Donghu District

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Donghu District (Chinese: 东湖区; pinyin: Dōnghú Qū; literally: "east lake district") is a district of Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province, China. The district was created in the Tang dynasty when a bridge was built across Nanchang's Taihu lake, dividing the area into the East and West Lake districts. It covers over 22 square kilometres (8.5 sq mi) and as of 2003 had a population of 440,000. People's Park, the largest public park in downtown Nanchang, is located in Donghu.[1]

Administrative divisions

It is divided into 10 areas:

  • Dayuan (大院)
  • Dongjiayao (董家窑)
  • Gongyuan- "Park" (公园)
  • Baihuazhou (百花洲)
  • Dunzitang (墩子塘)
  • Yuzhang (豫章)
  • Bayiqiao- "August 1st Bridge"(八一桥)
  • Tengwangge (滕王阁)
  • Shajin (沙井)
  • Pengjiaqiao (彭家桥)


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