Brazil n’igihugu kiri muri Amerika.

  • Umurwa mukuru: Brasília
  • Uburinganire: Ibirometero kwadarato 8 515 767
  • Abanyagihugu: 207 660 929 (2017)
Flag of Brazil
Brazil n’igihugu kiri muri Amerika

Brasília ni umurwa mukuru wa Brazil.

Uburinganire: Ibirometero kwadarato 5 801,9

Abanyagihugu: 2.914.830 (2015)


Kuritiyba (kuɾi'tibɐ) ni umujyi mukuru w'intara ya Paraná, Brazil.

Uburinganire: Ibirometero kwadarato 430.9

Abanyagihugu: 1.879.355 (2015)

Ninoslav Marina

Ninoslav Marina (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, September 25, 1974) is the Rector of the University of Information Science and Technology located in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro ni igisagara mu Brazil.

Uburinganire: Ibirometero kwadarato 1.221

Abanyagihugu: 6.453.682 (2015)

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