Duke of Richmond and Lennox

The Dukedoms of Richmond (in the peerage of England) and of Lennox (in the peerage of Scotland) have usually been held by the same person since 1623. In 1675, King Charles II created his illegitimate son Charles Lennox Duke of Richmond (created on 9 August 1675) and Duke of Lennox (created on 9 September 1675), and the two Dukedoms have since been held concurrently by Lennox's descendants. Since 1734 he has also held the Dukedom of Aubigny (in the peerage of France). Since 1876 he has also held the Dukedom of Gordon (in the peerage of the United Kingdom).

Duke of Richmond and Duke of Lennox (1675)

Created by Charles II of England
# Name Period Duchess Notes Titles
1 Charles Lennox
1675-1723 Lady Anne Brudenell Extramarital son of Charles II Duke of Richmond
Duke of Lennox
Earl of March
Earl of Darnley
Baron of Settrington
Lord of Torboulton
2 Charles Lennox
1723-1750 Lady Sarah Cadogan Son of the preceding
3 Charles Lennox
1750-1806 Lady Mary Bruce Son of the preceding
4 Charles Lennox
1806-1819 Lady Charlotte Gordon Nephew of the preceding
5 Charles Gordon-Lennox
1819-1860 Lady Caroline Paget Son of the preceding
6 Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox
1860-1903 Lady Frances Greville Son of the preceding Duke of Richmond
Duke of Lennox
Duke of Gordon
Earl of March
Earl of Darnley
Earl of Kinrara
Baron of Settrington
Lord of Torboulton
7 Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox
1903-1928 widowed Son of the preceding
8 Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox
1928-1935 Hilda Brassey Son of the preceding
9 Frederick Charles Gordon-Lennox
1935-1989 Elizabeth Hudson Son of the preceding
10 Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox
b. 1929-2017
1989-2017 Susan Grenville-Grey Son of the preceding
11 Charles Gordon-Lennox
b. 1955
since 2017 Janet Astor Son of the preceding

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