Xtreme Pro Wrestling

Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) was an American independent professional wrestling promotion in Los Angeles owned by Rob Zicari. Zicari appeared on shows as the on-camera owner under the name Rob Black alongside his wife Lizzy Borden. The promotion focused on hardcore wrestling, and under Zicari, it had connections to the Los Angeles porn industry as real life owner of Extreme Associates. From 2000 to 2002, XPW held an annual deathmatch tournament called Baptized in Blood.

In 2002, Shane Douglas returned to XPW, and the "All-New XPW" was relocated in Pennsylvania. Thanks to promotional efforts on the part of Shane Douglas and Cody Michaels, the East Coast invasion featured XPW garnering some success in cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Big Vision Entertainment held two XPW reunion shows, Cold Day In Hell in May 2008 and XPW X in August 2009.

Bleacher Report rates XPW as the #2 worst wrestling promotion ever.[1]

Xtreme Pro Wrestling
StyleHardcore wrestling
Sports entertainment
HeadquartersSouthern California
Founder(s)Rob Zicari
Owner(s)Rob Zicari Tom Byron
ParentExtreme Associates (1999–2003)
Xtreme Entertainment Group (2004–2008)
Big Vision Entertainment
Rob Black Entertainment


Original West Coast Edition (1999–2002)

XPW was founded in the summer of 1999 on the West Coast, particularly Los Angeles, California. The promotion based its style around hardcore wrestling, featuring many very violent matches. In addition, XPW kept a huge focus on the soap opera aspect of wrestling, as the storylines involved porn stars,[2] alternative lifestyles, profanity, and sadistic violence. The first show was on July 31, 1999.[2] The announce team for XPW consisted of Kris Kloss and Larry Rivera, with Kloss doing the play-by-play and Rivera taking on the role as a heel color commentator. Kloss's trademark was screaming expletives or shrieking a high pitched scream when something shocking occurred in a match, typically ruining the effect of the high spot. Rivera often sided with Rob Black, and his trademark announcing consisted of referring to Kloss as "chico", using "chico" in nearly all of his sentences, and occasional wandering into Spanish announcing. In this period, the promotion's main stars were homegrown wrestlers, but many former stars of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) passed through XPW following the fall of that promotion.

In 2000, Rob Black purchased six front row tickets for ECW's Heat Wave pay-per-view in 2000. The tickets for the show were given to a cadre of XPW talent, as their mission was to make it clear that ECW was on enemy turf. At the beginning of the main event, the XPW contingent (The Messiah, Kid Kaos, Supreme, Kristi Myst, Homeless Jimmy and Kris Kloss) donned shirts emblazoned with the logo of their home company, gaining the attention of security and Tommy Dreamer. Security ejected the XPW group. A brawl in the parking lot then broke out between the XPW ring crew and the ECW locker room, but the XPW wrestlers were not involved. In the parking lot, several of the ECW wrestlers brutalized the XPW ring crew in a street fight until several of the ring crew members were left bloodied.[3] Initial reports claimed that Kristi Myst somehow touched Francine and that prompted the incident, but Francine herself has since gone on record as saying that she was never grabbed or in any other way touched by any of the XPW crew, and other eyewitnesses support the story that Francine never had a hand laid on her. Although fans did throw up the XPW arm signature, XPW was not officially acknowledged on the telecast. On screen Joey Styles, ECW's color commentator, stated during the incident "apparently The Sandman has shared a few too many beers with the fans at ringside" and "apparently a drunken fan at ringside put his hands on Francine." Also you can see Francine angry on camera due to being touched by XPW member, even though years later it was revealed that none of the XPW crew touched Francine.

Shortly after the ECW Incident, XPW would have their one-year anniversary show "Go Funk Yourself" at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on July 22, 2000. The main event being XPW World Heavyweight Champion Sabu facing off against Terry Funk. The event was considered by many a high point for XPW. Unfortunately, it would be four more months until XPW would put on another show. During that time period, an attempt to bring in Japanese Deathmatch Pioneer Atsushi Onita for an exploding ring match failed.

