Worcester Public Schools

Worcester Public Schools (WPS) is a school district serving the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Worcester Public Schools
20 Irving Street,
Worcester, MA 01609

United States
District information
Open enrollment[1]
SuperintendentMaureen Binienda[2]
Budget$404,557,798 total
$14,492 per pupil
Students and staff
Student-teacher ratio14 to 1[5]
Other information
SAT scores
478 verbal
481 math
959 total (2017-2018)[6]
WebsiteWorcester Public Schools


On October 8, 2015 Dr. Melinda Boone gave her notice to resign as head of the Worcester Public Schools (WPS) effective November 30. She began as Superintendent of Norfolk, Virginia in December 2015. The move left a vacancy in Worcester that was expected to be filled by Marcos Rodrigues, South High Principal Maureen Binienda, Mary Meade Montague, or Sheila Harrity (who eventually left the district to become a superintendent of a regional school district). It was rumored that this vacancy will bring political divisions among key city leaders. The mayor (Joseph Petty), for example, who is also chair of the school committee wanted to fill the vacancy with someone of his choice. He did not consult any other school committee member, and angered many as a result.

The district is now led by a Superintendent, hired by the seven-member Worcester School Committee. Mrs. Maureen Binienda has served as Superintendent since June 2016.[7] The district also hired a Chief Academic Officer, Marcos Rodrigues who has led the creation of innovation schools in the city, and has supported the principals in bringing rigor and relevance to all classrooms. Dr. Rodrigues started as a substitute teacher, followed by a stint as a paraprofessional and after earning a Doctorate joined Dr. Boone's leadership team. A notable figure in Boone's administration was Stacey Luster who served as HR Manager for many years. Stacey was one of the highest paid African Americans in the City of Worcester. Luster gave up a job in the Worcester Schools after being hired at Worcester State University. The move was somewhat inexplicable given that she received a large pay cut.


High schools

Middle schools

  • Burncoat Middle School
  • Forest Grove Middle School
  • Dr. Arthur F. Sullivan Middle School
  • Worcester East Middle School

Elementary schools

  • Belmont Street Community School
  • Burncoat Street Preparatory School
  • Canterbury Magnet Computer-Based School
  • Chandler Elementary Community School
  • Chandler Magnet School
  • City View Discovery School
  • Clark Street Developmental Learning School
  • Columbus Park Preparatory Academy
  • Elm Park Community School
  • Flagg Street School
  • Francis J. McGrath Elementary School
  • Gates Lane School
  • Goddard School of Science and Technology
  • Grafton Street School
  • Heard Street Discovery Academy
  • Jacob Hiatt Magnet School
  • Lake View School
  • Lincoln Street School
  • May Street School
  • Midland Street School
  • Nelson Place School
  • Norrback Avenue School
  • Quinsigamond School
  • Roosevelt School
  • Tatnuck Magnet School
  • Thorndyke Road School
  • Union Hill School
  • Vernon Hill School
  • Wawecus Road School
  • West Tatnuck School
  • Worcester Arts Magnet School

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External links

Burncoat High School

Burncoat High School is a public high school in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States. The school was formerly known as Burncoat Senior High School chiefly to distinguish it from the adjacent Burncoat Junior High School, now Burncoat Middle School.

Burncoat is known for its fine arts program, known as "Burncoat Fine Arts Magnet Program," which includes visual and performing arts such as theatre, music, dance, media arts chorus and art. Principal William Foley has said the fine arts program "has been in existence for 23 years, and it begins at the middle school level and continues through high school... The fine arts program at Burncoat is unlike any other in that it provides students the opportunity to develop the techniques and skills that will allow them to express themselves through the universal mediums of the arts... No other school in our area can offer their students this type of opportunity.”

Burncoat High School offers an array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and has a wide range of programs including AVID, COAST Program for students on the Autism Spectrum, Life Skills Program, Best Buddies, S.T.E.P. (Structured Therapeutic Educational Program) for students with emotional challenges and offers Virtual High School (VHS) classes.

Burncoat is one of several Worcester Public Schools to be involved with the Massachusetts Math and Science Initiative (MMSI). MMSI drives a school culture of high expectations and dramatically increases participation and performance in Advanced Placement courses, particularly among underserved populations, to prepare students for college and career success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The school's rivals are North High School, Doherty Memorial High School, and South High Community School.

Burncoat plays a significant role in the Worcester community and Burncoat and Greendale neighborhoods. Students at Burncoat have helped to organize the Burncoat Beetle Battle, and have contributed to the Be Like Brit Foundation and Children's Hospital Boston, among other organizations. Burncoat has a long-lasting relationship with The Hanover Insurance Group, which contributes to the school significantly.

