2019 Indie general election

The 2019 Indian general election wis haudit in seven phases atween 11 Aprile an 19 Mey 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. The votes were counted and result was declared on 23 Mey. About 900 million fowk were eligible to vote and turnout was over 67 per cent – the highest ever as well as the highest participation by weemen voters.The Bharatiya Janata Pairty won 303 seats, further increasing its substantial majority and the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance won 353 seats. The Indian Naitional Congress pairty won 52 seats, and the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance won 91. Other parties and their alliances won 98 seats. Indian Naitional Congress again failed to secure the requisite 10% of the seats (54 seats) in the Lok Sabha and hence Indie remains without an official opposition pairty.Legislative assembly elections in the states o Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim were held simultaneously with the general election, as well as by-elections to twenty two seats of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

Bharatiya Janata Pairty

The Bharatiya Janata Pairty ( pronunciation ; "Indie Fowk's Pairty"; BJP) is ane o the twa major pairties in the Indian poleetical seestem, the ither bein the Indian Naitional Congress.


Brexit (a portmanteau o "Breetish" an "exit") is the widrawal o the Unitit Kinrick (UK) frae the European Union (EU). Follaein a referendum held on 23 Juin 2016 in that 51.9 per cent o thae votin supportit leavin the EU, the Govrenment invoked Airticle 50 o the Treaty on European Union, stairtin a twa-year process that wis due tae conclude wi the UK's exit on 29 Mairch 2019 – a deidline that haes syne been extendit tae 31 October 2019.Widrawal frae the EU haes been advocatit bi baith left-weeng an richt-weeng Eurosceptics, while pro-Europeanists, that an aw span the poleetical spectrum, hae advocatit conteena'd membership an mainteenin the customs union an single mercat. The UK jynt the European Communities (EC) in 1973 unner the Conservative govrenment o Edward Heath, wi conteena'd membership endorsed bi a referendum in 1975. In the 1970s an 1980s, widrawal frae the EC wis advocatit mainly bi the poleetical left, wi the Labour Pairty's 1983 election manifesto advocatin full widrawal. Frae the 1990s, opposeetion tae faur European integration cam mainly frae the richt, an diveesions within the Conservative Pairty led tae rebellion ower the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. The growthe o the UK Unthirldom Pairty (UKIP) in the early 2010s an the influence o the cross-pairty People's Pledge campaign hae been descrived as influential in bringin aboot a referendum. The Conservative Prime Meenister, David Cameron, plichtit in the campaign for the 2015 UK General Election tae haud a new referendum—a plicht that he fulfilled in 2016 follaein pressur frae the Eurosceptic weeng o his pairty. Cameron, that had campaigned tae remeen, resigned efter the result an wis succeedit bi Theresa May, his umwhile Hame Secretar. She cried a snap general election less than a year later, but lost her oweraw majority. Her minority govrenment is supportit in key votes bi the Democratic Unionist Pairty.


A carnivore, meanin 'meat eater' (Laitin, caro meanin 'meat' or 'flesh' an vorare meanin 'tae devour') is an organism that derives its energy an nutrient requirements frae a diet consistin mainly or exclusively o ainimal tishie, whether throu predation or scavengin.


The Cretaceous is a geologic period an seestem that spans 79 million years frae the end o the Jurassic Period 145 million years ago (Mya) tae the beginnin o the Paleogene Period 66 Mya. It is the last period o the Mesozoic Era, an the langest period o the Phanerozoic Eon. The Cretaceous Period is uisually abbreviatit K, for its German translation Kreide (cauk, creta in Laitin).


Dinosaurs are a diverse group o animals o the clade Dinosauria. This species play a major role in the series of film Jurassic park 1 through till 3. The t-Rex plays a major role in the forest with velociraptors being in the second.

Duncan Laurence

Duncan de Moor (born 11 Apryle 1994, Spijkenisse), perfaisionally kent as Duncan Laurence, is a Dutch sangster wha wan the Eurovision Sang Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel wi the sang "Arcade".