One of the main storylines for most of 2001 concerned heel stable called the "Black Army". The Black Army was run by Rob Black, assisted by his wife (porn star Lizzy Borden), with their top star The Messiah and his feud with Sabu. Also, throughout most of 2001, another heel stable called the "Enterprise" emerged to eventually feud with the Black Army the following year. Originally consisting of former "Black Army" henchmen Steve Rizzono, Motivational Speaker TJ Rush, porn star Veronica Caine and GQ Money, the stable was completed at the Damage Inc. show when Kid Kaos won the brand new XPW Television Title, turned his back on his uncle, Supreme, and aligned himself with the Enterprise. After this surprise heel turn, Kid Kaos dropped the "Kid" from his name and nicknamed himself "The Rock Superstar" Kaos.

For a year, April 2001 to April 2002, XPW would run shows at the legendary Los Angeles venue Grand Olympic Auditorium. Such notable events were their two-year anniversary show "Damage Inc.", a double ringed War Games style cage match "Genocide", and the infamous 40 foot scaffold match between Vic Grimes and New Jack at "Free Fall". Also many big names debuted in XPW at the time, such as The Sandman, Vampiro, Konnan, Insane Clown Posse, and Psicosis.

At XPW's three year anniversary show, "Night of Champions" in July 2002, Shane Douglas made his return to XPW as the mystery opponent of Johnny Webb, winning the XPW title. Following the match, the revelation that Douglas and Lizzy Borden were allies emerged, which would crush Rob Black to the point that Borden inherited the power of XPW. The organization then based its operations to the East Coast in Philadelphia, PA at the New Alhambra Arena. The event also saw the Third King of the Deathmatch Tournament, which got released on home video as Baptized In Blood III.

East Coast Invasion (2002–2003)

XPW debuted at the former ECW Arena on August 31, 2002, at the Hostile Takeover event, and Shane Douglas was the promotion's focal point for the rest of the year. Controversy arose when XPW signed an exclusive lease with the New Alhambra Arena, preventing other independent promotions from holding shows at the venue. As XPW continued to run on the East Coast, the risque storylines were quickly phased out, and a majority of XPW's West Coast employees were not a part of the "All-New XPW." The relocation to the East Coast also resulted in many former ECW stars passing through XPW, whether it be on a regular basis or one-night appearances.

They would eventually return to their home of Los Angeles for a few shows in early 2003. On March 8, 2003, they did a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which had 1,500 in attendance, mainly due to Pittsburgh being Shane Douglas's hometown. This would be XPW's very last show. There were scheduled shows in April 2003 on The East Coast. Supposedly tickets were selling very poorly prior to the event, then XPW announced they were canceling the event due to a storm that was not as big as XPW boasted to be on their website.

In April 2003, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden were indicted on obscenity charges due to pornographic material produced by XPW's parent company, Extreme Associates. Federal agents in Pittsburgh had purchased the offending material, which depicted scenes of rape, urination, and murder. The stress of the trial took a toll on the owners of the company, and XPW could no longer be subsidized financially. In January 2005, the charges were dropped but on December 8, 2005, an appeals court revived the charges (See United States v. Extreme Associates). Xtreme Entertainment Group (which later split into XEG and Big Vision Entertainment, the company of which XPW employee Kevin Kleinrock would later become Executive Vice President) purchased the XPW name and video library in 2004. Black stated "If I never got indicted I would have definitely kept the wrestling thing going."[4]

The only XPW pay-per-view was "The Best of XPW", a compilation of highlights which aired in the Summer of 2003.


