Otho (Laitin: Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus;[2][3] 28 Aprile 32[4] – 16 Aprile 69), wis Roman Emperor for three months, frae 15 Januar tae 16 Aprile 69. He wis the seicont emperor o the Year o the Fower Emperors.

7t Emperor o the Roman Empire
Bust o Otho
Ring 15 Januar 69 – 16 Aprile 69
Predecessor Galba
Successor Vitellius
Born 28 Apryle 32
Ferentium, Italy
Dee'd 16 Apryle 69 (aged 36)
  • Poppea Sabina (forced tae divorce her bi Nero)
Full name
Marcus Salvius Otho
(frae birth tae accession); Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus (as emperor,
sometimes an aa Marcus Salvius Otho Nero Caesar Augustus); Imperator Otho Caesar Augustus
(imperial name)[1]
Dynasty None
Faither Lucius Otho
Mither Terentia Albia


  1. Otho's regal name haes an equivalent meanin in Scots as "Commander Otho Caesar, the Emperor".
  2. In Clessical Laitin, Otho's name would be inscribed as MARCVS SALVIVS OTHO CAESAR AVGVSTVS.
  3. Rives, Otho Note 4, The Twelve Caesars translatit bi Robert Graves, revised an notes bi James B. Rives
  4. Suetonius, Otho 3.2
16 Aprile

The 16t o Aprile is the 106t day o the year (107t in lowp years) in the Gregorian Calendar, wi 259 days ti come.

28 Aprile

The 28t o Aprile is the 118t day o the year (119t in lowp years) in the Gregorian Calendar, wi 247 days ti come.


Galba (Laitin: Servius Sulpicius Galba Caesar Augustus; 24 December 3 BC – 15 Januar 69), wis Roman Emperor for seiven months frae 68 tae 69. Galba wis the govrenor o Hispania Tarraconensis, an made a bid for the throne during the rebellion o Julius Vindex. He wis the first emperor o the Year o the Fower Emperors.


Hostilian (Laitin: Gaius Valens Hostilianus Messius Quintus Augustus; 230? – 251) wis Roman emperor in 251. Hostilian wis born in Sirmium (now Sremska Mitrovica, Serbie) in Illyricum sometime efter 230, as the son o the futur emperor Decius bi his wife Herennia Cupressenia Etruscilla. He wis the younger brither o emperor Herennius Etruscus.

Follaein his faither's accession tae the throne, Hostilian receivit the treatment o a imperial prince, but wis ayes kept in the shade o his brither Herennius, who enjoyed the privileges o bein aulder an heir. In the beginnin o 251, Decius elevatit his son Herennius tae co-emperor an Hostilian succeedit him in the title o princeps iuventutis (prince o youth). Decius an Herennius then set oot on campaign against keeng Cniva o the Goths, tae punish him for raids on the Danubian frontier. Hostilian remained in Roum due tae his inexperience, an empress Herennia wis namit regent.

The campaign pruivit tae be a disaster: both Herennius an Decius dee'd in the Battle o Abrittus an became the first twa emperors tae be killed bi a foreign airmy in battle. The airmies in the Danube acclaimed Trebonianus Gallus emperor, but Roum acknawledgit Hostilian's richts. Syne Trebonianus wis a respectit general, thare wis fear o anither ceevil war o succession, despite the fact that he chose tae respect the will o Roum an adoptit Hostilian. But later in 251, the Plague o Cyprian broke oot in the Empire an Hostilian dee'd in the epidemic. He was the first emperor in 40 years tae dee o natural causes, ane o anerly 13. His daith opened the wey for the rule o Trebonianus wi his natural son Volusianus.

Marcus Claudius Tacitus

Tacitus (Laitin: Marcus Claudius Tacitus Augustus; ca. 200 – Juin 276), wis Roman Emperor frae 275 tae 276. Durin his short reign he campaigned against the Goths an the Heruli, for which he receivit the title Gothicus Maximus.


Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (15 December 37 – 9 Juin 68), born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, an commonly kent as Nero, wis Roman Emperor frae 54 tae 68. He wis the last emperor o the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Nero wis adoptit bi his great-uncle Claudius tae acome his heir an successor. He succeedit tae the throne in 54 followin Claudius' daith.

Durin his reign, Nero focused muckle o his attention on diplomacy, tred, an increasin the cultural caipital o the empire. He ordered the biggin o theatres an promotit athletic gemmes. His reign includit a successfu war an negotiatit peace wi the Parthian Empire, the suppression o a revolt in Breetain, an the beginnin o the First Roman–Jewish War.

In 64, maist o Rome wis destroyed in the Great Fire o Rome. In 68, the rebellion o Vindex in Gaul an later the acclamation o Galba in Hispania drove Nero frae the throne. Facin assassination, he committit suicide on 9 Juin 68.Nero's rule is aften associatit wi tyranny an extravagance. He is kent for a nummer o executions, includin thae o his maither an stepbrother.

He is an aw infamously kent as the emperor who "fiddled while Rome burned", an as an early persecutor o Christians. This view is based upon the main survivin soorces for Nero's reign - Tacitus, Suetonius an Cassius Dio. Few survivin soorces paint Nero in a favorable licht. Some soorces, tho, includin some mentioned abuin, portray him as an emperor who wis popular wi the common Auncient Romans, especially in the East.The study o Nero is problematic as some modren heestorians quaisten the reliability o auncient soorces whan reportin on Nero's tyrannical acts.

Otto o Greece

Otto, forby spelt Otho (Greek: Ὄθων, Βασιλεὺς τῆς Ἑλλάδος, Óthon, Vasiléfs tis Elládos; 1 Juin 1815 – 26 Julie 1867), wis a Prince o Bavarie wha became the first modren Keeng o Greece in 1832 unner the Convention o Lunnon.

Pape Urban II

Pape Urban II (Laitin: Urbanus II; c. 1042 – 29 Julie 1099), born Odo o Châtillon or Otho de Lagery, wis pape frae 12 Mairch 1088 tae his daith in 1099. He is best kent for initiatin the First Crusade (1096–99) an settin up the modren-day Roman Curia in the manner o a ryal ecclesiastical coort tae help run the Kirk.

Pape Victor III

Pape Victor III (c. 1026 – 16 September 1087), born Dauferio, wis Pape frae 24 Mey 1086 tae his daith in 1087.

Trebonianus Gallus

Trebonianus Gallus (Laitin: Gaius Vibius Afinius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus; 206 – August 253), kent as Gallus an aw, wis Roman Emperor frae 251 tae 253, in a jynt rule wi his son Volusianus.


Vitellius (Laitin: Aulus Vitellius Germanicus Augustus; 24 September 15 – 22 December 69), wis Roman Emperor for aicht months, frae 16 Aprile tae 22 December 69. Vitellius wis proclaimed emperor follaein the quick succession o the previous emperors Galba an Otho, in a year o ceevil war kent as the Year o the Fower Emperors.

Year o the Fower Emperors

The Year o the Fower Emperors wis a year in the history o the Roman Empire, AD 69, in which fower emperors ruled in a remarkable succession. These fower emperors wur Galba, Otho, Vitellius, an Vespasian.

The suicide o emperor Nero, in 68, wis follaed bi a brief period o ceevil war, the first Roman ceevil war syne Mark Antony's daith in 30 BC. Atween Juin 68 an December o 69, Roum witnessed the successive rise an faw o Galba, Otho an Vitellius till the final accession o Vespasian, first ruler o the Flavian Dynasty, in Julie 69. This period o ceevil war haes acome emblematic o the cyclic poleetical disturbances in the history o the Roman Empire. The militar an poleetical anarchy creatit bi this ceevil war haed serious repercussions, such as the ootbreak o the Batavian rebellion. (The Jewish Revolt wis already in progress.)

In ither leids

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