The school has about 1,100 students, in grades 9 to 12, in the Worcester Public Schools district. The school's principal is William P. Foley. Foley graduated from Burncoat in 1986 and taught there for 10 years. Most recently, before coming back to Burncoat in 2007 as principal, Foley was an assistant principal at Doherty Memorial High School. The school serves the north side of Worcester.

Doherty Memorial High School

Doherty Memorial High School is a public high school located in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. It opened its doors in the fall of 1966, replacing two closing schools: Worcester Classical High School and Worcester Commerce High School.The school has about 2,000 students, in grades 9 to 12, in the Worcester Public Schools district. The school's principal is Sally Mahoney. The schools serves the west side (Pleasant & Chandler Street, Tatnuck Square, Salisbury Street, Forest Grove, Newton Square, and June, Mill, Pleasant, and May Streets neighborhoods) of Worcester.


Dynamy, Inc. is a "residential internship program" in the United States. It was founded in 1969 as an experiential educational organization based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

EHS Institute

The EHS Institute for Teacher Induction is an induction training program primarily designed for first, second or third year public school teachers or seasoned teachers who are new to an urban district. The Institute is offered to public school districts and is held every summer on the Eagle Hill School campus in Hardwick, MA. Since the first cohort in 2005 over 500 teachers from Massachusetts districts have completed the EHS Institute. The training is funded by private organizations, Massachusetts school departments and was a line budget item in the 2008 Massachusetts state budget.

Elm Park (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Elm Park is an historic park in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The land the park resides on was purchased in 1854, making it one of the first public purchases of land expressly intended for use as a municipal park in the United States, after Bushnell Park in Hartford, purchased earlier that year. (This is not to be confused with the oldest public park, Boston Common, established in 1634.)

Elm Park originally consisted of the land bordered by Park Avenue, Russell Street, Elm Street and Highland Street. In 1888, Newton Hill, just across Park Avenue, was purchased by the City of Worcester bringing the total park area to 60 acres (24 ha). The original portion of Elm Park (east of Park Avenue) was, up until the 1890s, merely more than pasture land. Beginning in 1909, it was redesigned and landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers firm. The firm landscaped additional elements in 1939–1941.The park contains meandering walking paths through the landscaping, a pond crossed by two iconic footbridges and a playground. The Newton Hill portion of Elm Park (west of Park Avenue) remains far less landscaped and contains basketball and tennis courts, walking trails and also Doherty Memorial High School, a high school within the Worcester Public Schools system. St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral (founded around 1920) is located adjacent to the park on Russell Street.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

Horace Davis

Horace Davis (March 16, 1831 – July 12, 1916) was a United States Representative from California. He was the son of Massachusetts Governor John Davis and the younger brother of diplomat John Chandler Bancroft Davis.

Jacob Hiatt

Jacob "Jack" Hiatt (1905–2001) was an American businessman and philanthropist.

John Johnstone (athlete)

John Oliver Johnstone (January 21, 1892 – February, 1969) was an American track and field athlete who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics where he finished sixth in the high jump competition.

He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and died in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

John Oliver Johnstone was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the son of Welsh immigrants James G Johnstone and Bloodwyn Hannah Oliver Johnstone and had one sister Jenette. He spent much of his youth competing in track and field events throughout New England, attending the Edward Devotion School in Brookline and then going on to Worcester Academy before becoming the youngest member at the time to represent the USA in the Olympics which were held in Stockholm, Sweden.

On the SS Finlandia which took the team to Sweden he was the roommate of Jim Thorpe. Upon graduation from Worcester Academy where he attained status as World Schoolboy champion - winning American Athletic Association championships he went on to study and graduate from Harvard in 1916 and moved with his wife Ann Catherine Temple Jones to Lewiston, Maine to Bates College where he was a professor of French and the Track Coach.

In December 1921 John Oliver and Ann had a daughter, Lywena Temple. By 1924 he was offered a position teaching and coaching at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and moved his family to Worcester. He became active in the United Presbytery and served as a deacon in their church.

Another child was born to them as John Oliver Johnstone II who died in infancy and the following year John Oliver Johnstone lll was born healthy and became known as "Jack". Ann and Oliver went on to see their children and nine grandchildren flourish from their home in Holden, Massachusetts until 1966 when they retired. Retiring, Oliver became a substitute teacher in the Worcester Public Schools and helped to coach with a nephew at Assumption College always wanting to share with young athletes all that he had learned over many decades as a teacher and coach.

He spent summertimes in Ann's native Vermont on Lake St Catherine and spending time with his grandchildren Golfing, Bridge and Croquet were favorite pastimes until he passed in February 1969.

Mary Beth Leonard

Mary Beth Leonard (born 1962) is the United States Representative to the African Union, appointed by Barack Obama on July 5, 2016. Previously she served as the United States Ambassador to Mali from 2011 to 2014.

