Iberie Peninsula

The Iberie Peninsula (Asturian, Galician, Leonese, Mirandese, Portuguese, an Spaingie: Península Ibérica, Catalan: Península Ibèrica, Aragonese an Occitan: Peninsula Iberica, French: Péninsule Ibérique, Basque: Iberiar Penintsula), commonly cried Iberie, is a peninsula locatit in the extreme sooth-wast o Europe an includes the modren-day sovereign states o Spain, Portugal, Andorra, an pairt o Fraunce, as well as the Breetish Owerseas Territory o Gibraltar.

Coordinates: 40°18′N 3°43′W / 40.300°N 3.717°W

Algarrobo, Spain

Algarrobo is a toun an municipality in the province o Málaga, pairt o the autonomous commonty o Andalusie in soothren Spain. The municipality is situatit in the coastal aurie o La Axarquía, 32 kilometers frae the ceety o Málaga. It is bordered on the north bi the municipality o Arenas an Sayalonga, tae the east an wast bi Vélez-Málaga an tae the sooth bi the Mediterranean Sea. It is situatit at an altitude o 86 metres. The main centre for the population is Algarrobo, a toun o Arab airchitectur situatit 3.5 kilometres frae the coast. Ither touns in the municipality are Algarrobo Costa, Mezquitilla an Trayamar.

It haes a population o approximately 5,000 residents. Natives o the toun are cried Algarrobeños. Its surface aurie is 9.73 km2 an haes a densitie o 639.16 indwallers/km2.

Croun o Aragon

The Croun o Aragon (/ˈærəɡən/; Aragonese: Corona d'Aragón, Catalan: Corona d'Aragó, Laitin: Corona Aragonum, Spaingie: Corona de Aragón) wis a composite monarchy, an aa nouadays referred tae as a confederation o individual polities or kinricks ruled bi ane keeng wi a personal an dynastic union o the Kinrick o Aragon an the Coonty o Barcelona.

Emirate o Granada

The Emirate o Granada (Arabic: إمارة غرﻧﺎﻃﺔ‎, trans. Imārat Ġarnāṭah), an aw kent as the Nasrid Kinrick o Granada (Spaingie: Reino Nazarí de Granada), wis an emirate established in 1230 bi Muhammad ibn al-Ahmar.

Galicie fowk

The Galicies (Galician: Galegos; Spaingie: Gallegos) are a naitional, cultural an ethnolinguistic group whose historic hameland is Galicie, in the north-wast o the Iberie Peninsula. Twa Romance leids are widely spoken an offeecial in Galicie: the native Galicie, an Castilian.

Goídel Glas

Accordin tae an Erse an Scots medieval tradeetion, Goídel Glas (Latinised as Gathelus) is the creautor o the Goidelic leids an the eponymous ancestor o the Gaels.

The tradeetion can be tracit tae the 11t-century Lebor Gabála Érenn. A Scots variant is due tae John o Fordun (d. 1384).

Iberie lynx

The Iberie lynx, (Lynx pardinus), is a creetically endangered species o felid native tae the Iberian Peninsula in Soothren Europe. A rabbit specialist, the Iberian lynx is unable tae significantly alter its diet an, as a result, its population declined sharply when its main prey wis decimatit bi twa diseases in the 20t century. It wis an aa affectit bi the loss o scrubland, its main habitat, tae human development. It is nou ane o the maist endangered cat species in the warld. Accordin tae the conservation group SOS Lynx, if the Iberian lynx died oot, it would be the first feline species tae acome extinct syne prehistoric times. Captive breedin an reintroduction programs hae boostit thair nummers. As o 2013, Andalusie haes a population o 309 livin in the wild.Formerly considered a subspecies o the Eurasie lynx (Lynx lynx), the Iberian lynx is nou classified as a separate species. Baith species occurred thegither in central Europe in the Pleistocene epoch, bein separatit bi habitat choice.

Kinrick o Iberie

In Greco-Roman geografie, Iberie (Greek Ἰβηρία, Georgie: იბერია) wis the name for a kinrick o the Southern Caucasus, centered on present-day Eastren Georgie. Iberie, an aa kent in Georgian as Kartli (Georgie: ქართლი), efter its core province, wis during Classical Antiquity an the Early Middle Ages a signeeficant state in the Caucasus, aither as an independent state or as a dependent o lairger empires, notably the Sassanid an Roman empires. Its population, kent as the Caucasian Iberians, formed the nucleus o the Georgie fowk (Kartvelians), an the state, thegither wi Colchis tae its wast, wad form the nucleus o the medieval Kinrick o Georgie.The term Caucasian Iberia is uised tae distinguish it frae the Iberie Peninsula in Wastren Europe.

