World Youth Day 2000

World Youth Day 2000 was a Catholic youth festival held from August 15–20, 2000 in Rome, Italy.

XV World Youth Day
DateAugust 15–20, 2000
LocationRome, Italy
TypeYouth festival
Theme"The word was made flesh,
and dwelt amongst us
(John 1:14)
Organised byCatholic Church
ParticipantsPope John Paul II
Previous1997 Paris
Next2002 Toronto
WebsiteOfficial site

The Pope's invitation to Rome

The Pope invited young Catholics to participate in the WYD held in Paris with these words:

"Dear young people, I give you an appointment for the next World Youth Day in Rome, during the summer of the year 2000. I am sure you will come to this extraordinary meeting. During the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 we will live together an experience of spiritual communion that will certainly mark our life. Time will tell."

Pope's message to the event

"After having crossed the continents, this Cross now returns to Rome bringing with it the prayer and commitment of millions of young people who in it have recognized the simple and sacred sign of God's love for humanity. As you know, precisely Rome will host the World Youth Day of the year 2000, in the heart of the Great Jubilee."

Message of John Paul II for WYD 2000, June 29, 1999


"The word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us" (John 1:14)[1] Pope John Paul II chose as the motto of this World Youth Day, the lapidary phrase with which the apostle John expresses the mystery of God made man. According to the apostle John: "What distinguishes the Christian faith in all other religions is the certainty that the man Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, the Word made flesh, the Second Person of the Trinity entered the world".[2]


The Official hymn "Emmanuel",[3][4] sung in Italian, Spanish, English and French, was composed by Marco Mammoli, Marco Brusati, Mauro Labellarte and Massimo Versaci[5] and arranged by Valter Vincenti. It was performed by Giuseppe Barbera.[6]

The logo summarizes the three fundamental elements of the World Youth Day: the place, the protagonists and the meeting. The city of Rome is represented by the dome of St. Peter's Basilica and the arms of the Bernini colonnade. The image of the dome recalls the reality of the Church and the pontiff.

The meeting between the Church and the world takes place through an "embrace", which represents the Church that welcomes the young Catholics of Rome.

For the colors, three flat colors of the same gradation werde chosen: yellow, orange and red. Yellow and red are the colors of the city of Rome, while the orange symbolizes the meeting as it is a mix between these two colors. [7]


Rom Peters Dom WJT2000
World Youth Day in St. Peter's Square

The international level celebration of World Youth Day in 2000 was meant to coincide with the Jubilee Year[8] proclaimed by Pope John Paul II, to celebrate 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ. This is also reflected in the theme for the celebrations.

The program of the Days

The Pope greeted the pilgrims in St. Peter's Square before the WYDs, "Days in the Dioceses" were held, which for the first time included volunteer experiences.

Tuesday 15 August

The fifteenth WYD officially began in the afternoon with the opening mass in Archbasilica of St. John Lateran presided by the Pope reserved for young Romans and Italians. Subsequently, the Pope moved to St. Peter's Square in which there was a celebration of welcome reserved for young foreigners.

Wednesday 16 August

Beginning of the three days of morning catechesis for the participants, held in some churches in Rome and neighboring dioceses divided by linguistic groups held by cardinals and bishops from all over the world. From this day it was possible for the young participants take the Jubilee Pilgrimage crossing the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica.

Thursday 17 August

The program of the previous day was repeated.

Friday 18 August

The program of the previous day was repeated. In the evening there was a Via Crucis with the cross of the Holy Year presided by Camillo Ruini from the Basilica of Santa Maria in Ara Coeli at the Colosseum.

Saturday 19 August

At noon all the church bells of Rome played at the Angelus prayer party. The young people went to the Tor Vergata area, reached in the evening by the pope who presided the vigil. John Paul II called the young people "sentinels in the morning" ("sentinelle del mattino") and invited them not to resign themselves to the injustices of the world. The pope asked all participants to defend peace, to make the world more and more habitable and to say their "yes" to Christ as the center of their ideal and realization of happiness.

"If you are what you must be, you will burn the world"! (Pope John Paul II)

Sunday 20 August

In the morning the Eucharistic celebration was not held at Saint Peter's Square but in the University of Rome Tor Vergata,[9] followed by the recital of the Angelus prayer. After that, Pope announced that the 2002 WYD would be held in Toronto.

Yes, dear friends, Christ loves us and he loves us for ever! He loves us even when we disappoint him, when we fail to meet his expectations for us. He never fails to embrace us in his mercy.[10]
— Pope John Paul II

Delegations and public of WYD

157 countries were represented at these world days.[11]

According to the organizers, about two million young people participated,[12][13] one of the highest registered, but less than five million from the Manila edition.[14]

The French delegation is quite important (70,000 people), a logical consequence of the enthusiasm for the World Youth Day 1997 in Paris, including also 12,000 Germans.

In Italy, journalists coined the term "Papaboy" to indicate the young people who attended the meeting. The term soon became commonplace to indicate the participants of all subsequent gatherings with the Pope.[15]


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World Youth Day 2000

Catholic youth work

The phrase Catholic youth work covers a wide range of activities carried out with young people, usually in the name of the Catholic Church and with the intention of imparting the Catholic faith to them and inviting them to practice and live out the faith in their lives. Activities in the field range from small scale youth groups attached to parishes or Catholic schools, to large international gatherings, such as World Youth Day. It is a field which has evolved much over recent decades, especially in comparison to more formal methods of education or catechesis within the church. Nearly all dioceses and a great deal of parishes have some form of youth provision running, although a great deal of areas particularly in the developed world are finding youth work both more difficult and rare as the numbers of young people regularly practicing the Catholic faith continue to decline. In contrast, though, the new and exciting developments of recent decades and particularly the influence of the new movements within the Church are ensuring that youth work continues to be an active and fruitful field.

Great Jubilee

The Great Jubilee in 2000 was a major event in the Roman Catholic Church, held from Christmas Eve (December 24) 1999 to Epiphany (January 6) 2001. Like other previous Jubilee years, it was a celebration of the mercy of God and forgiveness of sins. The major innovation in this Jubilee was the addition of many "particular Jubilees" for various groups of persons, and that it was simultaneously celebrated in Rome, Israel, and elsewhere in the world.

History of the Catholic Church in France

The history of the Catholic Church in France is inseparable from the history of France, and should be analyzed in its peculiar relationship with the State, with which it was progressively confused, confronted, and separated.

World Youth Day 2002

The 17th World Youth Day 2002 (WYD2002) was a Catholic youth festival held July 23-July 28, 2002, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. World Youth Day is a celebration of faith begun by Pope John Paul II held on an international level every two to three years, and WYD2002 was the 10th such event. Although WYD is designed for Catholics, it attracts sizable numbers of youths from other faiths and denominations and was presented as a multi-faith celebration of young people from all over the world.

As the event is ultimately an expression of faith, and a critical expression of faith is through service to others, World Youth Day 2002 had the support of some 25,000 volunteers; and some 100,000 pilgrims themselves spent three hours each on one of 750 service projects.

The groundswell of Catholic spirituality following World Youth Day 2002 in Canada led to the establishment of Canada's first national Catholic television network, Salt + Light Television. Fr. Thomas Rosica, who was the National Director of WYD2002, is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of this new television station.

For the third time (after Buenos Aires 1987 and Denver 1993) the World Youth Day was celebrated in the Américas.

The Chief Executive Officer and National Director of these WYD was Father Thomas Rosica.

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