Wast is ane o the fower main airtins, or airts, on a compass. Wast is for ordinar tae the left on maist cairts. Iran is wast o Afghanistan, Thailand is wast o Vietnam, an Greece is wast o Turkey. Australie an the kintras in wastren Europe an North Americae are for ordinar cried the "Wast." The sun an muin set in the wast.

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Airts o the compass wi wast heichlichted

Argentinae, offeecially the Argentine Republic, is the seicont lairgest kintra in Sooth Americae ahint Brazil. It is constitutit as a federation o 23 provinces an an autonomous ceety, Buenos Aires. It is the aicht-lairgest kintra in the warld bi land aurie an the lairgest amang Spaingie-spikin naitions, tho Mexico, Colombie an Spain ar mair populous.

Argentinae's continental aurie is atween the Andes muntain range in the wast an the Atlantic Ocean in the east. It borders Paraguay an Bolivie tae the north, Brazil an Uruguay tae the northeast, an Chile tae the wast an sooth. Argentinae claims ower Antarcticae, as well as owerlappin claims made bi Chile an the Unitit Kinrick, are suspendit bi the Antarctic Treaty o 1961. Argentinae an aw claims the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) an Sooth Georgie an the Sooth Sandwich Islands, which are admeenistered bi the Unitit Kinrick as Breetish Owerseas Territories.

Argentinae is a foondin member o baith the Unitit Naitions, Mercosur an the Union o Sooth American Nations. Argentinae is ane o the G-20 major economies.


Armenie, offeecially the Republic o Armenie (Armenie: Հայաստան Hayastan, Հայք Haykh) is a muntainous kintra in Eurasie atween the Black Sea an the Caspian Sea. It haes laund mairches wi Turkey tae the wast, Georgie tae the north, Azerbaijan tae the east an Iran tae the sooth. It uised tae be ane o the auld republics o the the umwhile Soviet Union.



Austrick (German: Österreich, Czech: Rakousko, Slovenie: Avstrija; Croatie: Austrija; Serbie: Аустрија; Hungarian: Ausztria) is a laundlockit kintra in central Europe. It haes a laund mairch wi Germany an Czechie tae the north, Slovakie an Hungary tae the east, Slovenie an Italy tae the sooth, an Swisserland an Liechtenstein tae the wast. Austrick haes been a member-state o the EU sin 1995.

The fowk in Austrick speak German, a few speak Hungarian, Slovenie an Croatie. The caipital o Austrick is Vienna (Wien).

Austrick is mair nor a thoosand year auld. Its history can be follaed tae the nint century. At that time the first fowk muived tae the laund nou kent as Austrick. The name "Ostarrichi" is first scrieved in an offeecial document frae 996AD. Syne this wird haes developed intae the Modren German wird Österreich.


Californie is a state in the Unitit States o Americae, on the wast coast. Californie haes the maist indwallers o aa the States o the U.S., an is the third lairgest state bi aurie. The state is the maist physically, and ane of the maist demographically diverse forbye. If Californie wis an unthirlt kintra, it woud hae the 6t lairgest economy in the warld (efter the rest o the U.S., Japan, Germany, the Unitit Kinrick, an the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae). The state's offeecial byname is "The Golden State," hairkin back tae California's 1849 Gold Rush.


Colombie (IPA: /kəˈlʌmbɪ/), offeecially the Republic o Colombie (Spaingie: República de Colombia, Spaingie pronunceeation: [reˈpuβlika ðe koˈlombja]), is a kintra in north-wastren Sooth Americae. Colombie marches tae the east wi Venezuela an Brazil; tae the sooth wi Ecuador an Peru; tae the north wi the Caribbean Sea; tae the north wast wi Panama; an tae the wast wi the Paceefic Ocean. Colombie an aa shares maritime marches wi Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua an Costa Rica. Colombie is the 26t lairgest naition in the warld an the fowert lairgest in Sooth Americae (efter Brazil, Argentinae, an Peru), wi an aurie mair nor twa times that o Fraunce. It an aa haes the 29t lairgest population in the warld an the secont lairgest in Sooth Americae, efter Brazil. Colombie haes the thrid lairgest Spaingie-spaking population in the warld efter Mexico an Spain.


Europe is geologically an geographically a hauf-island, takkin up the wastrenmaist pairt o Eurasie. It is for ordinar conseedert a continent, that, in this case, is mair a cultural nor a geographic differ. It is bund in the north bi the Airctic Ocean, in the wast bi the Atlantic Ocean, in the sooth bi the Mediterranean Sea an the Black Sea, an in the east bi the Ural Moontains an the Caspian Sea.

