Into the Void (Black Sabbath song)

Last updated on 22 July 2017

"Into the Void" is a song by Black Sabbath, released in 1971 on their album, Master of Reality. An early version of "Into the Void" called "Spanish Sid" was released on the deluxe edition of Master of Reality. It is written in the key of C# minor.

Various artists have covered the song, including Melvins, Kyuss, Sleep, Dr. Know, Cavity, Exhorder, Lumsk, Soundgarden, Monster Magnet, Dimmi Argus[1][2] and Orange Goblin.

In Soundgarden's version, the original lyrics are replaced by words of protest by Chief Seattle, which fit the metre of the song.[3] At the 1993 Grammy Awards, the appropriately renamed "Into the Void (Sealth)" received a nomination for Best Metal Performance.[4]


"Into the Void" has been listed as a favorite song by some of heavy metal's most notable performers. James Hetfield from Metallica lists "Into the Void" as his favorite Black Sabbath track.[5] Eddie Van Halen has listed the song's main riff as one of his all-time favorites.[6]


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