Millbury Street Head Start

The Millbury Street Head Start is a historic school building at 389 Millbury Street in Worcester, Massachusetts. The building, a Romanesque brick structure built in 1898-99, was originally called Millbury Street Schoolhouse #4 and was later known as the Ward Street School. Designed by J.W. Patston, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It now houses Head Start programs run under the auspices of the Worcester Public Schools.

North High School (Worcester, Massachusetts)

North High School (or Worcester North) is a public four-year high school and one of five public high schools in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The original North High was located on Harrington Way and was built in 1972 as a junior high school. It became North High in 1980 when the old North High on Salisbury Street was closed, sold to a private developer and subsequently turned into condos. There are approximately 1,300 students that attend North, which boasts a diverse student body. Non-Hispanic Whites make up 11 percent of the student body while Hispanics make up 34 percent. African-Americans comprise 47 percent and Asians make up 8 percent.

The mascot of North High is a polar bear and the school colors are black and orange.

Rivals of North High School are South High Community School, Doherty Memorial High School and Burncoat High School. North High School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports. It is also most noted for their boys basketball team, which won the district title in 2005.

North High's building was considered old and run down. The new building was ready for use in 2011 and is approximately 225,000 square feet (20,900 m2). The Worcester City Council gave the go-ahead to a new North High in 2000, when the cost was estimated at $5 million. But the project was slow to get off the ground while on the waiting list for a construction grant, while the State Department of Education and the State Treasurer reorganized the School Building Assistance Program. The ten year delay and rising construction costs pushed the price tag of the new school to $8 million.

The new building was ready for use in the 2011–2012 school year.

Ocean City High School (Maryland)

Ocean City High School was a public high school in Ocean City, Worcester County, Maryland, United States.

Raymond Mariano

Raymond V. Mariano (born 1950) is American politician from Massachusetts. Mariano served as Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts. Mariano is the former executive director of the Worcester Housing Authority.

Snow Hill High School

Snow Hill High School (SHHS) is a four-year public high school in Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland, United States. It is one of four public high schools in Worcester County along with Pocomoke High School, Stephen Decatur High School, and the Worcester Technical High School.

South High Community School

South High Community School (SHCS) is a high school located in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. It is a public high school of choice for students across the City of Worcester. Class size varies from 8 to 30 students, with a 17:1 student/teacher ratio.

Spirit of Knowledge Charter School

Spirit of Knowledge Charter School was a public charter school in Worcester, Massachusetts. The school opened in the Fall of 2010 enrolling 156 students in grades 7–9. Julia Sigalovsky started as the school's Executive Director, but resigned at the end of the first school year in 2011. David Chauvette started as executive director halfway through the following school year (2012). Paula Bailey started as Executive Director at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year. The charter school had multiple financial problems. After many board meetings, the board of trustees decided to close the troubled school. Many of the financial issues were blamed on Darlene Frederick, the former Director of Business and Operations. The school was also a victim in scam, where they paid over a hundred thousand dollars to buy a new building, though they never got one. The school's students had to move out of the school and now are in other schools within the Worcester Public Schools. Investigation still continues for the school, although the school has closed.

University Park Campus School

The University Park Campus School is a public school in the Main South neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts. It educates 232 students in grades 7-12. Opened in 1997, the school is operated by a partnership between nearby Clark University and Worcester Public Schools. In March 2010, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick visited the school to promote educational reform.

Worcester Technical High School

Worcester Technical High School (WTHS) is a vocational-technical high school, part of Worcester Public Schools district in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. It opened on August 28, 2006, replacing the old Worcester Vocational High School (formerly known as Worcester Boys' Trade High School from 1909 to about 1975) at 2 Grove Street. The school was also known for a period as Worcester Vocational Technical High School (WVTHS) beginning around 1975. When the David Hale Fanning Trade School (commonly called "Girls' Trade" or DHFTS) in Worcester closed its Chatham Street premises some years later, the curriculum, staff and student body transferred to WVTHS. Since many new non-technical areas of study were added by the merging of the two schools, the word "Technical" was dropped from the school's name.

When the school moved to Green Hill, the name was once again changed to its current title of Worcester Technical High School. With this move also came the change of the school mascot, going from the Bulldogs to the Eagles. There are many different rumors as to why this happened seeing as how the Bulldog was very closely associated with Worcester Tech for many years.

Worcester Technical High School has 23 different trades from which students can choose, from the 4 different Academies – Alden Design and Engineering (Alden), Allied Health and Human Services (A.H./service), Coghlin Construction Academy (construction), Information Technology and Business Service (I.T.)

Worcester Technical High School (Maryland)

Worcester Technical High School (WTHS) (known through 2008 as Worcester Career and Technology Center) is a four-year public high school in Newark, Worcester County, Maryland, United States. It is one of four public high schools in Worcester County along with Pocomoke High School, Snow Hill High School, and Stephen Decatur High School.

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