Xylomyidae is a family of flies known commonly as the wood soldier flies. They are xylophagous and are associated with dead or dying wood.[4]

Solva marginata
Scientific classification



Figure 82 Wing venation of Xylomyia maculata

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These flies are 4 to 14 millimeters long. Their coloration is variable. They have spurs on the mid and hind tibiae. The antennae are conical.[5][6]


As of 2011 there were 138 described species in four genera.[7][5] These include:

Species lists



 Xylomyidae subfamily Xylomyinae of Stratiomyidae in older works




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Arthropeina is a fly genus in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies".

Arthropeina fulva

Arthropeina fulva is a species of Fly in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies".

British Soldierflies and Their Allies

British Soldierflies and their allies (an illustrated guide to their identification and ecology) is a book by Alan E. Stubbs and Martin Drake, published by the British Entomological and Natural History Society in 2001. A second edition was published in 2014.It is a sequel to an earlier volume, British Hoverflies: an identification guide, and covers the following families of flies, which collectively are known as the "Larger Brachycera": Acroceridae, Asilidae, Athericidae, Bombyliidae, Rhagionidae, Scenopinidae, Stratiomyidae, Tabanidae, Therevidae, Xylomyidae and Xylophagidae.

The book introduced English names for all included species, the first time this has been done in a scientific reference work for a whole group of flies.

It contains a set of photographic plates by David Wilson.

Coenomyiodes edwardsi

Coenomyiodes edwardsi is a species of Fly in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies".

Larger brachycera

The Larger brachycera is a name which refers to flies in the following families of the suborder Brachycera:

Acroceridae, the hunchback-flies

Asilidae, the robberflies

Athericidae, the water-snipeflies

Bombyliidae, the bee-flies

Rhagionidae, the snipeflies

Scenopinidae, the windowflies

Stratiomyidae, the soldierflies

Tabanidae, the horseflies

Therevidae, the stiletto-flies

Xylomyidae, the wood-soldierflies

Xylophagidae, the awl-flies

List of soldierflies and allies of Great Britain

The following is a list of the larger Brachycera recorded in Britain, this includes the soldierflies and their allies.

Solva (fly)

Solva is a fly genus in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies".

Solva marginata

Solva marginata also known as the drab wood-soldierfly is a species of soldier fly in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies".

Solva pallipes

Solva pallipes is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae. It is found throughout most of North America.Adults are found in shady, wooded areas, often on tree trunks. They have also been found on Chrysanthemum plants, and are attracted to lights. Larvae have been found underneath the bark of cottonwood, Carolina poplar, Osage orange, and red mulberry trees.


Stratiomyoidea is a superfamily of flies (order Diptera).

The antennae have a primitive structure. A characteristic morphological characteristic of Pantophthalmidae only is the size of the body: in this family are included, in fact, some species that are among the largest within the Diptera, reaching even 10 cm in wingspan.

The larvae are aquatic or terrestrial habitats and behave in most cases as scavengers at the expense of organic material in decomposition.


The brachyceran infraorder Stratiomyomorpha is a small group that consists primarily of the family Stratiomyidae (soldier flies) and two small related families.

The larvae are often saprophages, and many can be found in rotting wood.


The Tephritoidea are a superfamily of flies. The following families are included:

Pallopteridae — flutter flies

Piophilidae — skippers

Platystomatidae — signal flies



Tephritidae — fruit flies

Ulidiidae (Otitidae) — picture-winged fliesThe Tachiniscinae, formerly ranked as the family Tachiniscidae, are now included in the Tephritidae.


Xylomya is a fly genus in the family Xylomyidae, the "wood soldier flies". There are at least 30 described species in Xylomya.

Xylomya americana

Xylomya americana is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

Xylomya pallidifemur

Xylomya pallidifemur is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

Xylomya parens

Xylomya parens is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

Xylomya simillima

Xylomya simillima is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

Xylomya tenthredinoides

Xylomya tenthredinoides is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

Xylomya terminalis

Xylomya terminalis is a species of fly in the family Xylomyidae.

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