Chinese Volleyball League

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The Chinese Volleyball League, often abbreviated to the CVL, is the pre-eminent men's and women's professional volleyball leagues in China. It was founded in 1996 and is organized by Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA).

The women competition always start from October of a year and end on March of following year, and men competition start from November of a year and end on April of following year, lasts for about five months.

The number of teams has increased from 12 to 14 since Season 2017/18 for both men and women competitions.

Chinese Volleyball League (CVL)
Sport Volleyball
Founded 1996
No. of teams M: 14
W: 14
Country  China
Continent AVC (Asia)
Most recent
M: Shanghai Golden Age (12th title)
W: Jiangsu Zenith Steel (1st title)
Most titles M: Shanghai Golden Age (12 titles)
W: Tianjin Bohai Bank (10 titles)
TV partner(s) CCTV-5
Level on pyramid 1
Official website Official website (in Chinese)

Men's leagues (2017/18)

Current clubs (14 teams)

  • Bayi
  • Beijing
  • Fujian
  • Guangdong
  • Hebei
  • Henan
  • Hubei
  • Jiangsu
  • Liaoning
  • Shandong
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Sichuan
  • Zhejiang

Previous winners

Season Champion Runner-up
2016-2017 Shanghai Beijing
2015-2016 Shanghai Beijing
2014-2015 Shanghai Shandong
2013-2014 Beijing Shanghai
2012-2013 Beijing Bayi
2011-2012 Shanghai Bayi
2010-2011 Shanghai Jiangsu
2009-2010 Shanghai Bayi
2008-2009 Shanghai Henan
2007-2008 Shanghai Liaoning
2006-2007 Shanghai Liaoning
2005-2006 Shanghai Jiangsu
2004-2005 Shanghai Liaoning
2003-2004 Shanghai Zhejiang
2002-2003 Zhejiang Shanghai
2001-2002 Jiangsu Zhejiang
2000-2001 Jiangsu Bayi
1999-2000 Shanghai Jiangsu
1998-1999 Sichuan Jiangsu
1997-1998 Sichuan Jiangsu
1996-1997 Sichuan Zhejiang

Women's leagues (2017/18)

Current clubs (14 teams)

Previous winners

Season Champion Runner-up Third Place
2016-2017 Jiangsu Zenith Steel Zhejiang Tianjin Bohai Bank
2015-2016 Tianjin Bohai Bank Jiangsu Zenith Steel Shanghai Guohua Life
2014-2015 Bayi (Army) Keming Surface Industry Shanghai Guohua Life Jiangsu Zenith Steel
2013-2014 Zhejiang Tianjin Bohai Bank Bayi (Army) Keming Surface Industry
2012-2013 Tianjin Bohai Bank[1] Guangdong Evergrande Zhejiang
2011-2012 Guangdong Evergrande Shanghai Dunlop Tianjin Bridgestone
2010-2011 Tianjin Bridgestone Guangdong Evergrande Shanghai Dunlop
2009-2010 Tianjin Bridgestone Shanghai Dunlop Bayi Yiyang
2008-2009 Tianjin Bridgestone Shanghai Dunlop Jiangsu ECE
2007-2008 Tianjin Bridgestone Bayi Yiyang Shanghai Dunlop
2006-2007 Tianjin Bridgestone Liaoning China Mobile Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fibre
2005-2006 Liaoning China Mobile Tianjin Bridgestone Henan
2004-2005 Tianjin Bridgestone Bayi Yiyang Zhejiang
2003-2004 Tianjin Bridgestone Bayi Xuezhongfei Liaoning China Mobile
2002-2003 Tianjin Bridgestone Bayi Xuezhongfei Liaoning China Mobile
2001-2002 Bayi Bosideng Liaoning Tianjin Bridgestone
2000-2001 Shanghai Bayi Bosideng Liaoning
1999-2000 Shanghai Cable TV Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fibre Bayi Bosideng
1998-1999 Shanghai Cable TV Zhejiang Sichuan
1997-1998 Shanghai Cable TV Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fibre Zhejiang
1996-1997 Shanghai Cable TV Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fibre Zhejiang

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