Cold Day in Hell (2008)

Cold Day in Hell
Cold Day in Hell (Xtreme Pro Wrestling poster, 2008)
PromotionXtreme Pro Wrestling
DateMay 24, 2008
CityRedondo Beach, California[5]
VenueAviation Park
"Keep Moving On" by Five Victims Four Graves[2]

An XPW reunion show called Cold Day in Hell took place on May 24, 2008, at Aviation Park in Redondo Beach, California.[6] The event was originally going to be called Hell Freezes Over, before changing it to Cold Day in Hell.[7]

In June 2007, the XPW rights owners, Big Vision Entertainment, worked on Wrestling Society X which featured many XPW alumni. While working on the project they came up with the idea to create a reunion show.[8] The event was produced by Kevin Kleinrock, Mike Hartsfield and Kris Kloss. Vic Grimes was originally scheduled to be part of the event, however he later needed to drop out due to injury.[9]

Big Vision Entertainment released it on DVD and Blu-ray in January 2009.[10] The DVD includes the entire main event and a 45-minute pre-show.[11]

Preliminary matches

The show started with the first ever Dynamite D Tribute Battle Royal. Carnage eventually lit the tape on his hand on fire and eliminated the final remaining competitors with a flaming clothesline. Carnage, after receiving the D Cup, gave it to Dynamite D's mother.

Prior to the second match, XPW hosted the Miss Extreme Competition, hosted by Joey Ryan. Women were competing based on skills like lap dances and beer chugging. When women began getting spanked with a barbed wire glove, Nicky, "The New York Knockout", beat up the other contestants. No official winner was declared.[12]

Kaos and Vampiro wrestled next, which included Kaos being bodyslammed onto a fluorescent light tube. Kaos ultimately won the match, with both wrestlers backs cut and bleeding from the glass.

Prior to Angel, "The Hardcore Homo"'s match, he was presented with a birthday cake and presents for his 19th birthday. GQ Money was hiding among the gifts who attacked Angel with the help of Bo Cooper. Angel performmed the Bronco Buster with his assless tights and then poured a bag of condoms and sex toys out. Money shot a fireball at Angel pick up the victory. Following the match, Pratt came out to help Angel.

Following the Angel/Money match, J. Love forced Leroy the Ring Crew Guy to clean up the remaining glass from the Kaos/Vampiro match. Pogo the Clown came out with a shovel and beat up both Leroy and J. Love, before being stopped by The Sandman and a Singapore cane. Sandman eventually picked up the victory after J. Love hit Pogo with a kendo stick, which distracted him enough to allow for Sandman to gain control.

Terry Funk, the special referee for the "White Trash" Johnny Webb & Raven vs. Homeless Jimmy & Concussion, announced that Sabu, who was originally in the match could not compete due to a broken a vertebrae in his neck. Sabu however came to the ring during the match and although was removed by security distracted Funk enough that Funk got knocked out. Raven and Webb ultimately picked up the victory after Webb gave Jimmy a DDT on top of a chair.

The Team Rev Pro vs Team XPW match was scheduled to be Team Rev Pro (Ron Rivera, Disco Machine and Joey Ryan) (with Mr. McPhenom and CW Anderson) vs. Team XPW (Jardi Frantz, Vinnie Massaro and a mystery partner). Just prior to the match, X-Pac was revealed to be the mystery partner. Team XPW ultimately lost the when Disco pinning Franz. Following the match X Pac hit the Bronco Buster on both Mr. McPhenom and Anderson.

The follow 3-way match featured Luke Hawx vs. Jack Evans vs. Scorpio Sky. Hawx ultimately picked up with victory by submission with a front face lock on Scorpio.

Main event matches

In the first of two main event matches, The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) were scheduled to take on The Westside NGZ (Chronic & B.G. Rott). B.C. Killer and Mr. California came out instead of The Gangstas, and began beating up The Westside NGZ. The Gangstas eventually came out with tons of weapons and scored a victory over The Westside NGZ. Following the match, New Jack announced that this would be his retirement match.

The final match of the meeting featured Necro Butcher (with J.R. Benson) facing Supreme for the return of the XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship. Supreme ultimately won the match and the championship after delivering back body drop to Butcher on to a fluorescent light tube.

