Youtoo America

Youtoo America, formerly known as Youtoo TV, AmericanLife TV Network (ALN), GoodLife TV Network, Nostalgia Good TV, Nostalgia Television, Nostalgia Channel and America One, is an American television network launched on February 1, 1985, as a cable channel.[1]

Youtoo America
YouToo America
LaunchedFebruary 1, 1985
Owned byCenter Post Networks, LLC
SloganRed, White and YOU!
HeadquartersArlington, Texas
Formerly called
  • Nostalgia Channel (1985–90)
  • Nostalgia Television (1990–97)
  • Nostalgia Good TV (1997–98)
  • GoodLife TV Network (1998–2005)
  • AmericanLife TV Network (2005–11)
  • Youtoo TV (2011–2014)
ReplacedAmerica One (on local stations)


Nostalgia Channel

The channel was originally launched as a cable-television channel in February 1985 as The Nostalgia Channel through the efforts of former Our Gang child star George "Spanky" McFarland.[1][2][3] The channel featured vintage movies, similar to Turner Classic Movies, which would launch years later. Many of the films were in the public domain.[1]

Michael E. Marcovsky was hired as network head in early 1990. He changed the channel's name to Nostalgia Television, removed movies with poor quality prints (primarily public domain movies), and added lifestyle series as well as vintage TV programs. Also, 100 movies were programmed from the eclectic Janus Collection. At this time, movies were 25% of the programming.[1] Nostalgia Television then added TVS Television Network classic sports programming, from Tom Ficara, as their sports department.

Unification Church

In December 1993, International Family Entertainment, Inc. was bidding against a partnership of Florida-based MOR Music TV Inc. and Arizona-based Gen-She Inc., and 1/3 owner Concept Communications (owned by Unification Church) for the network.[4] Nostalgia Television changed its name to Nostalgia Good TV in 1997.

Nostalgia licensed the Goodlife trademark and changed its name to Goodlife TV in 1998 when Unification Church purchased the rest of the company. Following the expiration of the Goodlife licensing agreement in 2005 with no renewal, the channel changed names again to American Life TV (ALTV).[2]

According to a June 2007 story in Variety, the network had been a consistent money-loser, although the church's tax-exempt status made it easier to absorb the losses. The channel charged TV providers a monthly fee of only between a nickel and a dime for each subscriber, but only had 10 million by 2007. Comcast refused to carry the channel, citing the lack of quality programming (at that time, made up mainly of public domain programming and anachronistic sitcoms and dramas in barter arrangements, long dropped from higher-profile networks) and dropped it from the systems it acquired in the Adelphia bankruptcy as soon as contractually possible. Even despite better programming (L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere) and equity for carriage, both DirecTV and Dish also refused carriage.[2]

In 2001, ALTV broadcast the Unification Church-sponsored film Inchon (1982), one of the few times it has been seen since its initial theatrical run.[5] In 2007 the network broadcast George Clooney's documentary, A Journey to Darfur.[2][6][7] It released the film on DVD in 2008 and announced that proceeds from its sale would be donated to the International Rescue Committee for its humanitarian efforts in Darfur.[8] In 2007, ALN made a video on demand deal with TVN Entertainment Corporation to offer up to 20 hours of programming per month to more than 100 cable affiliates.[9]


In May 2009, the network was acquired by ComStar Media Fund, an organization chaired by Robert A. Schuller, son of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller. Schuller said that the network would concentrate on "family-values programming that speaks to all generations." On November 29 Schuller's new program Everyday Life was first seen on ALTV.[10]

Chris Wyatt, ComStar's chief executive officer and founder of religious website Godtube, commented: "We are not creating another religious network but rather a family-values channel. We've tapped into a huge underserved market and have the opportunity over time to increase distribution to exceed 40 million homes." Media reports indicated that the network's on-air presentation would change and that other syndicated series would be targeted for acquisition.[11][12]