Gin conseedert a continent, Europe is the seicont-wee-est continent in the warld bi area, wi an area o 10,523,000 km² (4,140,625 square miles), sicwice it is mair lairger nor anly Australie. In population it is the thrid-lairgest continent efter Asie an Africae. The population o Europe is aboot 705,500,000: aboot 11% o the warld's population.

German leid

German (Deutsch) is a Wast Germanic leid, thus relatit tae an clessifee'd alangside Inglis an Dutch. It is ane o the warld's major leids an the maist widely spoken first leid in the European Union. Globally, German is spoken bi approximately 120 million native speakers an aa bi aboot 80 million non-native speakers. Standard German is widely taught in schools, varsities an Goethe Institutes warldwide. It is a naitional leid o Germany, Austrick, Liechtenstein, Swizzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium an the European Union.


Israel ['i:zrɛl] (Ebreu: יִשְרָאֵל, Yisra'el; Arabic: إسرائيل, Isrā'īl) is a kintra in the sooth-eastren Middle East that mairches Lebanon, Sirie, Jordan an Egyp. The caipital an muckle maist ceety is Jerusalem. Its watter mairch is the Mediterranean Sea tae the wast, the Reid Sea tae the sooth. It haes a population o ower 7,200,000 fowk.

Israel is a pairlamentary democracy. It is a daveloped kintra an haes the 52nt biggest economy in the warld.

O'Higgins Region

The VI O'Higgins Region (Spaingie: VI Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins) is ane o Chile's 15 first order regions. It is subdividit intae three provinces. It is namit in honour o Bernardo O'Higgins, ane o Chile's foondin faithers.

The O'Higgins Region is bordered tae the wast bi the Paceefic Ocean, tae the east bi Argentinae, tae the north bi the Valparaíso an Santiago Metropolitan Regions, an tae the sooth bo the Maule Region. It extends approximately atween the parallels o 33°51’ an 35°01’ sooth latitude, an atween the meridian o 70°02’ wast langitude an the Paceefic Ocean.

The caipital an lairgest ceety o the region is Rancagua. The seicont major toun is San Fernando.

Pols leid

The Pols leid (Język polski) is a Westren-Slavic leid spak bi aboot 40-45 million fowk. Maist o them bides in Poland. As weel as bein the naitional leid o Poland, it's ane o the offeecial leids o the European Union an aw.

Provinces o Italy

In Italy, a province (provincia) is an admeenistrative diveesion o intermediate level atween a municipality (comune) an a region (regione).


For mair airticles adae wi fowk, steids an things in Scotland tak a keek at category:Scotland.Scotland (gd: Alba, sco: Scotland) is a kintra in nor-wast Europe, an is ane o the fower kintras that maks the Unitit Kinrick. It taks up the northren thrid o the Breetish island. Scotland haes til its sooth the laund o Ingland, an is bund bi the German Ocean til the eist an the Atlantic Ocean til the north an wast.

It aforetyms wis a free kinrik, but than Scotland gaed intil a union wi Ingland in 1603, whan Jeams VI o Scotland becam Jeams I o Ingland eftir the daith o Elspeth I. This union wis makkit formal on 1 Mey 1707 bi the Treatie o Union. The Scots Pairlament wis gotten rid o on 26 Mairch. The union southert baith kinriks, makkin the Kinrick o Great Breetain, wi a new singil Pairlament haudden in Wastmeinster, Lunnon, but sum pairts o Scotland's institutions, merkit the laund's naitional kirk an skuilin an legal seistems, wis hauden apairt. In 1801, Scotland becam ane o the thrie launds o the Unitit Kinrick, alang wi Ingland an Ireland (nou juist Northren Ireland). Wales is nou seen for uisal as anither laund, awtho it wis juist a principalitie o the kinrik o Ingland in 1707.

In 1997, the Scots fowk voted ti hae a new pairlament, estaiblisht bi the UK govrenment in the Scotland Act 1998. The nou devolv'd Scots Pairlament haes been gien the pouer ti govren the laund on maist Scots maiters, but haesna ower mukkil pouer wi taxes, awtho it dis hae the pouer ti chynge the UK incum tax rate bi 3p in the poond.