# Results Stipulations
1 Carnage defeated Robbie Phoenix, Stepfather, Exciter, Sexy Chino, RCG Leroy and Youth Suicide[13] Dynamite D Tribute Battle Royal
2 No winner Miss Xtreme Pageant (hosted by Joey Ryan)
3 Kaos defeated Vampiro[13] Grudge Match
4 GQ Money (with Bo Cooper) defeated Angel "The Hardcore Homo" (with Kraq)[13] Rubber match
5 The Sandman defeated Pogo the Clown[13] Singles match
6 Khan Kusion (replacing Sabu) and Homeless Jimmy defeated Raven and Johnny Webb[13] Tag Team War with special guest referee Terry Funk[5]
7 Team Rev Pro (Ron Rivera, Disco Machine and Joey Ryan) (with Mr. McPhenom and CW Anderson) defeated Team XPW (Jardi Frantz, Vinnie Massaro and X-Pac)[13] Six-man tag team match
8 Luke Hawx defeated Jack Evans and Scorpio Sky[13] Triple Threat Respect Match
9 The Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa) defeated The Westside NGZ (Big Rott and Chronic)[13] Tag Team Match
10 Supreme defeated Necro Butcher[13] Double Hell, Barbed Wire Chairs, Barbed Wire Light Tube Tables, Light Tube Table, Thumbtacks, Beds of Mouse Traps & Light Tubes Death match for the XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship

Ten Year Anniversary Spectacular (2009)

Ten Year Anniversary Spectacular
PromotionXtreme Pro Wrestling
DateAugust 22, 2009
CityLos Angeles, California
VenueArena Night Club

A second XPW reunion show called Ten Year Anniversary Spectacular! nicknamed XPW X took place on August 22, 2009,[14] in Los Angeles, at the Arena Night Club.[15] The event took place on the same weekend as SummerSlam took place in LA. The main event featured a XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship match in which Supreme beat Angel.[16]


During the pre-show, Joey Dynamite, Ray Rosas & Oso Loco beat Clay Motley, The Rookie 88, & Lucha Machine. Then in a 6-way match Marcus Riot beat Damien Arsenick, Willie Mac, LTP, Famous B, and Chimera. Then The Stepfather and The Red-Headed Stepchild called out Sexy Chino, who was sitting ringside, before beating him up in the ring Tool ran down to make the save.

Preliminary matches

Damien Steele, at the beginning of the show, was announced as the organization's new commissioner. When Steele entered the ring, accompanied by Nikki Jameson and Baby Slim (carrying the old XPW championship). Steele announced a tournament to crown the next champion. While Steele was announcing the matches Homeless Jimmy came down demanding a match in the tournament. Baby Slim attacked Jimmy from behind, however Jimmy ultimately won the match, by hitting a schoolboy out of the corner, and advancing in the tournament.

During the eight-person mixed tag match Team XPW (Matt Classic, White Trash Johhny Webb, Cast Iron Cothern and The Fabulous Thunderkitty) taking on Team SPW (Sacramento based promotion Supreme Pro Wrestling) (Dante, "The British Messiah" Timothy Thatcher, El Chupacabra, Dante and Christina von Eerie). Team SPW won following Dante's 450 frog splash.

Mr. McPhenom, (a character based on Vince McMahon) announced his plans to takeover XPW. McPhenom stated he would make XPW to more family friendly and sports-entertainment based. GQ Money was introduced as the financial-adviser to Mr. McPhenom. McPhenom told Money to bring the green, however when McPhenom realized what Money brought wasn't money but marijuana, McPhenom attacked Monday and set up a match for that in the evening. The match occurred after the iron man match, in which Money won.

Joey Ryan and Lizzy "J Love" Valentine against Monica and Vinnie Massaro met next in a 10-minute "strip iron man match" where the wrestler pinned had to remove an article of clothing. Each wrestler was pinned once, then Valentine was pinned two more times. Valentine refused to remove her top and instead brought out a body double, how removed her bra to reveal both breasts covered with a black x.