Kinrick o Navarre

The Kinrick o Navarre (/nəˈvɑːr/; Basque: Nafarroako Erresuma, Spaingie: Reino de Navarra, French: Royaume de Navarre, Laitin: Regnum Navarrae), oreeginally the Kinrick o Pamplona, wis a Basque-based kinrick that occupied launds on either side o the wastren Pyrenees, alangside the Atlantic Ocean atween present-day Spain an Fraunce.

Kinrick o Portugal

The Kinrick o Portugal (Laitin: Regnum Portugalliae, Portuguese: Reino de Portugal) wis a monarchy on the Iberian Peninsula an the predecessor o modren Portugal.

Langfin mako shairk

The langfin mako shairk (Isurus paucus) is a species o mackerel shairk in the faimily Lamnidae, wi a probable warldwide distribution in temperate an tropical watters. An uncommon species, it is teepically lumpit thegither unner the name "mako" wi its better-kent relative, the shortfin mako shark (I. oxyrinchus). The langfin mako is a pelagic species foond in moderately deep watter, haein been reportit tae a deth o 220 m (720 ft). Growin tae a maximum lenth o 4.3 m (14 ft), the slimmer big an lang, broad pectoral fins o this shairk suggest that it is a slawer an less active soummer than the shortfin mako.

Langfin mako shairks are predators that feed on smaw schuilin bony fishes an cephalopods. Whether this shairk is capable o elevatin its bouk temperatur abuin that o the surroondin watter lik the ither members o its faimily is uncertain, tho it possesses the requisite pheesiological adaptations. Reproduction in this species is aplacental viviparous, meanin the embryos hatch frae eggs inside the uterus. In the later stages o development, the unborn young are fed nanviable eggs bi the mither (oophagie). The litter size is teepically twa, but mey be as mony as aicht. The langfin mako is o limitit commercial value, as its meat an fins are o lawer quality than those o ither pelagic shairks; it is caucht unintentionally in law nummers athort its range. The Internaitional Union for Conservation of Nature haes assessed this species as vulnerable due tae its rarity, law reproductive rate, an continuin bycatch mortality.

Mirandese leid

The Mirandese leid (autonym: mirandés or lhéngua mirandesa; Portuguese: mirandês or língua mirandesa) is an Astur-Leonese leid that is spairsely spoken in a smaw aurie o northeastren Portugal in the municipalities o Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro an Vimioso. The Assembly o the Republic grantit it offeecial recogneetion alangside Portuguese for local matters on 17 September 1998 wi the law 7/99 o 29 Januar 1999.

Mirandese haes a distinct phonologie, morphologie an syntax. It haes its ruits in the local Vulgar Laitin speuken in the northern Iberie Peninsula.

Portuguese fowk

The Portuguese (Portuguese: os portugueses) are a naition an ethnic group native tae the kintra o Portugal, in the wast o the Iberie Peninsula o sooth-wast Europe. Thair leid is Portuguese, an Roman Catholicism is the predominant releegion.

Due tae the lairge historical extent o the Portuguese Empire an the colonization o territories in Africae, Asie an Americae, as well as historical an recent emigration, Portuguese commonties can be foond in mony diverse regions aroond the globe, an a lairge Portuguese diaspora exists.

São Félix Hill

São Félix Hill or Munt São Félix, Monte de São Félix in Portuguese, is the heichest hill in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, as measurt bi the hicht abuin sea level o its summit, 202 metres (663 ft).

São Félix is the north o the twa hills east o the ceety, the ither bein Cividade Hill. São Félix is locatit in the ceevil pairish o Laundos, an is a sequence o Serra de Rates muntain range. In the Middle Ages the hill wis kent as Lanudos, hence the name of the ceevil pairish.

Despite its law hicht, São Félix is easily distinguished in the landscape acause it is a significant rise in front o a coastal plain. Alto River's source is locatit in São Félix Hill an ends at Rio Alto Beach in Estela.

Visigothic Kinrick

The Visigothic Kinrick or Kinrick o the Visigoths (Laitin: Regnum Gothorum) wis a kinrick that occupied whit is nou soothwastren Fraunce an the Iberian Peninsula frae the 5t tae the 8t centuries.

In ither leids

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