In biology, a genus /ˈdʒiːnəs/ (plural: genera) is a law-level taxonomic rank uised in the biological classification o livin an fossil organisms, which is an example o defineetion bi genus an differentia. Genera an heicher taxonomic levels sic as faimilies are uised in biodiversity studies, parteecularly in fossil studies syne species canna always be confidently identified an genera an faimilies teepically hae langer stratigraphic ranges than species.The term comes frae the Latin genus meanin "strynd, faimily, type, gender", cognate wi [γένος] – genos, "race, stock, kin".The composeetion o a genus is determined bi a taxonomist. The staundarts for genus classification are nae strictly codified, sae different authorities eften produce different classifications for genera. In the hierarchy o the binomial classification seestem, genus comes abuin species an belaw faimily.

Joko Widodo

Joko "Jokowi" Widodo DK (Javanese: ꦗꦑ꧈ꦮꦶꦢꦢ Gêdrìk: Jåkå Widådå; O-Javanese: Jaka Widada; born 21 Juin 1961) is an Indonesian politeecian who haes been Preses o Indonesie syne October 2014.


Laitin is an auld leid that wis spak bi the Romans. Fowk dinna speak or write this leid awfu muckle ony mair, but mony students athort the warld studies it in the schuil.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi ( pronunciation , born 17 September 1950) is an Indie politeecian who is the Prime Meenister o Indie, efter leadin the Bharatiya Janata Pairty (BJP) tae a decisive victory in the 2014 Indian general elections.

Period (geology)

A geologic period is ane o several subdiveesions o geologic time enablin cross-referencin o rocks an geologic events frae place tae place.


In biology, a species (plural: species) is ane o the basic units o biological classification an a taxonomic rank. A species is aften defined as the lairgest group o organisms that can interbreed an producin fertile affspring. While, in mony cases, this defineetion is adequate, the difficulty o definin species is kent as the species problem. Differin measures is aften uised, lik similarity o DNA, morphology, or ecological niche. Presence o specific locally adaptit traits mey forder subdivide species intae "infraspecific taxa" lik subspecies (an in botany ither taxa is uised, lik varieties, subvarieties, an formae).

Theresa May

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is a Breetish politeecian wha haes served as Prime Meenister o the Unitit Kinrick syne 2016. She haes been the Member o Pairlament (MP) for Maidenhead syne 1997. She haes been Leader o the Conservative Party syne 2016. May identifies as a ane-naition conservative an haes been chairacterised as a leeberal conservative. She is the seicont female Prime Meenister an Conservative Pairty leader efter Margaret Thatcher.


Theropoda (theropod /ˈθɛrəpɒd/; suborder name Theropoda /θᵻˈrɒpoʊdə/, frae Greek meanin "beast feet") is baith a suborder o bipedal saurischian dinosaurs, an a clade consistin o that suborder an its descendants (includin modren birds). Dinosaurs belangin tae the suborder Theropoda wur primarily carnivorous, altho a nummer o theropod groups evolved herbivory, omnivory, an insectivory. Theropods first appeared durin the Carnian age o the late Triassic period aboot 230 million years ago (Ma) an includit the sole lairge terrestrial carnivores frae the Early Jurassic till at least the close o the Cretaceous, aboot 66 Ma. In the Jurassic, birds evolved frae smaa specialized coelurosaurian theropods, an are the day representit bi 9,900 livin species.


Tyrannosaurus (/tᵻˌrænəˈsɔːrəs, taɪ-/, meanin "tyrant lizard", frae the Ancient Greek tyrannos (τύραννος), "tyrant", an sauros (σαῦρος), "lizard") is a genus o coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. The species Tyrannosaurus rex (rex meanin "king" in Latin), is ane o the maist well-represented o the lairge theropods. Tyrannosaurus lived throughout what is nou wastren North Americae, on what wis then an island continent kent as Laramidia. Tyrannosaurus haed a much wider range than ither tyrannosaurids. Fossils are foond in a variety o rock formations datin tae the Maastrichtian age o the upper Cretaceous Period, 68 tae 66 million years ago. It wis the last kent member o the tyrannosaurids, an amang the last non-avian dinosaurs tae exist afore the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction.

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