Scorpio Sky and "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross match ended abruptly and it was announced as a time limit draw.

Luke Hawx next challenged Cross (half of the final XPW World Tag Team Championship) and Sky to a tag title match. After Sky and Cross accepted, Hawx revealed his partner to be Sky was really his partner, however after double-teaming Cross, Tool entered as Cross' new partner. Cross tapped to a guillotine choke and Hawx and Sky were declared the new XPW World Tag Team Championship.

Leroy the Ring Crew Guy was then beaten by Pogo The Clown.

Main event matches

Carnage and Youth Suicide (accompanied by Vic Grimes) then fought in a "Burned in Hell Grudge Match" (aka a death match). Weapons were used such as a barbed-wire bat, light bulbs, a shower door, and a staple gun. Grimes eventually lit pizza cutter on fire, and using it to attack Carnage. Carnage eventually won after throwing lit flash paper at Youth Suicide.

Supreme then defended the XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship, against Angel the Hardcore Homo. Supreme dedicated the match to his father, who had died earlier that week. Angel (with Kraq and BFF Amanda), announced he would give up the "Hardcore Homo" if he didn't win. Despite the majority of the match turning into a 3-on-1 attack, with included barb wire covered tables, Supreme won the match to retain the title.

# Results Stipulations
1 Joey Dynamite, Ray Rosas & Oso Loco beat Clay Motley, The Rookie 88, & Lucha Machine
2 Marcus Riot beat Damien Arsenick, Willie Mac, LTP, Famous B, and Chimera Six-way match
3 The Step Father & The Red Headed Stepchild beat Robby Phoenix & BC Killer
4 Homeless Jimmy beat Slymm
5 Dante, Christina Von Eerie, Chupacabra, & Timothy Thatcher beat Johnny Webb, Matt Classic, The Fabulous Thunderkitty, & Cast Iron Cothern
6 Vinnie & Monica Massaro beat Joey Ryan & Lizzy Valentine 10 minute strip iron man match
7 GQ Money beat Mr. McPhenom
8 M-Dogg 20 drew Luke Hawx
9 Luke Hawx & Scorpio Sky beat M-Dogg 20 & Tool For the XPW Tag Title, which was previously vacated
10 Pogo the Clown beat Leroy the Ring Crew Guy
11 Carnage beat Youth Suicide Death match
12 Supreme beat Angel XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship match

XPW/Perros del Mal show (2011)

XPW/Perros del Mal show
PromotionXtreme Pro Wrestling
Perros del Mal
DateAugust 20, 2011
CityTultitlan, Mexico
VenueCentral de Refacciones

On August 20, 2011, XPW did a joint show with Perros del Mal in Tultitlan, Mexico.[17] The event took place at Central de Refacciones, a local junk yard.

During the show, Lolita beat Sexy Star in a stripping match. Each fall the loser must remove an article of clothing.[18] Lolita won 2 falls to 1, and at the end Sexy Star lost her top, although she tried to cover herself up.[19]

During the final match of the evening Damián 666, Bestia 666, Halloween, & X-Fly beat Carnage, Johnny Webb, Kaos, & Supreme. Damián got the pinfall after powerbombing Supreme onto light tubes. After the match, Damián stated that Supreme had not defended the XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship. Damián stated he was ready to retire, however he wanted one last match against Supreme, in an electrified cage match for the championship, and would then retire.[20]

# Results Stipulations
1 Dinamic Black beat Alan Extreme and Dragon Fly Three way dance
2 Drastick Boy & Tribal beat Dinastia & Konami
3 Celestial & Cosmico beat Mini Mr. Aguila & Mini Talisman
4 Dr. X-Treme, Ek-Balam, & Peligro beat Black Fire, Tony Rivera, & Zumbido
5 Lolita beat Sexy Star Three falls stripping match
6 Damián 666, Bestia 666, Halloween, & X-Fly beat Carnage, Johnny Webb, Kaos, & Supreme

TV Series (2001-2003)

