composer, producer
Instruments Guitar, keyboards, drums, bass guitar, trombone, percussion, vocals
Years active 1983–present
Labels Thrill Jockey, Dreamboat
Associated acts Automatic Dlamini, PJ Harvey


His first record release was a single "Mind Made" by the British new wave band, Thieves Like Us (1980).[3] In 1982, he formed the band Automatic Dlamini, with Rob Ellis. The changing line-up of Automatic Dlamini included Polly Harvey from 1988 until 1991. Automatic Dlamini recorded three albums: The D is For Drum (1987),[4] Here Catch Shouted his Father (1990 – unreleased but available as a bootleg), and From A Diva to a Diver (1992).[5] By the time From A Diva to a Diver was released, Harvey had left to form the PJ Harvey trio with ex-Dlamini members Rob Ellis and Ian Olliver, and Parish was playing guitar with Marc Moreland's band The Ensenada Joyride.[6]

In 1986 Parish had begun a parallel career as a record producer working with UK bands including The Chesterfields, The Brilliant Corners, The Caretaker Race and The Becketts. In 1995 he co-produced PJ Harvey's "To Bring You My Love", on which he also played guitar, drums, percussion and organ.[7] He co-wrote and produced The Eels album Souljacker (2001), and played guitar on the world tour that accompanied its release. He has produced and/or played on a number of Howe Gelb / Giant Sand albums and frequently appears onstage with them.[8] Parish produced the Giant Sand album Chore of Enchantment (2000), and a photograph of his wedding in Tucson in 1998 was used as the cover for the 2011 re-release of the record.

He also began working as a film composer in 1998, writing the score for Belgian director Patrice Toye's debut film, Rosie.[9] Parish's score won the Jury Special Appreciation prize at the 1999 Bonn Film & TV Music Biennale. He has since scored other films and a Dutch seven-part TV drama Waltz (2006).[10]

Parish has now worked on seven albums with Harvey, including two co-written albums: Dance Hall at Louse Point (1996) and A Woman A Man Walked By (2009). He played in the PJ Harvey touring band (guitar/drums/keyboards) from 1994 –1999, and again from 2009 – 2012.[11] He co-produced and played on To Bring You My Love (1995),White Chalk (2007), the Mercury Prize winning Let England Shake (2011) and The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016).

Partial discography



  • Rosie (2000)
  • How Animals Move (2002)
  • Once Upon a Little Time (2005)
  • She, A Chinese Original Soundtrack (2010)
  • Screenplay (2013)


  • PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love (1995): Producer, Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Drums
  • John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey – Dance Hall at Louse Point (1996): Producer, Various Instruments
  • Spleen – Soundtrack To Spleen (1997): Co-writer, guitar, percussion
  • 16 HorsepowerLow Estate (1997): Producer, Various Instruments
  • PJ HarveyIs This Desire? (1998): Various Instruments
  • Spleen – Little Scratches (1998): Co-writer, guitar, percussion
  • Giant SandChore of Enchantment (2000): Producer
  • Bettie ServeertPrivate Suit (2000) : producer
  • GoldfrappFelt Mountain (2000) : guitar, drums
  • ThouPut Us in Tune (2000): producer, mix
  • EelsSouljacker (2001): Producer, co-writer, various instruments
  • Dominique AAuguri (2001): Producer, various instruments
  • Morning Star – My Place in The Dust (2001): Producer
  • SparklehorseIt's a Wonderful Life (2001): Co-Producer, Various Instruments
  • Tracy ChapmanLet it Rain (2002): Producer
  • Thou – I like Girls in Russia (2004): Producer
  • Morning Star – The Opposite is True (2004): Producer
  • Jennie DeVoe – Fireworks and Karate Supplies (2004): Producer
  • NadaTutto l'amore che mi manca (2004): Producer
  • M. WardTransistor Radio (2005) : drums
  • AfterhoursBallate per piccole iene (2005): Producer e guitar on Ballata per la mia piccola iena
  • DionysosMonsters in Love (2005): Producer
  • PJ HarveyWhite Chalk (2007): Producer
  • Tom Brosseau – Cavalier (2007): Producer
  • Magic Rays – Off the Map (2007) : Producer
  • Marta Collica – Pretty and Unsafe (2007) : Producer
  • Afterhours – I Milanesi Ammazzano il sabato (14 ricette di quotidiana macabra felicità) (2008): Producer
  • Jennie DeVoe- Strange Sunshine(2009): Producer
  • This Is The KitKrulle Bol (2008): Producer, drums
  • Cesare Basile – Storia di Caino (2008): Producer, guitar.
  • Marta Collica – About Anything (2009): Producer
  • PJ Harvey & John Parish – A Woman a Man Walked By (2009): Producer, various instruments
  • Maika MakovskiMaika Makovski (2010): Producer, guitar, drums, bass, banjo
  • Kira – Look Up Ahead (2010): Producer
  • Zender – Sunday Kids (2010): Mix
  • Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children – Nive Sings (2010): John Parish: drums, guitar, bongos (on nine tracks)
  • Peggy SueAcrobats (2011): Producer
  • PJ HarveyLet England Shake (2011): Producer, guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, trombone
  • M. WardPrimitive Girl on A Wasteland Companion (2012): drums, percussion (also released as a 7″ vinyl single)
  • ArnoFuture Vintage (2012): Producer, guitars, drums
  • KT TunstallInvisible Empire // Crescent Moon (2013)
  • Jay DigginsSearching (2013): Co-Producer with Jay Diggins, various instruments
  • MazganiCommon ground (2013): Co-Producer with Mick Harvey, various instruments
  • Jenny HvalInnocence is Kinky (2013): Producer, guitar, drums, variophon
  • Rokia TraoreBeautiful Africa (2013): Producer
  • Perfume Genius - "Too Bright" (2014): Producer
  • Playing Carver[13] (2014): Producer, guitar, volcals


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