Khuzestan Province

Khuzestan Province (Persie: استان خوزستان‎, Ostān-e Khūzestān ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It is in the soothwast o the kintra, borderin Iraq's Basra Province an the Persie Gulf. Its caipital is Ahwaz an covers an aurie o 63,238 km². Ither major ceeties include Behbahan, Abadan, Andimeshk, Khorramshahr, Bandar Imam, Dezful, Shushtar, Omidiyeh, Izeh, Baq-e-Malek, Mah Shahr, Dasht-i Mishan/Dasht-e-Azadegan, Ramhormoz, Shadegan, Susa, Masjed Soleiman, Minoo Island an Hoveizeh.

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Abadan (Persie: آبادان‎, Arabic:عبادان, also Romanized as Ābādān) is a ceety in an the caipital o Abadan Coonty, Khuzestan Province, Iran. It lees on Abadan Island (68 km or 42 mi lang, 3–19 km or 2–12 miles wide, the island is boondit in the wast bi the Arvand watterwa an tae the east bi the Bahmanshir ootlet o the Karun River), 53 kilometres (33 mi) frae the Persie Guwf, near the Iraqi-Iran border. The civilian population o the ceety droppit tae near zero durin the aicht-years Iran–Iraq War. As o the 1986 census due tae the war the population droppit tae anerlie 6 fowk. In 1992, anerlie 84,774 haed returned tae live in the ceety. Bi 2001, the population haed jumpit tae 206,073, an it wis 217,988, in 48,061 faimilies, accordin tae 2006 census. Abadan Refinery is ane o the lairgest in the warld.

Abadan Coonty

Abadan Coonty (Persie: شهرستان آبادان‎) is a coonty in Khuzestan Province in Iran. The caipital o the coonty is Abadan. At the 2006 census, the coonty's population wis 275,126, in 58,870 faimilies. The coonty is subdividit intae twa destricts: the Central Destrict an Arvandkenar Destrict. The coonty haes twa ceeties: Abadan an Arvandkenar.


Ahvāz (Persie: اهواز‎, an aa romanized as Ahwaz), is a ceety in and the caipital o Khuzestan Province, Iran.


Bahmanabad (Persie: بهمن اباد‎) mey refer tae:

Bahmanabad, Chaharmahal an Bakhtiari

Bahmanabad, East Azerbaiajan

Bahmanabad, Ilam

Bahmanabad, Rafsanjan, Kerman Province

Bahmanabad, Shahr-e Babak, Kerman Province

Bahmanabad, Andika, Khuzestan Province

Bahmanabad, Behbahan, Khuzestan Province

Bahmanabad, Haftgel, Khuzestan Province

Bahmanabad, Kurdistan

Bahmanabad, Dargaz, Razavi Khorasan Province

Bahmanabad, Sabzevar, Razavi Khorasan Province

Bahmanabad, Birjand, Sooth Khorasan Province

Bahmanabad, Qaen, Sooth Khorasan Province

Bahmanabad, Tehran

Hoveyzeh (cruise missile)

The Hoveyzeh (Persie: موشکه کروز هویزه) is an Iranian designed and biggit, aw-weather, surface-tae-surface cruise missile. The Hoveyzeh is from the Soumar family of cruise missiles. The missile wis unveiled at a defence exhibition in Tehran on the 2nt Februar 2019 during celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The Aerospace force o the Islamic Revolutionary Gaird Corps will acquire and be supplied with these missiles.The surface-tae-surface cruise missile is capable of low altitude flicht and haes a range of 1350 km, a maximum range haes nae yet been given, with the abeelity tae strike ground targets with heich precision and accuracy. Discussing the capabeelities of the missile, the Israeli militar intelligence wabsteid DEBKAfile states that thare is: "...nae militar force in the warld haes so far foond an effective means of intercepting cruise missiles afore thay strike, unless thay are short range."

Ilam Province

Ilam Province (Persie: استان ایلام‎, Ostān-e Īlām ) is ane o the 31 provinces o Iran. It is in the soothwast o the kintra, borderin Iraq. Its provincial center is the ceety o Ilam. Coverin an aurie o 19,086 square kilometers, the ceeties o the province are Ilam, Mehran, Dehloran, Dareh Shahr, Sarable, Eyvan, Abdanan an Arkwaz. It neighbors Khuzestan Province in the sooth, Lurestan Province in the east, Kermanshah province in the north an Iraq in the wast wi 425 kilometers o common border. The population o the province is approximately 540,000 fowk (2005 estimate).

Iran–Iraq War

The Iran–Iraq War wis an airmed conflict atween Iran an Iraq lastin frae 22 September 1980, whan Iraq invadit Iran, tae August 1988. The war follaed a lang history o mairch disputes, an wis motivatit bi fears that the Iranian Revolution in 1979 wad inspire insurgency amang Iraq's Shi'ite majority, as well as Iraq's desire tae replace Iran as the dominant Persie Gulf state.


The Kārun (an aa spelled as Karoun) (Persie: کارون) is Iran's maist effluent an anly navigable river.

Shatt al-Arab

Shatt al-Arab (Arabic: شط العرب‎, "Stream o the Arabs") or Arvand Rud (Persie: اَروَندرود‎, "Swift River") is a river in Soothwast Asie o some 200 km (120 mi) in lenth, formed bi the confluence o the Euphrates an the Tigris in the toun o al-Qurnah in the Basra Govrenorate o southren Iraq.


Susa (/ˈsuːsə/; Persie: شوش‬‎ Shush; [ʃuʃ]; Ebreu שׁוּשָׁן Shushān; Greek: Σοῦσα [ˈsuːsa]; Syriac: ܫܘܫ Shush; Auld Persie Çūšā) wis an auncient ceety o the Elamite, First Persie Empire an Parthian empires o Iran.

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