Yuzhong District

Yuzhong District (Chinese: 渝中区; pinyin: Yúzhōng Qū;) is the central district and heart of Chongqing municipality. It is the capital of the municipality and is also the political, economical, and entertainment center of the city of Chongqing.[1] Located in the central portion of Yuzhong is the Jiefangbei CBD, a leading business and financial centre of western China.

Surrounded on three sides by water (somewhat resembling a duck's head), Yuzhong is effectively a peninsula. Due to the limited space, its hilly nature, and the fact that it is the main central business district for Chongqing, Yuzhong contains some of the tallest skyscrapers in China and is the most densely populated district in the municipality.

Skyline of Yuzhong
Skyline of Yuzhong
Yuzhong in Chongqing

Yuzhong in Chongqing
Country China
Region Chongqing
 • Total 23 km2 (9 sq mi)
Population (2010) 630,090
 • Density 27,395.22/km2 (70,953.3/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Administrative divisions

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Population (2010)[2] Area (km2) Density (pop/area)
Qixinggang Subdistrict 七星岗街道 Qīxīnggǎng Jiēdào 68,872 0.75 91829.33
Jiefangbei Subdistrict 解放碑街道 Jiěfàngbēi Jiēdào 64,629 0.62 104341.93
Lianglukou Subdistrict 两路口街道 Liǎnglùkǒu Jiēdào 51,811 0.67 77329.85
Shangqingsi Subdistrict 上清寺街道 Shàngqīngsì Jiēdào 55,903 1.73 32313.87
Caiyuanba Subdistrict 菜园坝街道 Càiyuánbà Jiēdào 38,380 1.56 24602.56
Nanjimen Subdistrict 南纪门街道 Nánjìmén Jiēdào 46,862 0.53 88418.87
Wanglongmen Subdistrict 望龙门街道 Wànglóngmén Jiēdào 41,358 0.56 73853.57
Chaotianmen Subdistrict 朝天门街道 Cháotiānmén Jiēdào 27,338 0.69 39620.29
Daxigou Subdistrict 大溪沟街道 Dàxīgōu Jiēdào 66,319 1.44 46054.86
Daping Subdistrict 大坪街道 Dàpíng Jiēdào 81,658 3.24 25203.09
Hualongqiao Subdistrict 化龙桥街道 Huàlóngqiáo Jiēdào 15,806 4.76 3320.59
Shiyoulu Subdistrict 石油路街道 Shíyóulù Jiēdào 71,154 2.52 28235.71


Yuzhong District in Chongqing's economic center. In 2015, the region's GDP reached 95.8 billion Yuan, the per capita GDP reached 147,524 Yuan},[3] retail sales reached 141.6 billion Yuan. The number of commercial banks in the district and municipal financial institutions reached 18. HSBC, Standard Chartered, Bank of East Asia and other international settled. The largest western China commercial area, Jiefangbei central business district,[4] has brought together 90% of the domestic financial institutions in Chongqing, 2/3 in Chongqing foreign banks and insurance agencies, 3/4 world top 500 enterprises in Chongqing and foreign consular offices.


Chongqing Bashu Secondary School logo
Chongqing Bashu Secondary School logo.

Chongqing Bashu Secondary School, once called Bashu Middle School (巴蜀中学) is a secondary school located in the Huanghuayuan area.[5] Founded in 1933, it educates students aged 12–18. Its motto is 公正诚朴 (Selflessness, Justice, Honesty and Simplicity).



Yuzhong is currently served by three metro lines operated by Chongqing Rail Transit:

- Xiaoshizi  6 , Jiaochangkou  2 , Qixinggang, Lianglukou  3 , Eling, Daping  2 , Shiyoulu
- Jiaochangkou  1 , Linjiangmen, Huanghuayuan, Daxigou, Zengjiayan, Niujiaotuo  3 , Liziba, Fotuguan, Daping  1 
- Lianglukou  1 , Niujiaotuo  2 
- Xiaoshizi  1 


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