Xtreme Pro Wrestling
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes127[21]
Original release2001 – 2003

From 2001 until 2003, XPW ran a locally televised TV show. The show original aired in Los Angeles but later switched to Philadelphia, with the companies move.[22]

Toward the end of 2002, Kris Kloss was dropped from the announcing booth and replaced with former ECW commentator Joey Styles. Styles, however, left the company, about one month later, in December 2002.[23]

As of 2009, the first three seasons of XPW's weekly television series have been released on DVD by Big Vision Entertainment.[24] XPW matches have also been extras on several other Big Vision wrestling DVDs, including Forever Hardcore and the Hardcore Homecoming series. Several XPW alumni worked for Wrestling Society X, which was produced by Big Vision Entertainment.



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Damián 666

Leonardo Carrera Gómez (born June 9, 1961) is a Mexican professional wrestler best known under the name Damián 666. He has worked for World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (FMW), Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA), World Wrestling Association (WWA) and various promotions on the Mexican independent circuit, including Perros del Mal Producciones (PdM). Carrera also worked under the ring name Galaxy in WCW, a masked Luchador. Carrera often teams with Halloween, leading to the formation of the team "Mexico's Most Wanted", which has worked extensively in North America for such promotions as Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) and Revolution Pro Wrestling (RPW). Carrera's son currently wrestles for on the international independent circuit as Bestia 666.

GQ Money

Ryan Katz (born 1976) is an American retired professional wrestler, promoter and manager signed to WWE as a producer. Katz is best known in Xtreme Pro Wrestling under the ring name GQ Money as the manager of Kaos of The Enterprise. Although that was where he got his notoriety, he actually started his career outside Denver, Colorado as the co-founder of the Central Wrestling Organization, and co-founder of Slam City Pro Wrestling School. In May 2015, Katz started working for WWE's developmental territory NXT, as a Creative Producer at the Performance Center.

John Kronus

George B. Caiazzo (January 13, 1969 – July 18, 2007) was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, John Kronus and later "Kronus". Caiazzo worked for Extreme Championship Wrestling, the United States Wrestling Association and Xtreme Pro Wrestling. He was perhaps best known as one-half of the tag team The Eliminators with Perry Saturn.

Justice Pain

Christopher Wilson (born May 16, 1978) is an American retired professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Justice Pain. Pain is best known for his time in Combat Zone Wrestling, as well as Xtreme Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Unplugged. He held numerous titles in his CZW stint and is the real life brother of CZW wrestler and former tag team partner Nick Gage.

List of former Xtreme Pro Wrestling personnel

Xtreme Pro Wrestling was a professional wrestling promotion based in Los Angeles, California from 1999 to 2002, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2003, and in Los Angeles from 2008 to 2009. Former employees in XPW consisted of professional wrestlers, managers, play-by-play and color commentators, announcers, interviewers and referees.

Luke Hawx

Oren Hawxhurst (born July 8, 1981) is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling promoter, actor, and stuntman. He is best known under the ring name Luke Hawx and is also known for his time in Xtreme Pro Wrestling under the ring name Altar Boy Luke, along with being the founder and current CEO of Wildkat Sports. He has appeared in box office hits like Logan and The Fate of the Furious.

Pat Hoed

Pat Hoed (born September 3, 1963 in Hollywood, California) is a singer, professional wrestling commentator and radio personality. He has performed under the guises of Fantasma (currently as a live vocalist/studio bassist for Brujeria), Larry Rivera (formerly a color commentator for Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)) and Adam Bomb (DJ for Final Countdown, a Hardcore radio show from 1983–1990). He was also featured in the song "Edgecrusher" on the album Obsolete with Fear Factory.

Rob Zicari

Robert D. Zicari a.k.a. Rob Black (born August 5, 1974) is an American pornographer, radio host and former professional wrestling promoter. Together with his then wife Janet Romano (a.k.a. Lizzy Borden) he owned the porn company Extreme Associates. Zicari was prosecuted for distribution of obscenity by the United States Department of Justice in 2004. The case was dismissed but was reinstated upon appeal in 2005. Zicari entered into a plea agreement with the government in 2009 ending the case. (See United States v. Extreme Associates.)

