Gaza Ceety

Gaza (Arabic: غزةGhazza, Arabic pronunciation: [ˈɣazːa]; Ebreu: עזה‎‎ "Azza", Ebreu pronunciation: [ˈʕaza]; forby referred to as Gaza Ceety) is a Palestinian ceety in the Gaza Strip, wi a population o aboot 410,000, makin it the lairgest ceety in the State o Palestine.

The primary economic activities o Gaza is sma-scale industries, agriculture an labor. Housomever, the economy haes been devastatit bi the blockade an recurrin conflicts. Maist o Gaza's indwallers adhere tae Islam, thouch there exists a Christian minority. Gaza haes a vera young population wi thareby 75% bein unner the age o 25, an thir days the ceety haes ane o the heichest population densities in the warld—refugees make up ower hauf o the residents.

Ither transcription(s)
 • Arabic غزة
 • An aa spelled Ghazzah (official)
Gaza Ceety (unofficial)
Skyline o Gaza, 2007
Skyline o Gaza, 2007
Gaza is locatit in the Palestinian territories
Location o Gaza within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°31′N 34°27′E / 31.517°N 34.450°ECoordinates: 31°31′N 34°27′E / 31.517°N 34.450°E
Govrenorate Gaza
Foondit 15t century BCE
 • Teep Ceety (from 1994[1])
 • Heid o Municipality Nizar Hijazi
 • Jurisdiction 45 km2 (17 sq mi)
Population (2012)[3]
 • Jurisdiction 515,556


Accordin tae Zev Vilnay, the name "Gaza," frae the Arabic "Ġazza", oreeginally derives frae the Canaanite/Ebreu ruit for "strang" (ʕZZ), an wis introduced tae Arabic bi way o the Ebreu, "ʕazzā", i.e. "the strang ane (f.)"; cpr. English stronghold. Accordin tae Mariam Shahin, the Canaanites gied Gaza its name, the Auncient Egyptians cawed it "Ghazzat" ("prized ceety"), an the Arabs aften refer tae it as "Ghazzat Hashim", in honor o Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, the great-grandfaither o Muhammad, wha is buried in the ceety, accordin tae Islamic lore.

Internaitional relations

Twin touns an sister ceeties

Gaza is twinned wi:

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Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip (Arabic: قطاع غزة‎ Qiṭāʿ Ġazzah, IPA: [qɪˈtˤɑːʕ ˈɣazza]) is a territory on the eastren coast o the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egyp on the soothwast (11 km) an Israel on the east an north (51 km (32 mi)). It is 41 kilometres (25 mi) lang, an frae 6 tae 12 kilometres (3.7 tae 7.5 mi) wide, wi a tot aurie o 365 square kilometres (141 sq mi).

The population o Gaza Strip is aboot 1.7 million fowk. The population is predominantly Sunni Muslim. Wi a yearly growth rate o aboot 3.2%, the Gaza Strip haes the 7t heichest population growth rate in the warld.The Gaza Strip acquired its current northren an eastren boundaries at the cessation o fichtin in the 1948 war, confirmed bi the Israel-Egypt Armistice Agreement on 24 Februar 1949. Airticle V o the Agreement declared that the demarcation line wis nae tae be an internaitional border. The Gaza Strip continued tae be occupied bi Egyp. At first Gaza Strip wis offeecially admeenistered bi the Aw-Palestine Govrenment, established bi the Arab League in September 1948. Frae the dissolution o the Aw-Palestine Govrenment in 1959 til 1967, the Gaza Strip wis directly admeenistered bi an Egyptian militar govrenor. Israel captured the Gaza Strip frae Egyp in the Sax-Day War in 1967. Pursuant tae the Oslo Accords signed in 1993, the Palestinian Authority acame the admeenistrative body that govrened Palestinian population centers. Israel maintained control o the airspace, territorial watters an border crossins apairt frae the laund border wi Egyp. Israel widrew frae Gaza in 2005. Syne Julie 2007, followin the 2006 Palestinian legislative election an followin the Hamas takeover in 2007, Hamas haes functioned as the de facto ruler in the Gaza Strip, fairmin an alternative Hamas Govrenment in Gaza.

The Gaza Strip fairms pairt o the Palestinian territories, nou claimed bi the State o Palestine.


Jabalia an aa Jabalya (Arabic: جباليا‎) is a Palestinian ceety locatit 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) north o Gaza Ceety. It is unner the jurisdiction o the North Gaza Govrenorate, in the Gaza Strip. Accordin tae the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Jabalia haed a population of 82,877 in mid-year 2006. The Jabalia refugee camp is adjacent tae the ceety tae the North.

State o Palestine

The State o Palestine (Arabic: دولة فلسطين‎, dawlat filastin), offeecially simply Palestine (Arabic: فلسطين‎, filastin), is a polity that wis unilaterally declared in Algiers on 15 November 1988, when the Palestine Liberation Organization's (PLO) National Council (PNC) adoptit the Palestinian Declaration o Unthirldom. In the West Bank is bordered tae the east an wast bi Jordan an Israel respectively. While in the Gaza Strip, it is bordered bi Egyp and Israel.

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