18th parallel north

The 18th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 18 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Central America, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

At this latitude the sun is visible for 13 hours, 13 minutes during the summer solstice and 11 hours, 3 minutes during the winter solstice.[1]

Line across the Earth
18th parallel north

Around the world

Starting at the Prime Meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 18° north passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
18°0′N 0°0′E / 18.000°N 0.000°E  Mali
18°0′N 4°14′E / 18.000°N 4.233°E  Niger
18°0′N 15°33′E / 18.000°N 15.550°E  Chad
18°0′N 24°0′E / 18.000°N 24.000°E  Sudan
18°0′N 38°34′E / 18.000°N 38.567°E  Eritrea For about 1 km
18°0′N 38°34′E / 18.000°N 38.567°E Red Sea
18°0′N 41°38′E / 18.000°N 41.633°E  Saudi Arabia
18°0′N 48°7′E / 18.000°N 48.117°E  Yemen
18°0′N 52°28′E / 18.000°N 52.467°E  Oman
18°0′N 56°24′E / 18.000°N 56.400°E Indian Ocean Arabian Sea
18°0′N 73°1′E / 18.000°N 73.017°E  India Maharashtra
Andhra Pradesh
18°0′N 83°34′E / 18.000°N 83.567°E Indian Ocean Bay of Bengal
18°0′N 94°28′E / 18.000°N 94.467°E  Myanmar (Burma)
18°0′N 97°44′E / 18.000°N 97.733°E  Thailand
18°0′N 101°1′E / 18.000°N 101.017°E  Laos
18°0′N 101°45′E / 18.000°N 101.750°E  Thailand
18°0′N 102°24′E / 18.000°N 102.400°E  Laos Passing just north of Vientiane
18°0′N 103°3′E / 18.000°N 103.050°E  Thailand
18°0′N 104°12′E / 18.000°N 104.200°E  Laos
18°0′N 105°37′E / 18.000°N 105.617°E  Vietnam
18°0′N 106°28′E / 18.000°N 106.467°E South China Sea Passing just south of the island of Hainan,  People's Republic of China
18°0′N 120°30′E / 18.000°N 120.500°E  Philippines Island of Luzon
18°0′N 122°11′E / 18.000°N 122.183°E Pacific Ocean Philippine Sea
Passing just south of Pagan Island,  Northern Mariana Islands
into an unnamed part of the Ocean
18°0′N 102°27′W / 18.000°N 102.450°W  Mexico
18°0′N 88°46′W / 18.000°N 88.767°W  Belize
18°0′N 88°8′W / 18.000°N 88.133°W Chetumal Bay
18°0′N 87°58′W / 18.000°N 87.967°W  Belize Ambergris Caye
18°0′N 87°55′W / 18.000°N 87.917°W Caribbean Sea
18°0′N 77°50′W / 18.000°N 77.833°W  Jamaica Passing through Kingston
18°0′N 76°15′W / 18.000°N 76.250°W Caribbean Sea Passing just south of the Tiburon Peninsula,  Haiti
18°0′N 71°42′W / 18.000°N 71.700°W  Dominican Republic
18°0′N 71°9′W / 18.000°N 71.150°W Caribbean Sea Passing just south of Saona Island,  Dominican Republic
Passing just south of Isla Mona,  Puerto Rico
18°0′N 67°12′W / 18.000°N 67.200°W  Puerto Rico
18°0′N 65°52′W / 18.000°N 65.867°W Caribbean Sea Passing just south of Isla de Vieques,  Puerto Rico
Passing between the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix,  United States Virgin Islands
Passing just south of  Sint Maarten
18°0′N 63°0′W / 18.000°N 63.000°W Atlantic Ocean Passing just north of  Saint Barthélemy
18°0′N 16°1′W / 18.000°N 16.017°W  Mauritania Passing just south of Nouakchott
18°0′N 5°46′W / 18.000°N 5.767°W  Mali

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