Yalova Province

Yalova Province (Turkish: Yalova ili) is a province in northwestern Turkey, on the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Its adjacent provinces are Bursa to the south and Kocaeli to the east. The provincial capital is the city of Yalova. The population of the Yalova Province was 203,741 in 2010. Prior to 1930, the area around Yalova constituted a district of Kocaeli Province; from 1930 to 1995, it was made part of Istanbul Province; in 1995, the area was separated and made into the current Yalova Province.

Yalova Province

Yalova ili
Location of Yalova Province in Turkey
Location of Yalova Province in Turkey
RegionEast Marmara
 • Electoral districtYalova
 • Total847 km2 (327 sq mi)
 • Total262,234
 • Density310/km2 (800/sq mi)
Area code(s)0226
Vehicle registration77


Yalova Province is divided into 6 districts:

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Su Düşen Waterfall, near Termal, Yalova

Armutlu 7005

Ferry port of Armutlu

Yalova Market

A market in Yalova

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Coordinates: 40°38′39″N 29°11′37″E / 40.64417°N 29.19361°E


Altınova is a town and district of Yalova Province in the east of Marmara region of Turkey. The mayor is Metin Oral (AKP).

Armutlu, Yalova

Armutlu is a town and district of Yalova Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The mayor is Mehmet Birkan (AKP).

Armutlu Peninsula

Armutlu Peninsula (Turkish: Armutlu Yarımadası) is a peninsula extending westward into Marmara Sea in the Anatolian section of Turkey. In addition to Yalova Province, parts of Kocaeli Province and Bursa Province are on the peninsula.

Battle of Bapheus

The Battle of Bapheus occurred on 27 July 1302, between an Ottoman army under Osman I and a Byzantine army under George Mouzalon. The battle ended in a crucial Ottoman victory, cementing the Ottoman state and heralding the final capture of Byzantine Bithynia by the Turks.


Bithynia (; Koine Greek: Βιθυνία, Bithynía) was an ancient region, kingdom and Roman province in the northwest of Asia Minor, adjoining the Propontis, the Thracian Bosporus and the Euxine Sea. It bordered Mysia to the southwest, Paphlagonia to the northeast along the Pontic coast, and Phrygia to the southeast towards the interior of Asia Minor.

Bithynia was an independent kingdom from the 4th century BC. Its capital Nicomedia was rebuilt on the site of ancient Astacus in 264 BC by Nicomedes I of Bithynia. Bithynia was bequeathed to the Roman Republic in 74 BC, and became united with the Pontus region as the province of Bithynia et Pontus. In the 7th century it was incorporated into the Byzantine Opsikion theme.

It became a border region to the Seljuk Empire in the 13th century, and was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Turks between 1325 and 1333.

Governor of Yalova

The Governor of Yalova (Turkish: Yalova Valiliği) is the bureaucratic state official responsible for both national government and state affairs in the Province of Yalova. Similar to the Governors of the 80 other Provinces of Turkey, the Governor of Yalova is appointed by the Government of Turkey and is responsible for the implementation of government legislation within Yalova. The Governor is also the most senior commander of both the Yalova provincial police force and the Yalova Gendarmerie.

Gökçe Dam

Gökçe Dam is a dam in Turkey. The development was backed by the Turkish State Hydraulic Works.

Harmankaya Nature Park

Harmankaya Nature Park (Turkish: Harmankaya Tabiat Parkı) is a nature park located in Termal district of Yalova Province, northwestern Turkey.Harmanlı Nature Park is located 18 km (11 mi) to Yalova, 6 km (3.7 mi) to Termal and 5 km (3.1 mi) to Üvezpınar village, and situated south of Termal district on the road between Üvezpınar and Sudüşen Waterfall close to the provincial border to Bursa. The area covering 1 ha (2.5 acres), which formerly had a registered recreational area status, was declared a nature park by the Ministry of Environment and Forest on July 11, 2011.

Limnae (Bithynia)

Limnae or Limnai (Ancient Greek: Λίμναι) was a town of ancient Bithynia on the coast of the Propontis.

It was a colony of Miletus.Its site is located near Hersek, in Asiatic Turkey.

List of populated places in Yalova Province

Below is the list of populated places in Yalova Province, Turkey by the districts. In the following lists first place in each list is the administrative center of the district.

Osman Gazi Bridge

The Osmangazi Bridge (Turkish: Osman Gazi Köprüsü) is a suspension bridge spanning the Gulf of İzmit at its narrowest point, 2,620 m (8,600 ft). The bridge links the Turkish city of Gebze to the Yalova Province and carries the O-5 motorway across the gulf. The bridge was opened on 1 July 2016 and surpassed the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge to become the longest bridge in Turkey and the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world by the length of its central span.

The length of the bridge is expected to be surpassed by the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, which is currently under construction across the Dardanelles strait.


Pratomysia was a Roman town of ancient Bithynia. Its name does not occur in ancient authors but is inferred from epigraphic and other evidence.Its site is located near Gacık, Asiatic Turkey.


Pytheion (Ancient Greek: Πύθειον), also called Pythia Therma, was a town of ancient Bithynia.

Its site is located near Yalova Kap, Asiatic Turkey.


Sangarus or Sangaros (Ancient Greek: Σάγγαρος) was a town of ancient Bithynia near the shore of the Propontis. In the 4th century, an early Christian sect, the Novatianists, held a synod here. Yitzhak ha-Sangari may have been a native.

Its site is located near Engüre, Asiatic Turkey.

Sea of Marmara

The Sea of Marmara (; Turkish: Marmara Denizi), also known as the Sea of Marmora or the Marmara Sea, and in the context of classical antiquity as the Propontis is the inland sea, entirely within the borders of Turkey, that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, thus separating Turkey's Asian and European parts. The Bosphorus strait connects it to the Black Sea and the Dardanelles strait to the Aegean Sea. The former also separates Istanbul into its Asian and European sides. The Sea of Marmara is a small sea with an area of 11,350 km2 (4,380 sq mi), and dimensions 280 km × 80 km (174 mi × 50 mi). Its greatest depth is 1,370 m (4,490 ft).

Strobilos (Bithynia)

Strobilos (Ancient Greek: Στρόβιλος) was a town of ancient Bithynia. It is not mentioned by any ancient authors, but appears in epigraphic and other evidence.

Its site is located near Çiftlik in Asiatic Turkey.


Yalova is a city located in northwestern Turkey, near the eastern coast of the Sea of Marmara. Yalova has a city population of 100,863, while the population of Yalova Province is 118,998 as of 2011. Currently there is a controversy around the municipal election results in Yalova especially after the Supreme Election Board invalidated the 2014 Municipal Election results on April 24, 2014 after a few recounts that changed results.

Yalova (electoral district)

Yalova is an electoral district of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. It elects 2 members of parliament (deputies) to represent the province of the same name for a four-year term by the D'Hondt method, a party-list proportional representation system.


Çiftlikköy is a town and district of Yalova Province in the Marmara region of Turkey. The mayor is Metin Dağ (DP).

Yalova Province of Turkey


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