Johan Sigismund von Møsting

Johan Sigismund von Mösting (2 November 1759 – 16 September 1843) was a Danish banker and finance minister. He was a key figure in the foundation of Bank of Denmark in 1818. His name is today also associated with Møstings Hus ("Møsting's House"), his former summer residence in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, which is now used as an exhibition space.

Johan Sigismund von Mösting
Johan Sigismund von Møsting by Bærentzen
Johan Sigismund von Mösting, portrayed by Emilius Ditlev Bærentzen (1830s)
Born 2 November 1759
Nygård, Møn
Died 16 September 1843 (aged 83)
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
Resting place Frederiksberg Ældre Kirkegård
Nationality Danish
Alma mater University of Copenhagen
Occupation Civil servant, politician
Known for Danmarks Nationalbank
Møstings Hus
Awards Order of the Elephant

Early life and education

Johan Sigismund von Mösting was born at Nygård on the island of Møn. His father was Frederik Christian von Møsting who was governor of the island. Johan Sigismund von Mösting studied jurisprudence at University of Copenhagen, graduating in 1782.[1]


1813 became director of the Danish Reichsbank. He subsequently served as Denmark's minister of finance until 1831, president of the Chamber of Finance and Prime Minister of the Danish Kings. In 1838 he served as Director of the King's library.[2]


He helped promote interest in astronomy and was a significant figure in the founding of the scientific journal Astronomische Nachrichten. The Mösting crater on the Moon is named after him.[3][4]

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