Scotland's size is maistlie that estaiblisht bi the 1237 Treatie o York atwein Scotland an Ingland an the 1266 Treatie o Perth atwein Scotland an Norawa. Exceptions is the Isle o Mann, that is nou a croun dependencie ootwi the Unitit Kinrick, Orkney an Shetland, that is nou Scots raither nor Dens, an Barwick, that wis defined as subjek til the laws o Ingland bi the 1746 Wales an Barwick Act.

The patron saunt o Scotland is Saunt Andra, an St. Andra's Day is on 30 November but it haesna been mukkil celebratit syn the Reformation.

The wird Scot wis taen frae the Laitin an its uiss micht weil date fae aboot the first hauf o the 10t yeirhunder, whan it first kyth'd in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle an harkent til the Laund o the Gaels, analogous til the Laitin Scotia. The ither name is "Caledonia", whilk is gien ti sum pairts o the New Warld an colonies, lyk New Caledonia. Scots keengs adoptit the teetil Basileus/Rex Scottorum (= Heich Keeng/Keeng o the Gaels, basileus meinin sovrein in the Greek, an rex meinin keeng in the Laitin) an Rex Scotiae (Keeng o Gael-Land) sum tym in the 11t yeirhunder, lyklie swee'd bi the styl Imperator Scottorum kent ti hae been uis'd bi Brian Bóruma in Ireland in 1005. In modren tyms the wird "Scot" is uis'd equalie for aw indwallers nae maiter wha thair forebeirs wis. This is acause the kintra his haed a ceivic raither nor a singil kin orientation for maist o the last thoosan yeir.

Scottis leid

Scottis leid can refer tae:

Scots leid (Lawland Scots), a Wast Germanic leid spoken in the Lawlands o Scotland an Ulster.

Scots Gaelic leid (Gàidhlig), a Celtic leid spoken in the Hebrides an pairts o mainland Scotland

Scots Inglis, the Inglis leid as spoken in Scotland

Scottish Language, a peer reviewed journal o Scots leids an linguistics, publisht bi the Association for Scottish Literary Studies


Serbie (Serbie: Србија or Srbija) or is it is kent offeecially (Serbie: Република Србија or Republika Srbija) is ae laundlockit kintra in central an Sooth-Wastren Europe. It is pairt o the Balkans region an its caipital ceety is Belgrade (Serbie: Београд or Beograd). It haes laund mairches wi Hungary in the North, Romanie an Bulgarie in the East, Albanie, Kosovo an Republic o Macedonie in the Sooth an Montenegro, Croatie an Bosnie an Herzegovinae in the Wast.


Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย), umwhile Siam (Thai: สยาม), an offeecially the Kinrick o Thailand, is an independent kintra that lies in the hert o Sootheast Asie. It is bordered tae the north bi Burma an Laos, tae the aest bi Laos an Cambodie, tae the sooth bi the Gulf o Thailand an Malaysie, an tae the wast bi the Andaman Sea an the soothren extremity o Burma. Its maritime boondaries include Vietnam in the Gulf o Thailand tae the sootheast an Indonesie an Indie in the Andaman Sea tae the soothwast.


Turkey (Turkis: Türkiye), kent offeecially as the Republic o Turkey (Turkis: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) is a muckle kintra in Eurasie. It haes laund mairches wi Greece an Bulgarie tae the wast an Georgie, Armenie, Azerbaijan (kent thegither as the "Caucasus" kintras), Iran, Iraq an Sirie tae the east an watter mairches wi the Mediterranean Sea tae the sooth.

The kintra wis the centre o the Ottoman Empire that haed owerins ower mony different kintras in baith wast Asie an sooth-east Europe. Houaniver, efter the First Warld War the Ottoman Empire wis malafousterd. It haed been allee'd tae Germany an efter the defeat o thon kintra an it's allees thare wis a brief period o occupation o twa o the kintra's muckle maist ceeties; Istanbul an Izmir bi the Allee'd Pooers. Houaniver, the kintra wis leeberatit unner the heidsmanship o Mustafa Kemal, kent forby as Ataturk (The Faither o the Turks in Turkis) an it becam an unthirlt republic in the 1920s. The caipital o Turkey is Ankara, but its muckle maist ceety is Istanbul that's seetuate in the wast o the kintra an wis historically kent as "Constantinople" an wis the caipital o the "Eastren Roman" or "Byzantine Empire".

Turkey haes aboot 74,816,000 fowk in it.


In ither leids

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