Wunder Beach

Wunder Beach (also known as Wonder Beach, Utah Beach and Sunder Beach) is a former U.S. Army logistics and supply base along the coast east of Quảng Trị and northwest of Huế.

Wunder Beach
Coordinates16°46′48″N 107°20′06″E / 16.78°N 107.335°E
TypeArmy Base
Site history
In use1968-70
Vietnam Service Medal ribbon

Vietnam War
Garrison information
Occupants159th Transport Battalion


The U.S. first established a base known as Utah Beach on 2 March 1968 to support the Tet Counteroffensive. The base was located on the coast at Thon Me Thuy, 16 km east of Quảng Trị and 40 km northwest of Huế.[1]

The base was developed as a ship offloading and logistics facility operated by the 159th Transport Battalion to support the operations of the 1st Cavalry Division and later the 101st Airborne Division.[1]

Other units based here included:

Current use

The base has been turned over to housing and farmland.


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