First Jewish–Roman War

The First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 CE), whiles cried the Great Revolt (Ebreu: המרד הגדול‎‎ ha-Mered Ha-Gadol), or The Jewish War, wis the first o three major rebellions bi the Jews against the Roman Empire, focht in Roman-controlled Judea, resultin in the destruction o Jewish touns, the displacement o its fowk an the appropriation o laund for Roman militar uissage, besides the destruction o the Jewish Temple an polity.

First Jewish–Roman War
Pairt o the Jewish–Roman wars
Galilee to Judea

Judaea an Galilee in the first century
Date66–73 CE
LocationJudea (Roman province)
Result Roman veectory, destruction o Jerusalem an its Temple
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Roman Empire

Menora Titus.png Judean proveesional govrenment

Supportit bi:

  • Adiabene volunteers

  • Peisantry faction
  • Idumeans (69-70)

Radical factions:

  • Zeilots
  • Idumeans (68)

  • Sicarii
Commanders an leaders
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Gessius Florus (66)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Cestius Gallus (66)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Vespasian  (WIA)(67–69)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Titus (67–71)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Lucilius Bassus (71–72)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Lucius Silva (72-73)
  • Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.svg Herod Agrippa II (WIA)

  • Simon bar Giora Executed
  • Jacob ben Sosa (69-70)
  • Yohanan o Gush Halav (POW)
  • Eleazar ben Simon 
  • John
  • Jacob ben Sosa (68)
  • Simon ben Cathlas
  • Phineas ben Clusothus

  • Menahem ben Yehuda Executed
  • Eleazar ben Ya'ir 
  • Roman gaird 3,000 (ware 66)
  • Sirian Legion 30-36,000 (simmer 66)
  • 5 Legions 60,000–80,000 (67–70)
  • Legio X Fretensis 6,000 truips (70–73)
Judean proveesional govrenment forces:
  • 25,000 (66)
  • 6,000 (67)
  • 500 Adiabene warriors

  • Peasantry: 15,000 (69–70)
    • Idumeans 5,000 (69–70)
  • 6,000 Zeilots unner Yohanan
  • 2,400 Zeilots unner Eleazar
  • 20,000 Idumeans (68 anerly)

  • Several thoosand (67)
  • Several hunder (73)
Casualties an losses
10,000+ sodgers killt 25,000–30,000 killt

10,000–20,000 Zealots an Idumeans killt

Thoosands o Sicarii killt
Accordin tae Josephus, 1.1 million non-combatants dee'd in Jerusalem an 100,000 in Galilee; 97,000 ensclaved.[1]
Matthew White, The Great Big Book of Horrible Things (Norton, 2012) p.52,[2] estimates the combined daith towl for the First an Third Roman Jewish Wars as bein approximately 350,000


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