Chinese Family Panel Studies

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China Family Panel Studies (CFPS, Chinese: 中国家庭追踪调查) is designed by representative experts from all social sciences departments, schools, and institutes in Peking University, PKU. It’s funded by the national 985 program and started in the early of 2007.

CFPS has 16,000 sample households in nationwide. In each of the sample household, CFPS interviews all members of the family.

CFPS collects data individuals, family, and community and has 4 questionnaires: Community, Family, Adolescent and Adult.

The themes cover social, economic, education, health and so forth. CFPS has covered most questions in 4 panel surveys (PSID, CDS, HRS, and NYLS) in US.

The basic idea of CFPS is to understand social and economic changes in general through data in individual, family, and community.

CFPS has done its pretest in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hebei Province in 2007. Currently CFPS is doing pilot survey in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong Province in total samples: 96 communities, 2,400 households, and about 10,000 individuals.

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