Endemism is the ecological state o a species bein unique tae a defined geographic location, such as an island, naition, kintra or ither defined zone, or habitat type; organisms that are indigenous tae a place are nae endemic tae it if thay are an aa foond elsewhaur.

Orange-breasted Sunbird (Nectarinia violacea)
The orange-breastit sunbird (Nectarinia violacea) is exclusively foond in fynbos vegetation.
Loch Skadar

Loch Skadar (Montenegrin an Serbie: Скадарско језеро, Skadarsko jezero, pronounced [skâdarskɔː jɛ̂zɛrɔ]; Albanie: Liqeni i Shkodrës, pronounced [liˈcɛni i ˈʃkɔdrəs]) — an aa creid Loch Scutari, Loch Shkodër an Loch Shkodra — lies on the border o Albanie an Montenegro, the lairgest loch in the Soothren Europe. It is named efter the ceety o Shkodër in northren Albanie ([Shkodër or Shkodra] , Serbie: Скадар, Skadar, Italian: Scutari). It is a karst loch.

Megadiverse kintras

The term megadiverse kintras refers tae ony one of a group of naitions that harbor the majoreety of Earth's species and heich nummers of endemic species. Conservation Internaitional identifeed 17 megadiverse kintras in 1998. Many of them are located in, or partially in, tropical or subtropical regions.

Mega diversity means exhibiting great diversity. The main criteria for megadiverse kintras is endemism at the level of species, genera and families. A megadiverse kintra must haeve at least 5,000 species of endemic plants and must border marine ecoseestems.

In 2002, Mexico furmed a separate organisation focusing on Like-Minded Megadiverse Kintras, conseesting of kintras rich in biological diversity and associatit tradeetional knowledge. This organisation does nae include all the megadiverse kintras as identifeed by Conservation Internaitional.In alphabetical order, the 17 megadiverse kintras are : Australie, Brazil, Cheenae, Colombie, Democratic Republic o the Congo, Ecuador, Indie, Indonesie, Madagascar, Malaysie, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Sooth Africae, Unitit States and Venezuela.

In ither leids

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