On December 1, 2009, ALN announced that it would start airing episodes of Chuck Norris' World Combat League, previously seen on the Versus network.[13] ComStar also has access to a library of classic television programing including Happy Days and My Three Sons.[14] Some of the older television shows moved from ALN to its sister network, FamilyNet on March 1, 2010,[15] when it was spun out into its own company with Robert A. Schuller as the chairman.[16]


On September 27, 2011, ALN was rebranded as Youtoo TV with a focus on mobile devices; as of that date, all links to the website redirected to a page inviting viewers to sign up for the new service at The only "retro" programs remaining on the schedule are Batman, The Green Hornet, and The X-Files.

Executives claim Youtoo TV to be a social television service, allowing viewers to participate in television programming using personal electronic devices. Interactive features include the ability for viewers to create and submit 15-second videos, called "Fame Spots", commenting on a variety of subjects, which will air.

In addition, the network will carry programming such as Howcast and Christopher Coppola's Digivangelist Show. Also on the network will be new TV versions of Web series including GeekBeat.TV, Koldcast, and Rooftop Media. The network also will have interactive programs including Say Yes & Marry Me, which will offer viewers the opportunity to propose marriage on-air via Fame Spots.[17] Re-purposed programming from Revision3 was removed from the network after that provider's sale to Discovery Communications in 2012.

One of the creators of Youtoo TV is producer Mark Burnett, through his own social media project, by content marketing studio VIMBY.[18]

It was reported in September 2014 that Youtoo TV has acquired America One, its network of terrestrial (mostly low-power) affiliates, and most of its remaining, non-sports programming. (Prior to this, only one terrestrial affiliate, WBQP-CD, carried Youtoo over the air.) The merger was finalized in Spring 2015, with the resulting network becoming "Youtoo America".


The network is available on Time Warner Cable and Comcast, among other providers. Charter Communications previously carried the channel until November 15, 2011, when the channel was dropped from Charter's lineups; this decision was made before the re-brand of ALN, as the channel received carriage under that provider's "faith and values"/religious tier of networks and no longer carried religious or family-appropriate programming for a majority of the broadcast day.[17] At the launch of Youtoo, the network offered up to $200 in bill credits to viewers who switched to a provider that offered the network.[17] As per an email sent to its subscribers, Verizon FiOS dropped the channel on December 31, 2012 along with MAVTV, and Blue Highways TV.

Youtoo America offers a live feed of its programming on the Internet, along with some on-demand programming behind a soft paywall.


















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina



Puerto Rico

South Carolina




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External links

America One

America One was an American television network established in 1995 by USFR Media Group through its America One Television subsidiary. The network served over 170 LPTV, Class A, full-power, cable and satellite affiliate stations. It was one of the first TV stations to have online live video streaming, before the tech bubble burst in 2000. At least twenty of the stations carried America One's complete 168-hour weekly transmission.

In 2003, the network went through a restructuring, being placed within USFR Media Group's VOTH Network, Inc. subsidiary.In 2009, the network came under the ownership of America One Television Network, Inc. as a result of a shareholder buyout from USFR Media Group.In 2010, America One Television Network merged with B2 Broadcasting to create the holding company One Media Corp, Inc., which America One & B2 Broadcasting then became subsidiaries of, while retaining their respective brand identities.According to its press release in 2013, it broadcast "5500 live and exclusive events, over 100 U.S. Colleges, 70 professional sports teams and hundreds of top professional leagues from Asia and Europe."It was reported in September 2014 that One Media Corp had sold America One to Center Post Networks, LLC, owner of Youtoo TV. The sale was finalized sometime in spring 2015, with Center Post Networks merging the two networks, resulting in both networks being replaced by Youtoo America.

Business Talk Radio Network

BizTalkRadio is a radio network in the United States. Its programming focuses on the entrepreneur, small business owner and listener who wants to manage their family's assets. Formally 'Business Talk Radio Network,' BTR was purchased by Centerpost Limited in October 2013. Centerpost is a private media company that also owns BizTV, Youtoo America TV and Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. BizTalkRadio currently has over 300 radio stations that air its programming.


