Yager Development

Yager Development GmbH is an independent German video game developer founded in 1999 by 5 developers and artists. They are most known for developing Yager in 2003, Spec Ops: The Line in 2012 with 2K Games. They later began work on Dead Island 2 together with Deep Silver, however Deep Silver cut ties with Yager in 2015.[2] As a result, Yager Development's division, Yager Productions GmbH, filed for insolvency in July 2015.[3]

Spec Ops: The Line has won multiple awards, including Machinima.com's 2012 Inside Gaming Awards for the Best Narrative.[4]

Yager Development GmbH
Industry Video game industry
Founded December 19, 1999
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Products Yager
Spec Ops: The Line
Number of employees
Website Official website

Games developed

Title Year Genre Platform Publisher
Yager 2003 Combat flight simulator Xbox, Win THQ
Aerial Strike: Low Altitude - High Stakes 2005 Combat flight simulator Win DreamCatcher Interactive and THQ
Spec Ops: The Line 2012 Third-person shooter Win, PS3, X360, OS X, Linux 2K Games
Dreadnought 2017 Space flight simulator Win, PlayStation 4 Grey Box


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