Women's football in San Marino

Women's football is not a popular sport in San Marino, no women's national association football team exists, and the national football association does not have a full-time staff member working on the sport.

Background and development

Football is the fourth most popular women's sport in the country, behind volleyball which is the most popular.[1] In 2006, there were 65 total registered female footballers in the country, 48 of which were senior players over 17 years of age.[1] That year, there were 16 football clubs in the country, only one of which was open to women to play on mixed gender teams.[1]

Women's football is represented in Federazione Sammarinese Gioco Calcio, the national football association, by specific mandate. They do not have a full-time staffer dedicated to women's football.[1] Less than 5% of the national federation's budget is earmarked for women's football compared to 22% for men's competitions and 9% for youth competitions.[2] In 2009, Caesar Biordi was in charge of women's football in the country.[3]


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