Hoose o Habsburg

  1. titular claim rather nor de facto

The Hoose o Habsburg (/ˈhæps.bɜːrɡ/; German pronunciation: [ˈhaːps.bʊʁk]), an aa cried Hoose o Hapsburg,[1] or Hoose o Austrick,[2] wis ane o the maist important ryal hooses o Europe.

Hoose o Habsburg
The auncient coat o airms o the Coonts o Habsburg.
Kintra Austrick, Kinrick o Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Sicily, Naples, Spain, Hungary-Croatie, Empire o Mexico, Bohemie, Portugal an ither smawer heestorical states
Foondit 11t century: Radbot, Coont o Habsburg
Final ruler Spainyie branch: Charles (November 1, 1700)
Austrick branch: Maria Theresa (November 29, 1780)
Dissolution 1700:(Efter the death o Charles II o Spain)
1780:(Efter the daith o Maria Theresa o Austrick)
Ethnicity Germans, Spainyie
Cadet branches
  • Habsburg-Laufenburg
  • House of Kyburg
  • Leopoldian line
  • Albertine line
  • Habsburg-Lorraine (Descendants o Joseph II, son o Maria Theresa)
    (note: Because Joseph II haed no sons, his younger brother, Leopold II, succeedit him as heid o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine)
  1. titular claim rather nor de facto


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