KGCS-LD is a low-powered digital television station that is licensed to and serving Joplin, Missouri. The station broadcasts a digital signal on UHF channel 22, and it is owned by the Board of Governors at Missouri Southern State University. The station is an affiliate of Youtoo America (formerly America One).


KKAX-LP is a low-power television station in Kingman, Arizona, licensed to Hilltop, an unincorporated area within Kingman. It is a Youtoo America affiliate, and is locally owned by Tri-State Broadcasting, LLC. KKAX-LP broadcasts on UHF channel 36 from its transmitter located on Hayden Peak, and serves Kingman, Golden Valley and surrounding area. The signal reaches Bullhead City and Mohave Valley, AZ via microwave link located on Black Mountain near Oatman, and is repeated on K23BJ in Lake Havasu City.


KMCA-LD is a low-power television station in Redding, California, broadcasting locally as a Youtoo America affiliate on digital channel 10. The station is owned by Mark Allen of M.C. Allen Productions, who also owns KACX-LP Channel 3 Red Bluff and had owned KVTU-LP Channel 3 Los Angeles (now owned by DTV America and airs Galavisión programming) and KMCA Radio (now of Hilo, Hawaii). It picked up the America One affiliation from KGEC-LP in 2003.

KM Communications

KM Communications, Inc. is the owner of several television and radio stations throughout the United States. The company, based in Skokie, Illinois, gets its name from the first names of its President, Myoung Hwa Bae and her husband, Kun Chae Bae. Their son, Kevin Joel Bae, is the General Manager of the company.

Founded in 1988, KM Communications has grown to nine radio stations and 10 television stations, with construction permits for seven additional radio and nine additional television stations.

The stations owned by KM Communications get their programming from a variety of sources, but the most common affiliation is with Westwood One for their radio stations and Youtoo America network for their television stations.


KORK-CD, channel 35, is a low-powered digital television station licensed to Portland, Oregon, owned by Watch TV, Inc. which carries programming from Youtoo America. The station did carry programming from the Home Shopping Network until 2010.


KORS-CD is a low-powered television station licensed to Portland, Oregon, broadcasting from Portland on digital channel 16.

The station's digital signal is multiplexed:

Digital channelsSubchannel 16.1 runs three hours of children's programming from Youtoo America each week to meet its "E/I" programming requirements.


KOXI-CD, channel 20, is a low-powered digital television station licensed to Camas, Washington, owned by WatchTV, Inc. The station carries programming from Youtoo America.


KWVT-LD is a television station licensed to Salem, Oregon, serving the Portland, Oregon metro area. It broadcasts a digital signal on UHF channel 49 from West Portland. Operated by Northwest Television, LLC, the call sign KWVT stands for "Willamette Valley Television".

The lineup consists of classic television shows and movies, local and international sports and community interest programming, many of these from the Youtoo America network. Independent producers also develop original programming for KWVT, such as Garden Time, Fusion, High Desert Outdoorsman and Living Culture, as well as music video shows Hard Times, My Hits and Country Comfort. KWVT has a high definition production facilities that covers area events such as high school football.

KWVT is the Local Primary Emergency Alert System station for the "(Oregon State) Capitol Operational Area".

Urban America Television

Urban America Television (UATV) is a defunct over-the-air television broadcast network in the United States. According to the company's website, the network had 70 affiliate stations. UATV claimed to have had a reach of 22 million households in the United States. It was a successor to the earlier American Independent Television network and began broadcasting December 3, 2001 at 8am (CST). Created and developed by Fred Hutton (among others) the early programming featured independent produced programs, along with 1930s and 1940s public domain race films.

The company was the only minority-certified television network with the National Minority Supplier Development Council.


