Yucheng District

Yucheng (Chinese: 雨城; pinyin: Yǔchéng) is a county-level district of Ya'an, a prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province, China. The district contains the city centre of Ya'an as well as the surrounding countryside.

City centre at night
City centre at night
Location of Yucheng District (red) in Ya'an City (yellow) and Sichuan province

Location of Yucheng District (red) in Ya'an City (yellow) and Sichuan province
Coordinates: 30°00′22″N 103°01′57″E / 30.00611°N 103.03250°ECoordinates: 30°00′22″N 103°01′57″E / 30.00611°N 103.03250°E
Country People's Republic of China
Province Sichuan
Prefecture-level city Ya'an
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Administrative divisions

Yucheng is divided in 4 subdistricts, 12 towns, and 12 townships.


The urban subdistricts that make up the city centre of Yucheng and thus Ya'an are Dongcheng (东城街道), Xicheng (西城街道), Hebei (河北街道), and Qingjiang (青江街道).


  • Caoba (草坝镇)
  • Zhongli (中里镇)
  • Yaoqiao (姚桥镇)
  • Hejiang (合江镇)
  • Yanchang (晏场镇)
  • Shangli (上里镇)
  • Daxing (大兴镇)
  • Shaping (沙坪镇)
  • Yanqiao (严桥镇)
  • Duiyan (对岩镇)
  • Duoying (多营镇)
  • Bifengxia (碧峰峡镇)


  • Guanhua (观化乡)
  • Babu (八步乡)
  • Longxi (陇西乡)
  • Kongping (孔坪乡)
  • Liba (李坝乡)
  • Xianghua (香花乡)
  • Helong (和龙乡)
  • Zhouhe (周河乡)
  • Nanjiao (南郊乡)
  • Beijiao (北郊乡)
  • Fengming (凤鸣乡)
  • Wangyu (望鱼乡)

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