Steve Rizzono

Steve Coombs is a former professional wrestler best known for his stint in Xtreme Pro Wrestling. Coombs competed primarily as "The Gigolo" Steve Rizzono. At one time, Rizzono was also a bouncer and a personal trainer.

The Messiah (wrestler)

William C. Welch (born December 18, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name The Messiah.

Tom Byron

Tom Byron (born Thomas Bryan Taliaferro, Jr.; April 4, 1961) is a former American pornographic actor, director and producer. A member of the XRCO and the AVN Halls of Fame, Byron was also voted #20 in AVN's top 50 pornstars of all time. Byron is also co-founder and co-owner of the Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) independent professional wrestling promotion.

Tony Jones (wrestler)

Anthony "Tony" Jones (born April 6, 1971) is a retired American professional wrestler who competed in North American independent promotions, specifically California-based All-Pro Wrestling, Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

He has also had stints in World Wrestling Entertainment in 1998, 2001, 2003, and 2007 although he is best known for his appearance with sometimes tag team partner Mike Modest in Barry W. Blaustein's 1999 documentary Beyond the Mat.

Tylene Buck

Tylene Buck (born March 7, 1972) is an American pornographic actress, model, camgirl, former professional wrestler and valet. She is perhaps best known for her stint in World Championship Wrestling under the ring name Major Gunns.

Vic Grimes

Victor "Vic" Grimes (born January 3, 1963) is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling, Xtreme Pro Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation.

XPW European Championship

The Xtreme Pro Wrestling European Heavyweight Championship is a former professional wrestling title defended in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance.

The championship was created in 2003 through a working relationship between XPW and the FWA. This was to be the flagship of the working relationship as the title would be defended throughout Europe and would appear on both promotions respective television programmes, however the title's primary home was to be the FWA. Though it was defended in the FWA, the belt itself was never actually seen, due to XPW folding shortly after the tournament final that determined the first champion. Jonny Storm, the winner of the tournament continued to defend the belt which was supposedly in the briefcase he carried with him around the world until January 2005 when Storm officially vacated the title.

XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship

The XPW King of the Deathmatch Championship was one of Xtreme Pro Wrestling's championships. Originally, the championship existed as a trophy that was at stake in the first-ever Baptized in Blood event, which featured a Japanese-style 8-Man King of the Deathmatch tournament.

XPW Television Championship

The XPW Television Championship was introduced in 2001 by Xtreme Pro Wrestling and the champion was decided in a one night tournament at XPW's Damage Inc. event, which featured competitors such as Konnan, Johnny Webb, Kid Kaos, Dynamite D and Vic Grimes.

There would only be two XPW Television Champions, as Kaos held the championship for a year and a half. Kaos would go on to successfully defend the XPW Television Championship against the likes of Psicosis, Nosawa, Chris Hamrick, Danny Doring, Jonny Storm, and Shark Boy.

XPW World Heavyweight Championship

The XPW World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in the Xtreme Pro Wrestling promotion.

XPW's first World Champion was crowned in a Battle Royal match that saw Damien Steele and John Kronus as the last two remaining wrestlers. The two competed in a single fall match for the first XPW title defense. Steele would win this match to remain champion.

XPW World Tag Team Championship

The XPW World Tag Team Championship was introduced at Baptized in Blood III in 2002 by Xtreme Pro Wrestling and the championship was decided in a 4-Way Elimination Tag Team match that featured Mexico's Most Wanted (Halloween and Damián 666), The New Panthers (K. Malik Shabazz and Raphael Muhammed), the team of Pogo the Clown and Juantastico, and the team of American Wild Child and Shady. Only two teams would end up holding the XPW World Tag Team Championship on two occasions. Youthanazia, the team of Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20, were the final champions.

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