W06AY-D is a low-powered television station that is licensed to and serving Lebanon, Kentucky. It is affiliated with the Youtoo America programming service, and it is owned by local businessman Gary White. It broadcasts on VHF channel 6.

Due to its very low power output of 300 watts (0.3 kW), this station's signal only blankets all of Marion County, along with northern Taylor and Washington Counties, all of which is in the Louisville, Kentucky media market. On a clear day, the station may be picked up in western Boyle County, which is in the Lexington TV market.

W06AY-D is also carried on Time Warner Cable systems in Marion and Washington Counties, as well as in Nelson County, which includes the Bardstown area.

This station is a sponsor of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.


WJNI-LD channel 31 is a low-powered television station in North Charleston, South Carolina, affiliated with the Youtoo America Television network.

WJNI-LD is owned and operated by Jabar Communications out of North Charleston, which owns several radio stations, including WJNI-FM.

Previously, WJNI-LD was affiliated with the UATV network; however, UATV suspended operations indefinitely on May 1, 2006.


WJTS-CD is a low-power television station in Jasper, Indiana, broadcasting locally on channel 18 as an affiliate of Youtoo America. The station is currently owned by DC Broadcasting, and airs a mixture of family programming, local sports, public affairs and children's programming.

WJTS-CD carries sports programming such as The Outdoorsman, Purdue Express, and Inside Notre Dame Football and Basketball. In addition, the station carries over 100 high-school sporting events from area schools. The station has also aired special, locally produced programming, such as the Colgate Country Showdown.

The station’s broadcasting facilities consist of three satellite downlink stations ("earth stations"), optical and magnetic playback facilities, and a 300-foot transmission tower.


WNCE-CD channel 31 is a Class-A LPTV television Station in Glens Falls, New York. Formerly an affiliate of Network One & America One, WNCE switched to Youtoo America after A1 discontinued service. Formerly known as TV8, now Look TV (with the "oo" as a sideways number 8), WNCE also airs locally produced programming, including a live music program called 8 Trax Live, and a nightly news program called "North News 8".

Their web site can be found here:


WNCR-LD, TV-41, is owned and operated by On the Map,Inc, a for-profit North Carolina multimedia corporation. Founder Ray H. Livesay began operations in 2001 and included the only local, regularly broadcast newscast for the Wilson, Nash and Edgecombe county areas of Eastern North Carolina.

Studios and operations are located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, It is an affiliate of the Youtoo America Television Network.


WREP-LD is a low-power television station in Martinsville, Indiana, broadcasting locally as a Youtoo America affiliate (formerly Youtoo TV) on channel 15. The station is owned by the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville.

In addition to America One programming, the station broadcasts over 100 IHSAA sporting events and Coaches' shows throughout the year.


WVVH-CD is a Class A low-power television station in East Hampton (town), New York, broadcasting locally on channel 50. WVVH-CD is owned by Greg and Ernie Schmizzi, doing business as Video Voice, and runs programming from Youtoo America and Outside Television.

Although the FCC record lists it in Southampton, New York, its studios, antenna and mailing address are by the East Hampton Airport in Wainscott, New York in East Hampton near the Southampton border.

The station claims to be the largest FCC-licensed station in Suffolk County, New York.In addition to its network programming, WVVH-CD also shows local programming, such as the Hampton Classic Horse Show, Hamptons International Film Festival, and the Bridgehampton Road Rally, as well as the talk show In The Mixx, which premiered in summer 2012. At one time, WVVH maintained a local newscast, but eventually began carrying INN News. WVVH also carried the syndicated The Daily Buzz program on weekday mornings.


WYLN-LP is a Class-A television station in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, broadcasting locally as a Youtoo America affiliate on channel 35. It went on the air in 1989 as W35AT, and changed to the current WYLN-LP in 1996. It became the first affiliate of The WB in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton market that year, later losing the affiliation to WSWB-TV in 1998. After that it became an America One affiliate. It is owned by Triple J Community Broadcasting, L.L.C.

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